You can consider modular shelving a mixture of modern art, decor and interior design because there are a lot of modular shelving systems and unique furniture designs that you can try.

Storage solutions have more and more creations because they are very popular and let’s face it, almost everybody uses them. Modular shelving can be a real option for you if you want to create a modern interior with other furniture that fits perfectly the large and small spaces.

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Shelves are a great way to decorate a room because they can be used for multiple purposes. You can display things on them or you can organize better the items that you have. Modular shelving is going to take all of it to a new level because it will be even more practical.

They are made to help you when you want to organize your space better so let’s see some different models and what else they might offer to you.

Why Modular Shelving Is Good for Your Apartment 

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As cities are going bigger and bigger, homes usually get smaller and having a flexible storage system in your home is quite important.

There are many modular shelving options to choose from however not all of them will meet the needs that you have. Understanding the different styles is important.

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But don’t you worry, most of the modular shelves will work for you because that is the idea behind them, they help you adapt them to the particular space that you have.

This is because they are very flexible and can be configured in many ways so you can create personalized storage spaces.

Image source: Andra Birkerts Design

Modular shelving is a really popular choice for people that are organizing their home space. Because they can be configured in many ways this lets you come up with creative ideas for your personalized storage spaces.

Modular furniture design helps you to maximize the space that you have and also give a great design to that part of the space. You can really consider it a smart choice on the long-term from both the aspect of design and space. You can really take advantage of the fact that you can create your own shelves design and change it easily when it is needed.

Image source: Manhattan Comfort

Because you can play around with modular shelving this means that you will be able to express in your own personal style.  We all like the chance of making something according to our needs and even more to do it when and how we want.

This is probably one of the reasons why modular shelving systems got a lot of attention towards them and more and more people started to use them.

Modular shelving ideas

Modular shelving units are made out of individual modules that can be combined in order to get a certain shape or function. They have a minimalist design and a lot of flexibility so you can for sure try different ideas. Check out these images if you want some ideas that you might try yourself as well.

Blend in with the walls

Image source: Nathalie Priem Photography

The shelves and cabinets that you can see in this system have been painted using the same color that was used in the walls. The silver brackets bring subtlety and this gives to the entire unit a simple look. To keep the look minimal owners decided to display their items even closer and left some of the shelves fairly clear to offer a feeling of space.

Play With Cube Shelving

Image source: Avocado Sweets

This kind of modular shelving can be a great choice for kids. It is small and cool enough that the kids will enjoy it for sure. Having practicality is one its strongest points and the design is not bad at all.

You can also use a modular shelf like this to keep the files that you have in an organized and easy way. Make sure to check it out because it might be exactly what you needed.

Up Up and Away

Image source: Boca Entertainment

What is cool about modular shelving systems is that they can come in any shape and size you want.  This one has its brackets go up to the ceiling and next to it is an adjustable ladder that can be used when you want to reach the top shelves. What do you think, might this modular shelving option work for you?

Create a Media Area

Image source: West Elm UK

Modular shelving also comes as a free-standing unit like the one you can see here. For sure you can find a similar one at some nearby retailers or you can get it online. The one that is shown has besides shelves and cabinets also a TV and desk unit.

Modular Shelving System Examples

This unique modular shelving option is an example of how well you can personalize your wall decor and create very useful interiors. Not only that they provide customized storage organization but they also make the wall design look amazing.

Contemporary modular shelving systems

Image source: Ignas

In these systems, you will be able to create your own closet or have it on a wall from floor to ceiling. The beautiful pattern uses complex lines that change the way an interior design looks and feels.

606 Universal Shelving System

Image source: Nia Morris Studio

A great modular shelving choice that you can go for is the 606 system. It can be customized in so many ways and can work as a library, table or shelve. It’s your choice to do whatever you want with it.

Modular shelving units with magnetic fixing

These modular shelves are great to have especially if you were searching for a simple system to use. Having a magnetic fix means that they will work really well and you can put your imagination into use while designing.

String System

Image source: The Do South Shop

This is a classic design that has been used since 1949. You will need to invest some time into building this modular shelving option but in the end, you will get what you needed.

Folding Bookshelves 

Image source: The Container Store

This modular bookshelf really looks nice and it lets you put the books in a cool way that gets the attention of anyone who sees them. You can already see in the picture how will it look so why not giving it a try? They can be turned 90 degrees and used vertically. Quite cool, no?

Invisible Book Shelf

Image source: The Container Store

You must have wondered before how these types of bookshelves work? What you need to do is slide in the shelf inside of a large book and then slip the bottom cover into the tiny hooks. It looks really great and you will like it for sure.

Montana System

Image source: Muuto

Go for this modular shelving if you want to get a modern and practical solution for your storage needs. It has 36 basic modules that you can play around with and create ideas.

Minimalist Square Shelves

Image source: Offi

This is probably one of the simplest modular shelf systems that you can get your hands on. The squares get the attention of the eyes because they are thick with attractive frames so for sure you are going to find multiple uses for it.

Solid wood shelves

Image source: Bower Architecture

This modular shelving can be put vertically on your wall or even better in the corner of a room. They are handmade units and can be added even to your desk if you want to get a decorative item. Solid blocks look great and are easy to arrange so you should really take advantage of this system.

Cylindrical wall shelves

If you think about a wall-mounted shelf you usually think at a flat piece. However, this example goes for different shapes and stands out pretty much. Have a look and see if you think they might fit what you had in mind for that particular room that you want to change.

Floating Corner Shelf

Image source: Black and Milk | Interior Design

You can use two methods in order to hang this versatile shelf! Compared with other corner shelves, this one will also wrap around the corner. So, if you don’t have a lot of space you should take advantage of this simple solution that comes to the rescue.

Ending Thought on Modular Shelving Systems

In conclusion, having your own modular shelving option can be the best choice that you make for your space. Because they are so easy to adapt in different rooms, they might be a perfect choice for anybody that wants to use their creativity and design skills when decorating a room.

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