It’s quite cool when you have your own private pool. You can relax, you can do small parties there are really many ways on how you can enjoy it. It can bring you so much pleasure and you can use it at any hour you please. When you have a smaller yard and you get a traditional one you do have to consider what plunge pool ideas you might go for.

This is because they will be needed in order to enjoy the pool even better but also for different exercise or relaxation.

What are good plunge pool ideas to go for?

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Image source: Crystal Pools

Before we jump on the ideas let’s understand first what a plunge pool is and how it can help. The main use of it is to do aquatic exercises or hydrotherapy. It’s a great way to do low-impact exercise especially if you need to recover. Most of them are popular in the athlete’s world because they use them after hard workouts.

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Another name they are known for is a dipping pool. What they do is that when your yard is limited in space you can enjoy the benefit of having a pool in a smaller zone. Many times, plunge pool ideas are a compact swimming pool. They are a bit larger than a hot tub and usually go between 4 to 7 meters in length and 2 to 3 meters wide.

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Image source: Crystal Pools

As new homes are done in smaller lots a plunge pool can be a good space-saving option. Pools like this can be enhanced by using upgraded materials and even by adding waterfalls.

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Image source: Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

So, this are some of the reasons why the popularity of plunge pool ideas has increased. They are small, convenient and don’t require a big budget. As it is relatively small when we compare them with swimming pools there is also less water needed.

What to consider in your plunge pool ideas

Choosing the right plunge pool design for your home has to be done smart. It’s not just about making a space adding some tiles and filling it with water. You need to consider certain factors when building one so you can make it effective and efficient.

The cost

As they are small in size any plunge pool is going to cost a lot less compared with a full-size traditional swimming pool. It’s also a great investment for family memories because your kids are going to like it all. There is also the financial aspect, plunge pool ideas do increase the value of the home.

However, if you want a pool that has between 5m to 8m you need to think about all the costs. Sometimes you might need to get a permit so just make sure you consider everything.


As there are many different sizing options you just need a small area of space. You can start at 4 meters by 2-meter area and you can do it even by yourself. Doing a small plunge pool helps you transform may be an undesirable part of your yard into something more impressive.

Choose a sunny spot or whatever space you think is going to fit well the idea.


When we speak about materials, concrete can be one of the most common choices because it can be constructed in any area. On top of that, it is going to make your plunge pool ideas last for 30 to 40 years.

Other options that you can go for are fiberglass resin or vinyl models. They can be installed in-ground or above.


No matter the shape of the plunge pool you need to make sure it is around the boundaries of your house. If you have more space you can always play with creative shapes. What you could do is to first talk with a professional that is going to see the space that you have. For sure he will have some good plunge pool ideas.


Colors are also an important aspect when choosing the dipping pool designs you want to go for. You need to choose the tile colors, the surface bricks and so on.


Probably the most important aspect that you need to consider for your plunge pool design is privacy. You can’t put it in front of your house, no? Pay attention to the sloping block that you are using. If you get the right one, neighboring properties can’t look in your pool.

Extra features

There are a lot of features that you can use for your plunge pool ideas. Some relate to focusing on water features, building steps, or heating options so you can use it in the winter. Here you can really get creative so it is up to you what you choose.

What are the benefits?

You are not sure why you should try plunge pool ideas? A lot of resorts have this kind of pool because it is increasing demand. Travelers always enjoy basking in deep water but when you get back home it’s good to have your own small plunge pool.

Here are some of the benefits of having one:

  • They don’t need a lot of space because they are small. This means you can add them to an area where normally a classic swimming pool would not fit.
  • They look really nice and can help you make the most out of your space so they have a good focal point.
  • They have economic costs, the water that is needed for a plunge pool is less in quantity compared with a normal one, so you already save money
  • Some plunge pool ideas are located next to outdoor spas or hot tubs for cold-plunge therapy
  • They are good when you want to exercise, you can do all kind of stretches that involves your arms, legs and any other muscle.
  • They come in different designs so homeowners can really personalize their plunge pool design.
  • When you decide to sell your house if it has already a plunge pool done it is going to add value to the selling price. It’s not just functional but it also boasts a lot the aesthetics of the living space. So, it is going to be easier for you to close the deal.

Awesome plunge pool ideas

Swim Spa

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Image source: Mission Valley Spas

The Swim Spa is a design that got more and more attention in the last years. The first ones were basically aquatic treadmills that you can use for lap swimming. After that, it started to get more components and this is how the swim spa got to where it looks today.

Freeform Plunge Pool

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Image source: Aqua Design Pools & Spas, LLC

Plunge pool ideas like these ones are really good looking. They have a nice design that gives more swimming space in a less perimeter. Due to their shapes means you will have a lot of options for decking around your pool.

Plunge Pool With Glass Sides

t3-46 Great plunge pool ideas you should check out nowImage source: Baden Pools

This is a great example of a plunge pool that is a strong example focused more on submerging not wading. It’s nice because it has a lot of versatility. Its glass sides make it look like it is an optical illusion so just draw the eye even if there is nobody in it.

Circular Pool

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Image source: Villa Plunge Pools

This is a circular plunge pool design that can be considered a great example. Shallow pools like these ones can really be used to submerge yourself easily and relaxing. It also includes a submerged seating ledge that is going to help you relax even more in this nice swimming pool.

Rustic Retreat

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Image source: Luxatic

Close to this small pool you will find a large stone fireplace that is going to be used to warm up after a fast dip. It’s really nice and your family can surely enjoy it a lot.

Rooftop Plunge Pool

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Image source: The Rooftop Guide

Check out plunge pool ideas like these ones if you want to have something wonderful done. It’s perfect more for spaces where the landscape can be admired. This one shows that you don’t have to be in a massive pool in order to fully enjoy the experience.

Small Courtyard Oasis

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Image source: Decoist

When you have a garden, you can use your plunge pool ideas to bring a nice oasis in the space. Just watch out, your friends and even neighbors might start to get jealous. This example is really nice as it provides the perfect ambiance and setting.

Concrete Tank

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Image source: Coastline pools

If you are interested in plunge pool ideas that are more unique stop here. Having a concrete tank as the basis of the new pool is how you do it. Even though it looks rougher it can still be an ideal plunge pool to create!

Fireside Magic

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Image source: Bobe water and Fire

If you have a clean courtyard and want to make a change check this idea. The team behind this concept added a modern fire pit near the custom pool made. The result is really stunning, a perfect space for entertaining.

Corner Pool

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Image source: Walsallcs

For sure you just have one corner that your garden can still use! Take advantage of plunge pool ideas and see if your final decision this one can be.

Ending thoughts on plunge pool ideas

In conclusion, there are many plunge pool ideas that a homeowner can go for when he wants to change his garden. We already know the advantages of using one so start researching and see what you go for. No matter your choice for sure you are going to enjoy a lot the end design. Who wouldn’t enjoy his own private small pool back in the yard where all friends and family can relax?

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