Halloween is a special time of year. We like to dress up and play trick or treat, and we also like to decorate our homes in the Halloween spirit. In many cases, home owners go for that modern Halloween décor that can be achieved in many ways. If you don’t know, we have some of the best modern Halloween décor ideas that you can try.

Here, you will find just about anything: from more classical designs to something more abstract and peculiar. You’ll be able to replicate your Halloween dreams or nightmare, if you are more about that. It is fairly easy to transform your home and the whole vibe with a few simple and effective decorative steps.

Here is how to decorate your home with modern Halloween décor ideas.

Halloween Classics

One thing that must not be missing during Halloween are pumpkins. No matter the style or the décor, these seem to be ever-present. Here are 6 very interesting modern Halloween décor ideas with pumpkins.

Witch and Pumpkin

Image source: jandrea370

Witches and pumpkins are two of the most commonly used décor pieces during Halloween. You can get a pumpkin and the materials for a witch at your local store. You can create a friendly and welcoming witch or a nasty witch from nightmares that will scare the guests away.

Harlequin Pumpkins

Instead of carving the pumpkins out, you can put out these harlequin pumpkins that will have a similar, if not better, effect.


Image source: Frontgate

Add some personality to your pumpkin with a totem pole over the pumpkin. Be free to use your imagination, this is the time when you can really express yourself. You can get all the essentials from a local store.

Halloween Mantel

Image source: kellyt

If you have a mantel, then a good idea would be to decorate it in a Halloween style. Use popping colors with bright pumpkins, and add some fun accessories to them. You can even go further and paint these pumpkins in your favorite color; it could be anything, but gold or pink seem to be very popular here.

Pumpkin Wreath

Image source: Twoinspireyou

Instead of using traditional pumpkins, you can use putka pods that will replace the pumpkins; they are smaller and much easier to use in a wreath like this. They won’t deteriorate either, and you can use this décor year after year.


Image source: Envy Decor LLC

You can give the phrase “dressed to kill” a whole new meaning here. Create a spectre with a pumpkin head, and you can create a jack-o-lantern and add it to the décor. Use some old, tattered clothes to top it off, and it will scare the crap out of your guests.

Bone Chilling

During the Halloween, we tend to use the décor that is connected to bones; figures such as skeletons and skulls seem to gain on popularity during this time. You can incorporate them into your modern Halloween décor ideas.

Mummify a Beverage Tub

A very functional décor, we must say. Not only will it keep your ice-cold drinks ready, but it will also keep it more interesting for you. You will only need a couple of simple crafting materials.

Skull Snow Globe

This is a very good idea to go with something more scary; this globe will add a touch of that cool glam to your table.

Spooky Tone

Image source: Vel Criste

You can create a very spooky tone very safely with using dry ice and Halloween décor. You must, however, use this décor safely.

Give Your Guests a Hand

In a literal sense, you can give your guest a hand with the food – a playful bright skeleton hand, that is. Yes, a skeleton hand is pretty cliché for this part of the year, but you can add some playfulness with the bright colors that are on offer.

Creative Placement

Image source: Envy Decor LLC

It’s all about the placement. It will define how interesting or boring your décor is. For example, this décor shows you how you can keep it interesting by having a climbing skeleton, for example. What is even more unnerving is how it is looking nervously over its shoulder.

Haunted Mansion

We all know that a haunted mansion is so typical of this time of year. All you need to do is make it haunted, and you can easily do that. You just need some antique pieces and make them look spooky. For example, you could use old ornate wine glasses or tarnished candlesticks, which are perfect for this type of décor. Add some dark colors and jewel tones, and you will have yourself a very unique and modern Halloween décor.


Nothing screams more of Halloween and haunted mansions as spellbooks. These tomes look like something out of a sci-fi movie, especially because they look so distressed and used. Stack them beside the wine or on antique shelves to add that touch of spookiness to them.


Not everyone has an old, antique chandelier handy, but if you do, you can use it to create a very spooky feeling in your dining room. Place it over your dining table and your guests will be left stunned.

Limit the Light Sources

You can do something as simple as reduce the amount of light sources, and you will have yourself a very interesting and unique modern Halloween décor. The idea is to place the lighting in such a way that it looks scary. It does take some thought and experimenting, but once you get it right it can be very satisfying.

Cobweb Wreath

Get some faux cobweb and stretch it onto a 12” embroidery hoop. Trim the extra cobweb off, and add some spiders on it. This will scare those who hate spiders for sure.

Go Black

Black is such a typical color for Halloween. It has that dark and gloomy feeling to it, which is exactly what you need for Halloween. You can have relatively simple decorative pieces, but if you add some black to it, it can make for a very effective and interesting Halloween design.

Black Cats

Image source: Envy Decor LLC

You can turn your pumpkins into black cats by some simple adjustments and without carving. That’s perfect for kids and for parents with a penchant for some design and craft. Black cats are a typical animal for Halloween.

Perfect your Place Settings

You can achieve this look by adding some black elements to the décor. Combine black plates with other Halloween elements, and you will have yourself a very unique and stylish modern Halloween décor.

Black Plants

Image source: Envy Decor LLC

Spray your plants with a faux black paint.

Ghost Town

Create a very spooky scene by adding some store birdhouses and painting them black. Add some oversized spiders and rubber snakes for additional effects.

Spiders and Bugs

A lot of people are scared of these animals, and they fit the Halloween time perfectly for that. You can use them for your modern Halloween décor.

Spider Cookies

Not only will these cookies add a feeling of Halloween and spookiness, but they will also present a very tasty treat for your guests.

Spiderweb Doormat

How about creating a doormat in the shape of a spider cobweb? You can transform even the simplest of doormats into a spooky spider web doormat.


A very simple idea that will make your guests wonder where the bees have come from. You can have bees swarm over your pumpkins by cutting a sheet of acetate into a 24” diameter circle. Then, cut in a spiral from inside about 1 ½” wide, which should leave a small circle in the middle. Then, hand the spiral from its widest part and add some craft bees to create that effect.

Spider Web Frames

You can create a very creepy design by wrapping a cotton doily and a plastic spider.

Paper Spiderwebs

A very adorable and budget-friendly project is to create paper spider webs; all you will need is some paper, scissors, glue, and twine to make the project a reality.

Outdoor Modern Halloween Décor

Even during the Halloween, when the weather tends to be not so great and usually cold, you will surely spend a couple of hours daily around your porch. So decorating the outside also seems to make sense. Here are some ideas.

Bookish Outdoor Decorations

Use some construction paper and stencils to create book jackets and add them to your outside design. You can even add some gold craft paint.

Ghostly Shapes

Create these spooks that will send some chills down the spines of the onlookers. A little formed chicken wire, gauzy cheese cloth, and liquid fabric starch. Add a battery light and the whole thing will be even spookier.

DIY Spiders

Not only on the inside, but also for the outside décor, spiders can create that spooky element that many people tend to be so afraid of. Very inexpensive, and all it takes is just some imagination from your part.

Halloween Wreath

Image source: Grandin Road

Set the tone for the visit of your guests by adding a spooky Halloween wreath on your door.

Mummify the Front Door

You can learn how to do this scary design with the step-by-step guide below.

DIY Yard Skulls

As we already said, skulls can be very effective and unique Halloween materials, and you can use them for the outside décor, as well.

Spook-Free Décor

If you don’t like the idea of having a spooky décor, then you can go for something more peaceful.

Fall Front Porch

You can go with the classic Halloween look instead of scaring your guests. Add some pumpkins, candles, and lights to create this design.

Halloween white party

The white color will add some elegance to the décor.


Write your message for the guests on the crepe paper.

Candy Candles

How about surprising the trick or treaters with some candy-corn filled candles. It’s easy to create them: fill each hurricane of candles with candy corn.

Candy Corn Banner

This is an easy DIY décor that you can do.

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