Most interior design projects will cost between $1,500 to $12,000 for the designer themselves (not including furniture costs). Forbes further goes on to note that the average cost for a typical home is around $5,000. For those on a budget, hiring a professional interior designer might be out of the question — though that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the home of your dreams. From upgrading your furniture to obtaining luxurious and unique statement pieces, here’s what you should know when thrifting to redesign your home.

Finding the right work of art

When looking to redesign your home on a budget, investing in artwork can seem counterproductive, though there are actually a variety of ways that you can obtain a stunning piece at reasonable prices. Bargain hunter Teri Horton, for instance, paid just five dollars for a Jackson Pollock painting at a San Bernardino thrift store — a piece that’s estimated to have a value of $50 million. Even if you’re not looking for a valuable work of art, you can still find a piece that speaks to you and works with what your vision is for your home. While searching online is a great place to start, Stephanie Dixon, Editorial Director at Society6 says, “Offline, my favorite place to find artwork is estate sales or local flea markets.” While Dixon notes that it’s ‘hit-or-miss,’ she noted that she still manages to find some incredible pieces. To broaden your options, Monty Preston, Assistant Curator at Saatchi Art notes that photography is a great medium for first-time buyers, as photos are generally priced lower than sculptures/paintings.

Thrifting furniture — a brief overview

Thrifting furniture can seem off putting to many, though when done right, you can transform any space in your home for a fraction of the cost — especially when considering the fact that furniture can cost hundreds or even thousands per piece. Aside from knowing what you’re looking for, Better Homes & Gardens notes that it’s essential to know when to pass on a piece. “Look for furniture with good bones,” the article states, before recommending to look carefully for lingering odors/stains when looking at upholstered items. The Better Homes & Gardens post further goes on to recommend inspecting “every nook and cranny for bed bugs,” and also notes that sitting on the piece will allow you to get an idea as to the state of the coil springs. After finding the perfect piece of furniture, properly cleaning/disinfecting it is essential — even if it already looks clean.

Adding personality

From updating fixtures on furniture (like switching out the knobs on a dresser) to adding your own throw pillows/blankets to a couch, the options are endless when looking to add a dash of your own personality to the piece. In regard to artwork, this can be as simple as putting it in a nice frame. Whether it’s a poster, photo, or print that you already have (or a painting that you did yourself), using a quality frame is the perfect way to take the piece to a whole new level. A black picture frame, for instance, can make for a cost-effective yet elegant way to give any piece a sleek finish. And, an elegant picture frame fits into any interior — making it ideal for saving money in the future should you choose to switch things up.

Elevating your home’s design can sound like an expensive endeavor, though it doesn’t have to be. By investing in secondhand furniture and artwork, you’re sure to elevate the design of any room in your home — all without spending a fortune to do so tastefully.

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