The impact that a rug can have on the decoration of a living room is impressive. However, homeowners tend to belittle their importance and do not analyze what may be the best place to locate them. With the right location, we can make our entire room look organized and linked by a patron. If you want to know which the best living room rug placement is, keep reading this guide.

As we mentioned, many people ignore that a rug is a perfect decoration for living rooms. In addition to protecting the floor from possible mistreatment by furniture, they help conserve heat during cold days, and create a more comfortable environment.

After selecting the best textures and patterns, we must know where to place it so that it has the effect we want. Although rug placement is varied, we can deliver different visual messages to our guests depending on where we place them.

Finally, we must remember that like any piece of furniture, rugs need constant maintenance to prolong their useful life, although in the end we will end up replacing them, which will again put us in the dilemma of what is the best rug for our living room.

Today we bring you a summary to answer this question and to know how to get the most out of your rug.

How to use and select a rug

Image source: Landry & Arcari Rugs and Carpeting

Many designers begin to decorate entire rooms from the rug. This works to determine a color scheme that we would not otherwise apply in a furnished room.

Other designers implement rugs as furniture that allows creating defined spaces even when there are no walls that divide them. For example, a living room can be separated from a kitchen despite being the same environment.

How to place a rug in a living room will depend on our taste, but usually, it will be done in such a way that it covers all the furniture with a single rug.

Multiple styles and patterns for your home

Hallway Runners – An Imperial Walk

Image source: Great Neighborhood Homes

These rugs are elongated and have a design that extends throughout their length since they are made to cover corridors and maintain a constant orientation. Very similar to Hollywood’s red rug, they are difficult to locate in the center of a living room because of their wide.

Kids’ Rugs – Colorful Patterns

Image source: Leighton Design Group

When it comes to rugs for kids’ rooms, they must have bright colors and be safe for them. The ideal rug placement tends to be in open spaces inside the room so that children can use it to play.

Flat Weave – The Basic Option

Image source: Studio V Interior Design

These types of rugs will not protect us from the cold since they have a tiny thickness as if it were a piece of simple fabric. Thanks to its plain design, they can be used in virtually any room. You can also find them on the market as Indian blankets.

Floor Cloth – To protect floors

Image source: Jamie Herzlinger

They are not as complex as normal rugs, but they have unique characteristics due to their manufacture. A plaster treated fabric allows them to be resistant to different substances.

At the design level, they have a hem on each edge, and they usually have unique and colorful patterns that fit with bathrooms and kitchens.

Shag – Maximum comfort

Image source: Hunter Douglas

If you seek to create a cozy environment or to rest your feet on a soft surface, then a plush rug with long threads cannot be missing in your room. The only drawback is that they are not optimal for areas with heavy traffic, so they are mostly located under tables or beds.

How to choose the best rug – Aspects to consider

Image source: Susan Manrao Design

  • Dimensions: depending on the room, we may need a large or small rug. The rugs should always be a little bigger than what we need to create a nice finish.

The living room rug placement should consider every furniture found in the room. If all the furniture can’t fit on the rug, then try to have at least the front armrests of the chairs be on it.

You should try to keep the coffee and side tables always above the rug.

  • Colors: When it comes to already furnished rooms, it is best to get a rug that has some similarities to the colors of the other furniture. Contrasting and highlighting colors are the best option, and at least there should be two of them on the fabric.

The patterns on the rugs can create a different environment in your room, but you must make sure that the furniture does not cover these.

  • Texture: this section refers to the type of material and how it will feel when we walk on it.

A rug made of natural materials extracted from plants will generally be rough and create a tropical environment, while cotton or fabrics are soft and create cozy and warm areas.

The problem with most fabrics is that they are difficult to clean.

  • Comfort: this factor cannot be ignored when selecting a rug. The area rug placement almost always is close to our feet, so it should be comfortable.
  • Maintenance: Finally, remember that rugs need some maintenance. Cleaning a rug is not an easy task when it is plush or cloth, so you will need special products and maybe a steam engine to keep it impeccable.

Examples of living room rug placement

Bring the coast to your living room

Image source: Erin Paige Pitts Interiors

The blue color floods this room, which makes the sea always meet us in our home. By complementing the room with a couple of accessories, it will make the rug stand out properly.

The coastal style benefits greatly from scratched patterns and neutral colors combined with navy blue.

The beauty of the flowers

Image source: Denise Foley Design Inc

Rugs with floral patterns are common in homes with classic or Renaissance style, although this is not a limitation to use them.

Due to the common pattern, we can easily combine it with the furniture in our room. We can even replace the existing upholstery with flower-filled designs to match.

A subtle touch of boho style

Image source: Advantage Interior Design

The bohemian style stands out for showing a free spirit where colors stand out. If you don’t want to make such a drastic change towards this style, you can always try adding pink rugs that add a bright touch without overdoing it.

Combine rugs of different patterns

Image source: La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor of Arizona

The combination of multiple rugs allows to achieve a modern and unique atmosphere. Use a single-colored rug as a base, and then overlap it with a striking pattern to create contrast between them.

Enjoy the tropical style

Image source: Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

As with the Bohemian style, proper rug placement in a living room can be all we need to change our environment to a tropical one without resorting to complex remodeling.

An artisan work

Image source: Interiors by Myriam, LLC

If you only want to decorate a space, you can try a needlepoint rug. They are not as resistant because they are handwoven, so we cannot use them in hallways, but they will look great under a table.

Create contrast with a black and white rug

Image source: Breeze Giannasio Interiors

The minimalist rooms with eclectic styles cannot have a lot of colors, but this does not prevent us from adding a rug to join the furniture. Try using white, black, or a combination of both for a better effect on our room.

The traditional does not go out of style

Image source: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

If your furniture has a modern style, try placing a classic design rug to achieve a dynamic environment that mixes the old with the new.

Use a gradient pattern to avoid overloading the room

Image source: Jodie Cooper Design

When you use transitions to mix several colors, none becomes heavy enough to overwhelm the vision. That is the secret of gradient designs, which soften the effect of colors on environments.

Multiple rugs stacked in different positions

Image source: Osborne Construction

There is no ideal living room rug placement as we can see in this design. Although they stack multiple rugs, they manage to look good and elegant while keeping a fun touch.

The best thing is that when using several rugs we will get a protective layer against the winter cold.

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