The recessed ceiling is a great way to make your home more interesting. It offers a lot of options for décor improvements and implementations that can make your home more interesting and more pleasant. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best recessed ceiling ideas that you can incorporate new and use at your own home.

The design of the recessed ceiling, of course, depends on the room within your house that you are looking to improve with the recessed ceiling. Some rooms are suited better to certain design options and variables, while others are not. You can customize the shape and the colors of the recessed ceiling.

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There are numerous recessed ceiling ideas out there and on this list, we have gathered some of the best to help you decide which one to choose for your home.

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A good recessed ceiling can give a room in your house an exclusive look and feel. It is important to really consider the whole design of the room; whether the ceiling fits your room walls and the overall design of your room, and try to imagine how it would look. Here are some of the best recessed ceiling ideas that can inspire you to improve your home.

Which rooms work best with a recessed ceiling?

Before we jump onto the list, let’s have a quick look at which rooms would work best with a recessed ceiling. Most rooms would look great with a tray ceiling – this goes for bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchen.

The recessed ceiling is done when a part of the ceiling is higher than the rest of the ceiling; it is also called the tray ceiling. It can be used for various different effects: it can be used to make one of your bigger rooms appear cozier and warmer by making it seem smaller than it actually is; in other cases, the tray ceiling can shift the focus of the room upwards, towards the trey ceiling. In that case, it would be wise to have high-quality tray ceiling lighting installed to make it really stand out.

Many people make the mistake of not focusing on the ceiling of the room. Don’t make that mistake yourself, and opt for a recessed ceiling instead, which would completely shift the look of one of your rooms and make it more attractive. It can also be consisted of various layers, allowing you the opportunity to really customize and decorate the tray ceiling to maximize its potential.

Recessed Ceiling Ideas

Ceiling Tiles with a Medallion

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Using ceiling tiles would be a great way to enhance your recessed ceiling. Tiles bring you a lot of advantages, as they are very versatile and there are so many options to choose from. You can opt for the lightweight plastic and Styrofoam ceiling tiles, or heavier material like copper or steel to give provide you with more safety and to enhance the look at the same time.

You can easily enhance the whole design with a very nice chandelier with a medallion to create a real focal point in one of your rooms.

Colored Recessed Ceiling

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In order to create a contrast and give your room much more variety, you can opt for a colored recessed ceiling. Not only will it give your room another dimension, but it would also be used to create the focal point of your room and to make your room appear more spacious.

For example, you can use a darker shade of the color that is used in the room on your recessed ceiling to create a feeling that your room is more spacious than it is; the recessed ceiling will appear higher and it will also give your room another interesting dimension. Painting your recessed ceiling is one of the best and easiest ways to enhance its look.


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You can keep it really simple and leave the recessed ceiling white – the same as the rest of the room. It is simple, but also very effective. It can be used to put more focus on details while also really enhancing the look of your room.


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Adding trim to the recessed ceiling is a great option to make your room more elegant and classy. You can do this by adding crown molding to the sides. Not only does it allow you to create a feeling of luxury, but it also allows you to paint the crown molding to the colors of your choice. Subtle colors would probably work best.

Wooden Recessed Ceiling

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Another good way to shift the focus of the room to the recessed ceiling would be to add wooden planks and wooden beams to the recessed ceiling design. It would give the room a warmer feeling and would look much cozier.

Double Trays

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This is one of those recessed ceiling ideas that would work best with really high recessed ceilings. Adding double trays to really high recessed ceilings would make it a focal point of your room while also allowing you some creative freedom.

You can then place a nice chandelier or another piece of your choice, and even style it in a more classical or even a rococo style. But if you want something more modern, then you can simply add some colors and modern elements and you can achieve that look easily.

Murals and Stencils

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One of the best recessed ceiling ideas for artists out there. You can use the interior of the recessed ceiling to paint, add murals or develop a stencil design with some very interesting and vivid colors. It allows for plenty of creative freedom.


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A similar way to customize a recessed ceiling would be to add a wallpaper to it. You can go with a variety of looks here: you can opt for a bolder approach and place wallpaper with unusual patterns and interesting colors, or you can opt for something subtler and stylish instead.

Exposed Wooden Beams

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In order to create a warm atmosphere in one of your rooms, you can opt for exposed wooden beams that you can then decorate. It would create a warm room with a rustic and welcoming look, and you can change the look completely by adding one or two decorations.


Recessed ceiling lights offer you something different, something that many house owners want to achieve. You can add a good tray ceiling lighting system to create a special atmosphere in your room. These lights can really make your recessed ceiling more interesting.

The choice of lights really depends on the type of recessed ceiling and room, but you can choose whatever you like. Here are the best recess ceiling light ideas.

Square Recessed Ceiling Lights

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Square lights for recessed ceiling are best utilized in smaller rooms with a square design and many closets and plenty of furniture in it. Works best with wooden design.

Small Recessed Ceiling Lights

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You can use small lights for lobbies and narrow rooms similar to lobbies in the office.

Fluorescent Lights

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Fluorescent lights would work best in very big rooms such as halls, especially for the halls that have a wooden floor. It would really match the whole design.

Rectangular Ceiling Lights

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To add some elegance to a large room, rectangular ceiling lights would work best. It would create an elegant and really warm setting.

These are the best recessed ceiling ideas that you can use today. Hopefully, you will find something for your home on this list.

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