Do you take excellent care of your home’s interior? Does everything have a place, and do you value a clean space? Cleaning the inside of your home is just as important as cleaning the outside. However, cleaning the outside of your home isn’t always as easy as taking care of the kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces. There are also hard-to-reach areas and different types of equipment and products you’ll need to clean areas. Exterior cleaning should be done periodically to keep up the curb appeal of your property. Have you noticed your neighbor’s property is gleaming from the road or from your driveway? This blog reviews one of the best exterior cleaning services you can take advantage of in your home, power washing.

Available Methods of Professional Exterior Cleaning

Before diving into what power washing is, it is important to realize that there are different methods of cleaning. Along with power washing, cleaners can also use soft washing and pressure washing. What are these, and when are they used?

Let’s start with pressure washing. Pressure washing is one of the services you may already be familiar with. It uses high-pressure water to blast through stains on rough surfaces like concrete. Because it is a high-powered water spray, it can do significant damage if a technician is not careful. This form of exterior cleaning should never be used on surfaces like roofing or your siding.

In areas like your roof or siding, soft washing can be used. Soft washing is the latest technology available for exterior cleaning. Though it has been around for quite some time, it is now more widespread. When soft washing is performed, it uses a gentler water pressure. It will also use a biodegradable detergent. This detergent can break down tough stains as well as mold or mildew. Not to worry, though, as the soap is safe around people, pets, and even plants. The most common service types of soft washing you’ll see include house washing and roof cleaning.

What is Power Washing?

Power washing is truly a powerful way to clean. Unlike pressure washing, which uses high water pressure, and soft washing, which uses a gentle water stream and detergent, power washing uses heat. He can be a powerful way to break down tough stains revealing a beautiful surface. In fact, power washing can revitalize many surfaces to a gorgeous finish, even after years of abuse. Many consider power washing a valuable part of home maintenance. It can keep your property looking its best, especially if you have routine cleanings performed.

Benefits of Power Washing

There are many wonderful benefits to power washing services. Like pressure washing, you can expect stains to be easily lifted using this method. Check out some of these amazing advantages to choosing a power washing for your home or business.

Stain Removal

Stains can develop over time and for a variety of reasons. Driveways are commonly seen with stains like oil from a vehicle. Any type of stain on your driveway Can detract from your home’s curb appeal. It doesn’t matter how big or small your driveway is, either. You might also notice rust, mold, mildew, or bird droppings to be a problem on your concrete as well. Anywhere that is exposed to the elements has the potential for these pitfalls.

Improved Air Quality

Did you know that having mold even on a concrete surface could cause poor indoor air quality? It can also create unwanted odors. Power washing will strip away mold and mildew quite easily. With a simple pass of the power washing equipment, mold or mildew that has been there for years can be eliminated. The hot water effectively kills mold spores.

Add Value To Your Home

Not only will power washing improve the look of your home, but it can add value as well. Many realtors exclaim that a clean, well-maintained exterior up the value of a home. It can also attract more potential home buyers overall. It has been suggested that “Regardless of which option is right for you, washing your home can boost its visual appeal (and thus value) by between 2% to 5% according to some surveys.”

Make Your Home Photo Worthy

Ready to put your home on the market? If so, you’ll want to get it ready. One of the first pictures a home buyer will notice is the exterior. What kind of curb appeal does your home have? What sets your home apart from someone else’s? Often, a clean exterior is what truly matters in the eyes of a home buyer. They look at it as one less thing they have to worry about. Get your home photo-worthy with power washing services. Your driveway and sidewalk can look absolutely fabulous and match your home’s siding and other exterior features, like the windows.

Pair Power Washing With House Washing

Power Washing in Indianapolis, IN, can be done on its own or in conjunction with other services. We highly recommend considering tackling multiple cleaning projects when requesting power washing. House washing, as we mentioned, uses soft washing. By using multiple techniques, your exterior cleaning company can generate the best results, no matter what surface needs to be addressed.

Preparing For Power Washing Services

Is there anything you need to do to prepare for services? Generally, no, but there are some good rules of thumb to follow for the best results. For example, if you call to place an order for concrete cleaning your driveway, you’ll want to keep the area clear. Either park your vehicle in the garage or on the street if possible. This will allow the cleaners to access the entire driveway without interruption. Not only will this give you better results, but the service will be much more efficient.

If you’re having your patio power washed, remember to clear any furniture that can be moved, plants, or barbecue pits from the area. Again, this will give the technician greater access to the area to be cleaned without having to work around obstacles. The easier you can do the job for the technician, the better. We recommend asking your local exterior cleaner if there’s anything else you need to know or do before a technician arrives.

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