You can already smell Christmas. The most enthusiastic have already decorated everything for the festivities, but we still have time to start with our Christmas arrangements.

What better way to start at the entrance of our home to impress our guests? If you need some fresh ideas, today we bring you several modern Christmas wreaths for your doors. Christmas stands out for having a wide variety of decorations from which we can choose.

Image source: Mikkel Vang

There are bright lights, ornaments for exterior and interior trees, garlands, reindeer and Santa Claus figures, and let’s not forget the snow. However, some elements help us create cozy and warm environments, such as a decorated fireplace or the different holiday wreaths that we can place at our main door.

When it comes to modern Christmas wreaths, we have a good amount of alternatives that suit our tastes. We can install a traditional design or something more extravagant with golden colors and irregular shapes. The list is wide, so do not despair and go calmly so you can choose the best one.

Bohemian Holiday Wreath – A relaxed design

Image source: Made In A Day

With this wreath, you can indicate that in your house life is taken calmly. Built with preserved cedarwood, red linen, and traditional pinecones, the mixture of colors creates a bohemian but Christmas look.

Wooly Wreath – For cold days

Image source: Anthropologie

Christmas means cold, and nothing better to fight the cold than wool clothes. However, a curious new fashion is to line the wreaths with wool. We can do this even as a craft made from old wool sweaters.

Tobacco Basket – Rustic look

Image source: Brian Woodcock

This small basket only requires a little vegetation, red berries, and some pinecones to stand out with a traditional and rustic appearance.

Snowflake Wreath – With just one dollar

Image source: Mary Buck

If we have enough time (just around 15 minutes), we can try this economic craft to make a snowflake-shaped wreath. On a wreath frame, glue different snowflakes’ ornaments. From here, it will depend on our creativity the additional elements that we install, such as colored ribbons or vegetation.

Peppermint Wreath – Let it stand out

Image source: Brian Woodcock

The two shades of this modern door wreath of rounded wood make it stand out over any color or design. With a couple of striped patterns on decorative ribbons, you will complement this already extravagant design.

Vintage Bulbs Wreath – Recycling old bulbs

Image source: Brian Woodcock

The bulbs used to decorate the Christmas tree and other parts of the house are disposable, so it is normal for them to burn very frequently. To give them utility and that they are not simply stored in a box in our warehouse, we can use them to decorate different holiday wreaths.

Purple Faux Eucalyptus Leaves and Buds Wreath – Something Different

Image source: World Market

The most common colors when it comes to Christmas are red and green, but we do not need to stay only with them. As you can see, this striking purple wreath with artificial vegetation and eucalyptus leaves continues to give off Christmas aroma

Classic Colors Leaf Wreath – Continuing the tradition

Image source: Paulette Pritchy

This traditional design uses simple white, green and red colored leaves. Magnolias leaves can be additionally decorated with a layer of glue and frost, which when dried will create a lovely shine.

Poinsettia Wreath – Taking advantage of the Christmas season

Image source: Holiday Living

Making an elegant wreath of seasonal flowers can be all we need to get a festive look without much effort. The Easter plant and its flowers are a characteristic vegetable element of Christmas, although we can always use an artificial replacement to resist winter.

Wooden Spool Wreath – A craft job

Image source: Brian Woodcock

Like worn Christmas lights, spools of thread can work perfectly as a support to create an original Christmas wreath. We simply have to join them with different types of threads.

Stacked Magnolia Wreaths – The Beauty of Magnolias

Image source: Joss and Main

Another option with which we can apply the magnolias is if we stack several wreaths. As we are not using traditional withered vegetation, we can choose to create all kinds of modern Christmas wreaths with them.

Cookie Cutter Wreath – Making cookies and decorating the home

Image source: Michel Arnaud

Cookie cutters with Christmas designs are ideal for creating a wreath unique in style. If you have some molds that you no longer use, or find a good deal, you can try this craft.

Modern Holiday Wreath – A bold mix

Image source: Harry

We can always go crazy with this modern Christmas wreath that combines several unique elements that are not necessarily related to Christmas.

Yarn Snowball Wreath – A soft and plush design

Image source: Todd-Rachel Malone

With a little bit of skill, we can wind old threads to look like snowballs. Simply place a paste point where the threads end so that they stay together. This is a perfect way to recycle the old pieces of thread that we have, which will result in a DIY of different colors.

Bells and Bows Wreath – The sound of bells

Image source: Evermore Decor Designs

A boxwood wreath can be updated to have a more modern design by simply adding decorative knot-shaped ribbons and one or two bells in the middle.

DIY Buffalo Plaid Wreath – A textured fabric

Image source: Blooming Homestead

We only need to wrap a frame similar to that of a wreath with a checkered fabric with an interwoven pattern of black and white colors to have a base that supports other details, such as bells, ties or vegetation.

Red Yarn Wreath – a fantasy design

Image source: Deirdre Rattigan-o’Neill

If we look for something more fanciful, we can try a red thread to wrap a wreath. An extra touch would be to add a fantastic figure in the middle, like a unicorn. The only problem this Christmas wreath has is that it is fragile.

Winter Willow Wreath – A cold welcome

Image source: Brian Woodcock

This fascinating contemporary wreath changes the rules by having a frozen appearance thanks to its metallic, blue and white colors. The best base that you can use for this wreath is one made from willow branches, which creates a sense of luxury and natural beauty on its own.

Star Wreath – A Shining Star

Image source: National Tree Company

The star does not have to be just a Christmas tree decoration. It can also be used in lights, tablecloths, and even in modern Christmas wreaths. Join the entire design with a fine thread and add colored ribbons to finalize the design.

Snow-Covered Pine Wreath – Waiting for the snow

Image source: The Holiday Aisle

A Christmas without snow is not as magical as we want, that is why, if the layer of frozen water has not yet arrived in your city, you can always create ornaments that simulate snow, like this Christmas wreath.

Ring of Roses – The Wonders of Felt

Image source: Fresh Flowers

With just creating some felt rolls, we can create artificial roses of majestic appearance. You can try different Christmas colors such as red, white or green so that in this way you make a unique wreath.

DIY Scandinavian Style Wreath – Less is more

Image source: Fish & Bull

The Scandinavian style is characterized by being a combination of simple elements of pale colors. In the case of these Christmas wreaths, a set of randomly attached twigs creates a simple frame that can be decorated with ribbons or white flowers. The best thing about this style is that it is not limited to wreaths for doors, but we can use them in other places, such as windows.

Bow Wreath – Don’t waste the ribbons

Image source: Erica Lapresto

The ribbon used to wrap gifts is perfect for creating lovely ties with which to decorate our modern wreath. You can create several ties and join them all in the wreath frame.

Colonial-inspired Door – A complete change

Image source: Brian Woodcock

In this case, not only does the wreath become an important part of the decoration, but also the entire door receives a face-lift for Christmas. Change your traditional rug for a holiday-inspired one, or decorate the colonial windowsill with small-sized Christmas trees.

Natural Frost Wreath – Home Crafts

Image source: David Hillegas

Collect some branches from nearby trees and try to tie them in a rounded way without breaking them to have a handmade base for our wreath. To give it more firmness, use foam rubber. On it, you can apply a light layer of spray paint to create a snowfall effect.

Christmas Swag Wreath – Learn to create your garland

Image source: A Pumpkin And A Princess

Traditional designs are still popular for the Christmas season. Here you can see how fresh branches (or props) are knotted to create a wreath to which we will decorate with bows, reindeer, bells, berries, etc. The classic style gives us a lot of freedom when choosing ornaments.

A whole gallery to choose from

As you have seen on this list, the options when it comes to holiday wreaths are almost endless. Achieving the Christmas spirit is possible with both traditional and modern designs. We can even go further and decorate our entire door or window to match it.

Whatever our taste, the important thing is that it must have a positive impact on us and our guests, demonstrating that the Christmas spirit came to our home.

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