When looking at compact modern homes on the market, it can be challenging to keep wild aspirations in check. Everything may be going amazing until you reach the end of a hallway and inquire, “Where is the kitchen?” The real estate agent opens their arms and declares, “This IS the kitchen.” But, before you run for the door, remember that small can be beautiful. Accurate, limited dimensions make creating a functional and stylish space difficult, but the two goals can be achieved in tandem.

Although all want a large kitchen with high ceilings and plenty of natural light streaming in through large windows, most of us must make do with small, oddly shaped ones. However, it does not have to be this way! It doesn’t matter how big your space is if you have the right small-space solutions and stylish design ideas. We’ll go over the various ways a small kitchen can be styled!

Boxing in a Boiler

You may have a boiler or want to relocate your boiler to your smaller kitchen but are not sure how much boxing in a boiler will cost. Here we will go through how much it will cost to box a boiler. The average cost of boxing a boiler in is between £100 and £500, depending on the place and size of the boiler and how you choose to have it covered.

However, accessibility to the boiler unit itself, extra space at the site, your geographical location, and the desired completion you hope to achieve will all play a role in this costing.

According to research, having an exposed boiler can turn off potential property buyers and may influence their purchase offer on a new home, so if you’re thinking of selling your home, it’s a worthwhile job to consider to enhance your property’s appeal significantly.

At times, it may be necessary to remove a boiler from your property, such as when you decide to relocate your boiler to a new location. If you decide to have an expert remove the box, expect to pay £50 and £80.

Use Awkward Corners for Storage

Small kitchen layouts in older homes, which frequently come hand in hand with small kitchens, are distinguished by their unusual nooks and crannies. Making the most of these out-of-the-ordinary spaces is essential for maximising storage space in your small kitchen ideas.

Install cookers and cabinetry into unused fireplaces and pair them with your favourite stove backsplash ideas or install accessible into alcoves to maximise all available space. Pair with neutral cabinetry and white stone countertops to keep the space feeling light.

Have an Open Plan

How do you design the layout of a small kitchen? There may be few options, but a galley kitchen is frequently the only option – even in an open plan area. One of the advantages of open plan kitchen concepts is that you also have a large footprint to work with. However, when incorporating a kitchen into an open-plan space, you must be careful that it does not dominate the space.

A wall of cabinetry separates the living space from the kitchen in this clever kitchen design. This helps to keep the functional and social spaces separate. On the other hand, the partial wall guarantees that the cook is not isolated. The layout is centred on a large window, with the half wall letting in light from the patio and skylight.


When it comes to kitchens, flooring is always a challenge – there are many kitchen flooring ideas, but it can be challenging to find the suitable material or style for your small kitchen ideas. It should be durable, easy to clean and serve as the perfect backdrop for the rest of your kitchen.

There are also numerous stone flooring types and kitchen tile ideas ideal for small kitchens. Because of their long and narrow format, wood effect porcelain is becoming incredibly common in tighter spaces – if you choose a complementary grout colour, it makes the grout less noticeable, which helps open the space.

Kitchen Island

Many people dream of having a kitchen island, and it may appear impossible to combine this dream with small kitchen ideas. However, it is a feasible addition with the right design and placement that will provide more prep space and additional storage. Adding a kitchen island necessitates compromises because it consumes potential storage space and, as a result, must be paired with other small kitchen storage ideas.

Clear Drawer Space

Free up drawer space by displaying useful kitchen tools on the walls. A magnetic wall mounted knife holder keeps kitchen utensils out of the miniature small kitchen organisation trays and displays them. The display complements the intelligent design of a geometric backsplash in this small kitchen remodel.


Install an eye-catching centrepiece to draw attention away from the small size of the room. A large kitchen clock is an excellent eye-catcher that serves a practical purpose. The chunky retro analogue clock with a calendar feature graces these shelves can be purchased here in addition to wine decanters, storage jars, carafes, and colourful dry foods and wine decanters, storage jars, carafes, and colourful dry foods.

Plant a window in the kitchen greenhouse. If you enjoy growing your herbs but lack sill space, look up! Install a few rods from across the glass to hang additional indoor herb planters right where they thrive, as shown in this Ikea small kitchen. This small kitchen design also includes hanging hook systems on the walls.

Choose Slim Seating Area

Select slim-line seating styles. It can be challenging to find small kitchen table sets. There must be enough space for the entire family to gather, but high-backed chairs can take up a lot of room. On the other hand, Stools can be pushed entirely beneath your table to enhance walkable floor space. Finally, consider tables that open on all sides, allowing them to be pushed flush against a wall while still providing leg space under all three remaining sides.

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