One of the biggest disadvantages when working at a desk is when you get back pains. Actually 80 % of Americans have back problems at least once in their lifetime. No matter if you have your office at home or at the company where you work at you need to start taking care of your body as much as you take off your work.

One step that you can do is by finding the most comfortable chair that you can add to your office in order to be more focused and relaxed at the same time.

If you spend a lot of time at the desk then this is even more important to do your workstation setup. If you run a small business you probably don’t have the resources yet to hire an ergonomics expert so you need to improvise.

For sure we can’t give that there is just one most comfortable chair like there isn’t just a pair of shoes that are the most comfortable. However, for sure you will find some that are good and some that aren’t really good.

Usually, you can find out if a chair is good if you sit at least 30 minutes on it. So, check this guide and find more info about how to get close to the most comfortable chair for you.

Guide to Picking a Comfortable Chair

If you sit down a lot of the time during the day it is important to find comfy chairs that do the job. If you look for an ergonomic chair that has superior lumbar support or adjustable armrests and materials that can adapt for sure you are going to get a lot of options.

Here is what you need to consider:


Having a headrest is important because it will help you in the long term. It allows the neck muscles to relax from time to time and it also encourages better blood flow. Choose a chair that has a headrest that can be adjusted in terms of height and angle if you want to get the best results.

Seat Height

Seats that have pneumatic lift adjustment can be some of the most comfortable chair options to go for. Normally the seat height depends on the length of your tibia or lower leg bone.

If your legs are on the short side start using a footstool to keep your hips and knees at a 90 or 100-degree angle.

Seat Depth

You don’t have to feel pressure on your hips, if you feel then it means that the chair is not the one for you.

Lumbar Support

Another important aspect is that the chair needs to have adequate support for the lumbar area that is your lower back portion together with your neck support at the same time.

Chairs that provide support have an S-shaped backrest that is ergonomic and it follows the movements of your body.


If you are in the search for the most comfortable chair then you need to know that cushioning is quite an important part of this. Little cushioning gives you back pains and if it’s too much you will start to feel a lot of pressure on your hamstrings.


The chair material can be another feature that you consider and most of the times you really need to pay attention to these details if you want to get a comfy chair.

Synthetic materials are the more affordable ones and they are great into keeping your back cool. On the other side, leather will always look more elegant. The disadvantage of using it is that it is expensive and it gets worn in time.

The Most Comfortable Chairs for Your Back

Herman Miller Embody Chair

ch1 The most comfortable chair that you can get for your back

Check out this luxury chair because for sure it is not going to disappoint you. It has a steep price tag and it offers almost everything that you could ask for from an ergonomic chair. It’s one of the most comfortable chair ideas that you can go for because it can be adjusted easily, it’s comfortable and it holds up well with normal use.

The chair has six ergonomic functions that are designed to best support your spine. When you have a good position in your comfortable chair it means that your blood and oxygen flow is going to work properly so you will feel to start feeling better and also improving your focus and relaxation.

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420

ch2 The most comfortable chair that you can get for your back

We considered this model one of the most comfortable chair options that you can get because it’s firm and it is a good midpoint for sitting at a 90-degree angle or lying flat at 180 degrees. Just have a look at it and for sure you are going to figure it out quite fast if this is going to be your final choice.

Alera Elusion Swivel Chair

ch3 The most comfortable chair that you can get for your back

This comfortable chair can be a real deal if you were searching for one that has a great design but is also comfortable at the same price. It has a lot of great reviews and a great price. One of the best features of it is that its contoured seat cushion has a waterfall edge and it’s done with premium upholstery that will reduce the pressure that gets on your legs.

HomCom Armchair Recliner and Ottoman Set

ch4 The most comfortable chair that you can get for your back

Continuing our list of the most comfortable chair ideas that you can get we reach the HomCom model. This is a very comfortable chair that you can relax on for a lot of hours. It doesn’t take up too much space and people like it for both working activities or just when they need some calming moments to sit down.

It has a lockable adjustment knob that you can use and you can hold your legs on the included ottoman if you want to have a complete position. Besides having this capacity of 285 pounds it also has a swivel that goes very well with its stationary base.

Mid-back All Mesh Ergonomic Chair

ch5 The most comfortable chair that you can get for your back

This is one of the most comfortable chair choices that you can take if you want to stop your back pains and stay in a healthy position at your desk.

What this chair does is it takes the pressure off your spine and it comes with a backrest and headrest that are both adjustable and easy to customize. For sure you are going to find the perfect to sit it by using this comfy chair.

Merax Power Recliner

ch6 The most comfortable chair that you can get for your back

One of the best features of this recliner chair is that it has a power lift function that is ideal for elderly people that have difficulty standing in a sitting position together with people that already suffer from lower back pain.

It can also be a comfy reading chair but also a working one from time to time. It has great armrests that provide maximum support when you use it for a long period of time. Just check it out and see for yourself if it can do the job that you had in mind.

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

ch7 The most comfortable chair that you can get for your back

If you want a simple chair that is at a good price the Amazon Basic Mid-Back Mesh Chair can be a great option. It has great cushion covers that bring a lot of breath abilities and it can support around 220 pounds.

It has a pneumatically adjustable height option and although it doesn’t give the same features are more expensive models on the list the price tag still makes up for it.

Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner

ch8 The most comfortable chair that you can get for your back

The Cozzia Dual Power is indeed one of the most comfortable chairs that you can get your hands on. The main idea of it is to help your body be in a neutral position and it does this by allowing the spine to de-stress and relax.

For sure it’s a great option when you have back pain problems but it is also available with so many additional benefits. Check it out and discover if it can be the option that you needed.

Haworth Zody Chair

ch9 The most comfortable chair that you can get for your back

This chair got a recommendation from the American Physiotherapy center. You can see from the start that it has an ergonomic design and it a unique asymmetrical support system. This support system enables you to reduce all the pressure and cure for the neck and lower back problems you might be experiencing.

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Chairch10 The most comfortable chair that you can get for your back

One of the most comfortable chair models that we encountered was the Moodway Articule one. Having great features like adjustable armrests so you can find the right position for yourself, a cool and comfortable material and a great price as well, we can’t really ignore this option.

Secretlab Omega 2018 Prime

ch11 The most comfortable chair that you can get for your back

This chair is more recommended for the gamers out there that want to bring a change to their desk. They design comfortable chairs and it has the perfect mix of support and softness. It can be a real choice so check out all of its details before you make your choice.

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

ch12 The most comfortable chair that you can get for your back

At a reasonable price, you can really start enjoying comfy chairs like this one. It is made for gaming purposes but this doesn’t mean you can use it even when you are working sometimes on your computer. So, check it out and see for yourself if it can be what you wanted.

Ending thoughts on the most comfortable chair on the market

In conclusion, finding the most comfortable chair really depends on what are your needs and how do you plan to use it. The best way to go about it is to make your own favorite list and then start eliminating them till you reach the final one.

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