You need to make your swimming pool look better. Well, you need a fresh coat of paint, then. You don’t know how to paint a swimming pool, though?

Let’s find out.

Does your pool look worn out and need some novelty? Each pool fades after a while, and you need to paint it. Best of all is that it is very affordable to paint a pool. With a bit of effort and patience, you will be able to bring it back to be like new.

When you want to paint a pool, it is very important that you stick to some key items. The most important thing is that you can determine what material is the interior of your pool.

Once you specify that, then you can choose a color that is compatible with that surface. There are many colors used for different interior surfaces. Some of them even have a wide range of colors, while some are limited.

It is also very important to paint with the same type of paint as the factory, to avoid additional problems. We have at your disposal the types of colors that exist when it comes to the interior of the swimming pool:

Epoxy paint

Epoxy-paint2 How to paint a swimming pool to make it look good

Epoxy paint is an entirely solid covering that will regularly last 7 to 10 years and oppose synthetic compounds, stains, and scraped spots.

Re-mortar expenses can be extravagant; thus, epoxy paint is frequently considered as a choice that will cost a large portion of the measure of putting. The detriment of epoxy paint is that it doesn’t become impervious to UV beams and will blur after some time.

Acrylic paint

acrylic How to paint a swimming pool to make it look good

On the contrary to epoxy paint, Acrylic pool paint is the briefest life expectancy inside surface pool paint yet, in addition, the most effortless to apply since it is applied to a soggy surface and can be tidied up utilizing water. The Acrylic pool paint is ideal for an assortment of concrete pool surfaces and commonly endures 2 to 3 years.

Chlorinated elastic paint

Chlorinated-elastic-paint2 How to paint a swimming pool to make it look good

These paints are basically a similar quality, strength, and interaction as utilizing epoxy pool paint. Yet, they are more affordable than epoxy pool paint and simple to apply. It is a quick-drying item and has a life expectancy of 3 to 5 years, offering great inclusion.

This chlorinated rubber paint will endure as long as you follow all the instructions on the box surface.

Now that you know which types of concrete pool paints exist and which one is right for you, it’s time to paint it. With a bit of effort and work, you will bring your swimming pool to perfection. It will look like you bought it yesterday. Follow these tips, and you won’t have any problems:

Buy the same pool paint as before

Buy-the-same-pool-paint-as-before How to paint a swimming pool to make it look good

The first step is to buy concrete pool paint that suits you for your swimming pool. If you don’t know right away yet, you don’t have to worry.

All you have to do is take off the chip and take it to your paint dealer for analysis. When you do that, you know what kind of paint you need, and buy it for use.

Pool prep

Pool-prep How to paint a swimming pool to make it look good

How to paint a swimming pool? Start by prepping.

The most important thing is to tidy up the interior of your paint pool nicely. The better the preparation, the longer the concrete pool paint will stay.

First, take and drain the whole pool to run out of water. After that, you need to take it and clean it. That means all that’s left down at the bottom after squeezing to get away.

After that, when there is nothing physically in the swimming pool, take and mix 50/50 of water and muriatic acid and thoroughly clean the pool. Then rinse again with water, and everything will be cleaned. Remember that the cleaner it is, the better the new color will be received.

Apply the new paint

Apply-the-new-paint How to paint a swimming pool to make it look good

Once you have cleaned everything and your swimming pool has dried nicely, you can start painting it. Here are some tips when you start painting your swimming pool for the first time:

  • Make sure you paint it on a day when the weather is ideal. When it is a little cloudy, the humidity is below 50% and warm is the ideal time for painting swimming pools.
  • Have the right painting equipment. The roller is perfect when it comes to swimming pools. You can also use a brush for some corners and details.
  • Use necessary tools to mix paint and cement well. It would be best to use a power drill because it is the most efficient. Before that, make sure everything is fine with the weather, and get to work. Each pool paint says how it is made and mixed, so you won’t go wrong for sure.

Acrylic-paint-1 How to paint a swimming pool to make it look good

  • While painting you need to begin at the profound end and work your way to the shallow end. Utilize a brush to cut in on the tight territories around entire pool installations like lights, channels, and valves.

Utilize an extending shaft to arrive at all the routes up the dividers. Attempt to paint the top layer of pool paint in one day. At that point, leave that coat for 24 hours to fix.

The second layer of pool paint is constantly suggested. Following 24 hours, it will be an ideal opportunity to paint your second layer of pool paint.

After the painting

After-the-painting How to paint a swimming pool to make it look good

After the subsequent coat, you can eliminate the painters’ tape and allowed the pool to dry for in any event 5-7 days.

Be that as it may, try to twofold check the bearings on the particular pool paint type you’ve utilized. Keep in mind, the more drawn out a pool surface is permitted to dry preceding filling, the better a definitive covering quality and life span.

Filling the pool too early will make the paint bubble and, in the end, fizzle. After the pool paint has completely dried and relieved, you can fill your previously painted pool surface with water, followed by changing the channel and substance settings to guarantee appropriate upkeep.

Picking the right paint and strategy to get ready and paint your pool will give it new life. On the off chance that you have an unpainted cement or mortar pool, epoxy or premium acrylic are the best paint decisions.

After-the-painting2 How to paint a swimming pool to make it look good

For an unpainted fiberglass or gunite swimming pool, epoxy is suggested. For pools recently painted with manufactured elastic or acrylic paint, your most ideal choices are exceptional acrylic or water-based paint acrylic.

On the off chance that the surface was previously painted with chlorinated elastic, premium acrylic would be suggested. Epoxy ought to be utilized if the swimming pool surface was previously painted with epoxy.

Painted pools have an earthenware-like, perfect begin, so that deep familiar completion that opposes stains and green growth makes sure to keep up appropriate water science to help it remain as such.

If you are a guy that likes to do things on your own, we recommend watching videos. The videos you watch will definitely help you in achieving your plans.

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