Moving means throwing yourself into the unknown, gracefully accepting change, and leaving behind dear friends, familiar places, and cozy surroundings. Whatever the truth of your personal experience, moving can be a time of great anxiety. To get to the point of celebration and looking forward to brighter days ahead, you’ve got a lot of preparation to do. Know what tasks you have ahead of you before you begin. It’s perfectly fine to ask for a helping hand in the moving process. If your friends aren’t willing to help you out, reach out to professional movers trained to move heavy loads efficiently. Find moving companies near you here. Once you’ve unpacked the last box at your new home, take care of your change of address request.

Figuring out when to decorate your new home might not be on your list of priorities, but it’s better to think about it in advance, so you don’t have regrets later on. As soon as you move into your new place, you’ll feel unsettled, and this feeling can persist for months; in the worst cases, it can last years. With DIY, decorating, and organizing to get sorted, it isn’t easy knowing where to get started. If you can take the time to redesign your house, here’s what’s actually needed.

Give It a Deep Clean

The person who lived in the house or apartment before you, irrespective of how well-intentioned they might have been, undoubtedly left some dirt, grime, and dust that you must take care of before you settle in. Giving the place a deep clean will not only help you feel more at home but also allow you to identify what changes can be made from a décor standpoint. Rather than falling into your everyday routine, you should take a weekend or two off to remove the visible dirt and bacteria and germs. For each room, start high, like the ceilings and light fixtures, move down, and finish by cleaning the floor.

Make sure you have a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen checklist. With so many tasks to undertake, a checklist helps you keep chores under control and ensures you have a sanitized home. It’s a good idea to move your belongings into self-storage while you’re waiting to move in, as this gives you enough time to arrange a deep clean. But does it really matter if you let your new home slip into a mess? If you don’t keep things neat and tidy, you’ll feel stressed as visual clutter leads to mental clutter, so it’ll be like your mind is on overdrive.

Paint Even Part of The Home Before You Move In

Adding a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to make your new property feel more like a home. Color draws the eye and can even influence your mood. Light, vivid paint colors make any room look warm and inviting, while dark colors like green can have a calming effect and a sense of security. Indeed, painting your house or apartment after you move in has advantages, but it’s better to paint before you settle in. It takes less time and effort and, above all, it’s more convenient as you don’t have to worry about moving your stuff.

Add Light to Dark Areas

You don’t have to commit to a bold color to brighten a dark room. Instead of using draperies, use a solar shade that protects against UV rays while still optimizing your views. Equally, mirrors can come in handy as they reflect light and make the room appear larger, creating the illusion of depth. Regardless of how gloomy the sky is outside, the mirror will leverage any available light. It’s recommended to place your mirror opposite the window to fill the space with natural light. You can position the mirror so that it reflects a textured object. E.g., a wooden coffee table or faux fur. Consider where you spend most of your time and what angle you’d like to see.

Decorate With Art and Family Photos

Whether you’ve already moved into your new place or the mobbing day is on the horizon, think about what design style you want. How are you going to make your home look its best while reflecting your sense of style? Here’s an idea that might be a solution: decorate with art that you love and cherish. Anything can be art as long as it can be enjoyed, so you can frame a postcard, a poster, or a ticket from an important sports match. If you change your mind later on, don’t worry because a nail hole is easy to spackle. You can build up your art collection over the years, so it’s not necessary to do it all at once.

Family photos are an excellent way to add some personality to the property. You can hang frames, create a gallery wall, or place some photos on a mantelpiece. Equally, you can place the photos along the stairwells or hallways. Personal touches are what make a house or apartment a home, and nothing compares to family photos. The photos will remind you of your proud heritage and what’s important to you, telling the story of a place in time. Family photos are an inexpensive source of art as opposed to fine art portraits. Copy the pros to sharpen your style and find inspiration in online resources like Houzz, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Invest In Live Plants

Finally, yet importantly, fill your new place with live plants. While faux plants can look real, they’re detrimental to your health because they’re made from artificial materials and dyes. Even if house plants don’t tickle your fancy, investing in some live plants will brighten up the space and make for a beautiful décor. Plants improve air quality, removing up to 90% of the number of toxins and replacing carbon dioxide with fresh oxygen. What’s wrong with the air anyway? Well, if you’ve spent enough time in a conference room that lacks fresh air and ventilation, you know how hard it can be. You can’t wait for that door to open as it breathes life back into the room.

To sum up, small changes can make your place feel like a home, giving it that cozy, warm feeling. Unpack the kitchen first so that you can cook a meal for your family.

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