Are you interested in home additions? How about working on a luxury project like a room? If you think it’s a good idea, maybe you should start with the master room. Many things can be done on a constructive level. You should also remember that no master bedroom is complete without its bathroom. How much does it cost to build a master bedroom and bath? Everything will depend on our demands.

A bedroom of considerable size with its built-in bathroom can cost more than $60,000. If we talk about luxury aggregates, such as a spa or larger rooms, we will easily exceed $100,000.

House additions are an effective way to increase our space if we no longer have where to place our belongings. Of course, most feel that an additional closet is enough, but many times the space we need is not related to the objects we have but to the people who live in the house.

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In these cases, an additional room is the right choice. Although we have to do some research to get the best price.

The cost to add a room will be reflected in the total value of the house, so there is no bad investment, regardless of whether it is just a remodel or a complete addition.

Also, consider that, for all these construction projects, we will need to hire the right professionals, such as plumbers, electricians, masons, decorators, and anyone else that is necessary.

Finally, remember that the scope of the project is the biggest determinant of the budget. Let’s see what are the factors that will affect the final expenses to start the project with knowledge.

How much does it cost to build a master bedroom and bath?


We must be sure that we want to occupy the free space of our home with a new room. The first thing is to obtain the relevant permits to be within the legal framework and not have problems with our expansion.

With the project approved and all security measures prepared, we must now look for the experts who will be responsible for building the room.

Let’s talk about the standard case. Main rooms require 200 to 350 square feet to accommodate all the necessary furniture, such as a King size bed. The bathroom can be half of this area, varying between 108 and 156 square feet so that all sanitary piece meet the standards. If you want more luxury, you can add a dressing room of 25 – 100 square feet.

Permissions needed for the project

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One cannot build without having the corresponding permits. These are the ones that overwhelm us that we are complying with the norms established by the government, such as, for example, the maximum construction percentage that our house can have.

Permits also certify that all systems are well designed and installed. In general, the architect is responsible for obtaining the certification of electrical, pipe and sanitary plans.

Each of the necessary permits costs between $100 and $300. If the soil of our land requires verification, the topographic permit could exceed $1,000. Finally, if we need to strengthen the foundations of our home, or we are going to build new ones, we will need the approval of a structural engineer, which will cost more than $300.

Architect – For everything to be in place

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It may seem unnecessary, but an architect is the one who can best guide us in the construction. Their services can be calculated in working hours or in square meters of drawing, so it is difficult to anticipate an estimate.

The blueprints that the construction team will need can cost between $1,000 and $3,000, but they are the only way for workers to know what they are going to do.

Contractor – To free us from work

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The contractor will take care of us to coordinate, manage and find the necessary workers for the project, such as the plumber, the electrician, the masons, among others. Usually, they charge 5% to 10% of the total project.

Plumbing – Prevents leaks

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Plumbing not only covers the pipes; this also refers to sanitary fittings and kitchen faucets. When it comes to the cost of addition of a bathroom, it can vary between $450 and $1,800.

Electricity and ventilation

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Every room needs electricity. Whether for lamps or outlets, we will need an electrician to install the necessary cables. The electrician’s work is valued between $65 and $85 per hour, and an average remodeling is estimated to be worth between $520 and $680.

The ventilation system is a bit more complex. This will need heating if we live in cold regions, and extending a pipeline system can be expensive. For 30 linear feet, up to $1,000 is charged. Although we always have the alternative of installing a plate heater that works with electricity.

Walls – The fundamental structure

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As it is an addition to our home, we will most likely have to build three walls to make it a room (obviously, this will change depending on the location, and may only be one).

Each plaster wall has a value of $400 to $700, including installation. Once installed, we must paint it to protect it, or cover it with some material. If we want to save on the budget, the best thing is painting.

Insulation – Preventing investment deterioration

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Insulating the house is necessary to avoid water seepage or unwanted changes in temperature. The square foot comes out at just $2.88.

Windows – A look outside

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The windows should maintain the same design as those already installed in our home. Also, they must comply with certain safety regulations.

At a minimum, a window must function as an escape route for an adult, which makes double-leaf windows a favorite choice among consumers. These windows can be bought in the market for only $150 each, although there are more sophisticated designs that reach $400.

Crown Molding – An elegant detail

The linear foot of this type of decorative moldings is between $7 and $16 per linear foot. The price varies depending on whether we use anime, cement or plaster moldings. Labor will also charge for materials used as adhesives or for their manufacture.

Storage – Where we will store our objects

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No room is ready without its corresponding closet to store clothes and shoes. However, closets have many presentations on the market, so we can find something very economical or very expensive depending on our intention.

Although the common thing in the main rooms is to build a dressing room with a closet, we can also buy some formed by a single shelf. Estimate an approximate expense of $1,000 to $6,000.

Decoration – Enjoying your stay

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Hiring an interior designer is not necessary if you want to customize your bedroom. If you want to hire an expert for this task, remember that their hourly service can be expensive, between $50 and $200.

Landscaping – A nice panorama

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How much does it cost to build a master bedroom and bath? We must consider that we must fix the landscaping at the end of the construction, so to answer this question we have to think about the changes we will make in the garden. The most conservative can spend $500.

Leaving everything immaculate

Finally, the cost of room addition must include a cleaning job. At the end of the construction, there will be rubble that we must dispose of. Removing them from our home costs between $500 and $1,000.

Maintenance is important

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Before building our new room and bathroom, think about whether you will have the budget to pay the monthly expenses that it will have.

Your water, electricity and heating bills will probably be increased in relation to the size of your addition. Earning 20% ​​of built space means spending 20% ​​more on bills and taxes.

Before wondering how much does it cost to build a master bedroom and bath, ask yourself if you can pay for the new expenses it will incur.

Tips to reduce the construction price

There are certain expenses that we can avoid if instead of hiring someone to do it we do it ourselves. Some things we can do are transport the materials to save shipping costs or prepare the land where we will build the room. The remodeling of existing rooms is cheaper than if we build it from scratch, which can help you reduce your expenses by up to 60%.

Within the construction, you can take care of the demolition of walls that you do not need. You can also dispose of the debris on your own. With enough insight, we can reduce staff costs so that they only represent 30% of the budget.

If you have the right knowledge, you can choose to install your floor and wall tiles (you also need the right tools).

Another way to save money is if we reuse furniture from other parts of the house.

When resorting to a contractor, ask them to return any remaining project material that you have paid for. You can use this for future remodeling.

There is a limit to what we can do. Whether we don’t know about plumbing or electricity, we will always have to hire an expert to help us in the construction.

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