The walls are not precisely the principle detail that you focus on when you initially go into a house, yet they do have a noteworthy effect in keeping up a feeling of flexibility and space.

Everyone realizes that the ceilings are fundamental if you need to make that especially welcoming feeling.

A home with low walls may give you the feeling of living in a little bird confine.

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Image source: West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

As it comes to the mental impacts, it is known that low walls regularly give a low state of mind. Be that as it may, this is another story. Many of us are challenged with awkwardly tall walls.

But do not worry, if you can make your wall to look larger, you can also make the awkwardly tall wall to look cozier. So, if you were wondering how to decorate tall walls, check out these tips.

Try the two-toned paint technique

Try to use earth tones like yellows, reds or browns that will visually decrease the height of the wall. Choose the color depending of your existing fabric, furnishings and accessories. Try to paint the walls with two-toned paint technique using two shades of the same color.

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Image source: Spore Architecture

Paint the wall surfaces with the darker shade and proceed painting the ceiling in the lighter shade. This technique will make your tall walls less dramatic.

Decorative wallpapers

The decorative wallpaper draws attention to the walls height. It gives a variation on the highlight wall strategy, especially if it is applied to a wall with implicit vertical components like bookshelves or tall windows. If you have children, you may like to use some darker stain concealing hues or limit this strategy to a formal living room.

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Image source: Kube Architecture

Decorating a wall with some bold arts

You must use some bold and large arts on these tall walls if you want the wall to look more decorated and not so tall. These walls may be the best place to hang your grandma’s handmade quilt or a big portrait of your family. Tall walls and bold arts go hand in hand.

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Image source: Lake Flato Architects

Mirrors on the wall

If you want to draw the attention out of the tall wall, you may put some mirrors and moldings all painted in white. This combo will make your tall walls to look very stylish and also, it is not very expensive accessory.

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Image source: Hensley Premier Builders

Tall wall decor – Stage Drapes

If you have tall walls it doesn’t mean that they have to look awkward. In any case you can keep your room from looking awkward by putting stage drapes at the ceiling right to the floor.

It will give your room some classy appearance especially when you leave the drapes open. You can also make your windows to look taller by putting long valances from the roof to the top window frame.

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Image source: Pangaea Interior Design

The standard room height is about 8 feet, so any height below 10 feet isn’t astonishing. You can use the same method in an average height room as in your awkwardly tall wall room. So don’t hesitate to try this tall wall decor. It will look simply amazing.

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Image source: Elliott + Elliott Architecture

Embrace the height in your room

You can decorate your tall walls by using murals or by painting tree scenes to match the nature. You can experiment with artificial tall bamboo sticks, tall trees and flowers placed in well decorated vases in case that you have a natural style in your house, so you can cover the height of your walls.

You can place this decoration over your fireplace and give your room some natural look.

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Image source: Meritage Homes

Use horizontal stripes

When you are managing with high walls, horizontal stripes are a decent alternative since they help enlarge the look of the room so the measurements seem more adjusted.

Design the tall walls with two or more shades from the same color if you want to keep them from looking too awkward. You can also use chair rail to widen the room and achieve more stylish appearance.

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Image source: Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

You can paint the chair rail in white, tan or cream or any neutral shade and paint the wall behind the chair rail in darker shade to give the room more extravagant look. Also, you can paint the ceiling with the same neutral shade you used for painting the lower wall.

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Image source: Worthington & Shagen Custom Builder, Inc.

If you don’t want to use the chair rail, you can use a wallpaper border instead. So, don’t hesitate to use horizontal stripes as it is an easy way to dress up the tall walls.

Decorate everything

Tall walls are the perfect area for arranging vintage, heirloom antiques and collections. So why not to use them? You have the perfect place to show off your collections, while other home owners need to store theirs in the basement because they don’t have the needed space.

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Image source: The Sofa and Chair Company

Install shelves on the height that works the best for you. You can also use your ceiling line to reflect the shape in your shelves and add some visual interest. There is a lot to do with the tall walls; you only need to have some good ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment and use every space of the room.

Large Art

Take your favorite large art pieces of paintings or photos and frame them identical. Start with positioning them at your eye level and then work your way up to the wall all around. If you hang small pieces of art on an awkwardly tall wall, it will only look ridiculous.

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Image source: Dick Clark + Associates

So, instead of that, you can use large art pieces or you can combine them with smaller items. This way you will have balance and the tall walls will look marvelous.

Combine tall furniture with artwork

You can easily hang some piece of artwork over some tall pieces of furniture. It will add some style to the wall and will draw attention. For example, you can combine tall bookshelves and some artwork on the wall above the bookshelves. This way, your tall wall will look beautiful instead of awkward.

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Image source: Robeson Design

Accent wall color

If you paint your awkwardly tall wall into darker shade of the existing wall color, it will promote visual cohesion. If the other walls are painted in grey, for instance, a dark slate gray shade will fit perfectly. You can also use some orange-brown or bronze wood frames and wood flooring.

This way you will provide contrast and the room will look great. Also, you can frame some painting or mirror in bronze and hang them on the wall. It will look very stylish.

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Image source: Decdens

To sum up

If you are still wondering on how to decorate a tall wall, simply buy some pieces that look good together and hang them on the wall, or use a large artwork to cover the area. You can easily camouflage awkwardly tall walls with artwork or with some accent wall color.

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Image source: Coral Interiors

If you use the tips we mentioned above, you can see how quickly your awkwardly tall walls will become perfectly decorated ones that you’ll simply adore.