What could be more relaxing than a tropical oasis in the comfort of your bedroom? Tropical bedroom décor is perfect for all-year-long summers, because it will make you feel warm even during coldest winter days.

Besides, tropical themed bedroom ideas bring liveliness and fun in the bedroom, and they can serve as the revivers of what used to be a dull and monotonous environment.

Tropical stands for everything that is natural and exotic: it won’t cost top dollars and ultimate efforts, but it will still deliver the hospitality and relaxation you’ve always desired.

It is not rare for tropical rooms to abound with country motifs, or to be inspired by calm, natural solutions.

Europeans are not the biggest fans of tropical bedroom design ideas, but Americans have the opposite opinion: looking for inspiration in US homes (especially the ones in southern states) will convince you that people can do magic with nothing but pleasant climate conditions, and a little bit of creativity.

There are many reasons to turn your bedroom into a tropical haven, and freshness is an important one. People love being reminded of their healthy live habits (or pleasant holidays), and they will certainly choose such interior if they could afford it. In the case of tropical décor, they certainly can!

Consider these tips for converting your tropical dream into reality:

Palm leaves

Is there something that reminds you more of tropical islands than palm leaves? If your climate doesn’t allow them to survive, purchase artificial ones, or get inspired by some similar idea.

Tropical murals

Never-Miss-Summer-With-These-Tropical-Bedroom-Design-Ideas7 Never Miss Summer With These Tropical Bedroom Design IdeasImage source: Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

If you want your room to have an outdoor vibe, and to remind you of warm weather and ocean breeze, you should start with the walls.

Walls are ideal to express your painting skills, and you’re warmly invited to pour your artistic imagination to all of the walls, or to choose a focal one and to keep the ambiance more serene.

It can be any tropical scene you like: palm trees against the sunset, ocean waves caressing the sand, or many, many others. In case you have no favorite tropical landscape, check magazines or photo galleries and choose one to recreate.

Unless you’re a skilled painter, who knows his freehand do-s, place the image in an opaque projector and follow the shades with chalk.

Prior to this, choose a background color that can tolerate the playful scheme you’re about to apply (white, beige, sand, or even aqua). In case scalable wall art is not your cup of tea, consider covering a small portion of your walls with place mats, sea grass, or tiki hut skirts.

Canopy beds

Never-Miss-Summer-With-These-Tropical-Bedroom-Design-Ideas3 Never Miss Summer With These Tropical Bedroom Design IdeasImage source: Sutton Suzuki Architects

Sometimes, all it takes to do a dramatic shift towards tropical atmosphere is to hang a canopy bed in the middles of the room. Canopy beds carry the exotic vibe in their essence, and can be combined very easily due to their neutral color.

Ceiling transformation

Never-Miss-Summer-With-These-Tropical-Bedroom-Design-Ideas1 Never Miss Summer With These Tropical Bedroom Design IdeasImage source: Kurtz Homes Naples

White and dull ceilings will destroy your tropical vibe, instead of adding whatever benefit to it. Believe it or not, ceilings look amazing with exotic paintings, something like puffy clouds in the morning sky, or palm intersected sunsets.

If you choose a sun inspired scene, make the opposing end dark blue, and lighten it gradually as you move towards the supposed sunlight. Sun can be represented with warm yellow, orange, white and purple mixes, and there could also be few clouds around it to enhance the overall atmosphere.

In fact, you can use specific night-glow paint to make the sketch visible only during the night (this is especially recommended for sky view scenes).

Green and blue

Never-Miss-Summer-With-These-Tropical-Bedroom-Design-Ideas10 Never Miss Summer With These Tropical Bedroom Design IdeasImage source: Margaret Donaldson Interiors

These two colors are compulsory for tropical solutions, as they remind of two essential natural elements: plants and water. That’s why they are always welcomed in tropical bedrooms, usually applied in seamless transitions from soft to acid shades. You can apply them on your accessories, or even paint the walls with them. You decide!

Beach-like floors

Never-Miss-Summer-With-These-Tropical-Bedroom-Design-Ideas5 Never Miss Summer With These Tropical Bedroom Design IdeasImage source: Walker Home Design

Pale colors on the floors (sand in particular) should be avoided because of their proneness to damage, but that doesn’t stop you from adding light carpets or soft beige rugs. In fact, you can choose rugs in any natural color, depending on the effect you’re trying to achieve.

What counts is for the rugs is to be made of nature-inspired materials, ideally rattan and sisal that are very popular in tropical styles. Even if you happen to have an old, simple rug, you can stamp designs on its perimeter, and make it look like a seashell, starfish, or an acrylic oasis surrounded by palm trees.

Materials from the nature

Never-Miss-Summer-With-These-Tropical-Bedroom-Design-Ideas6 Never Miss Summer With These Tropical Bedroom Design IdeasImage source: CM Natural Designs

We advise you to use bamboo, driftwood, or wicker in order to make the room feel more natural. You are even allowed to paint some of your favorite furniture with bright and positive colors, even if their original look is far more realistic.

Tropical furnishing

  • Tropical furniture is made of wood, leather, or wicker.
  • Over-sized pieces are a must
  • Comfort is enhanced with plush
  • In case you decided to use bamboo or lightweight wicker, balance them with heavy constructions or powerful pieces.
  • Upholstery looks best with leave patterns.
  • Furniture is usually wrapped with neutral clothes and mosquito nets.

Keep furniture surfaces as natural as you can, even if that means making them slightly coarser (to remind of a coconut’s trunk). What matters is to recreate rough and noticeable textures.


Never-Miss-Summer-With-These-Tropical-Bedroom-Design-Ideas4 Never Miss Summer With These Tropical Bedroom Design IdeasImage source: colorTHEORY Boston

Fabrics do have a say in tropical design, at least the organic ones. We recommend you to choose silk, satin, linen, or burlap, and to turn them into your proudest bedroom investment.


Never-Miss-Summer-With-These-Tropical-Bedroom-Design-Ideas8 Never Miss Summer With These Tropical Bedroom Design IdeasImage source: Bruce Palmer Interior Design

Please, do not make the mistake of neglecting windows! Windows are your main outdoor connection to benefit from when designing a tropical haven in your bedroom.

The best way to go is to leave them uncovered, but you can do some temporary coverage with grass and matchstick blinds-these cost nothing, but have amazing power to make your place look more tropical.


Never-Miss-Summer-With-These-Tropical-Bedroom-Design-Ideas9 Never Miss Summer With These Tropical Bedroom Design IdeasImage source: Coastal Decor, Nicole Rice

A home without tropical accessories is not a tropical home. We’re sure that you have plenty of cute ideas on how to decorate in a tropical fashion, but the truth is that you can use every element that makes you feel good: romantic candles, serene sea stars, tropical flowers, and pattered pillows are just few synonyms of a comfy bedroom atmosphere.

The importance of accents

Never-Miss-Summer-With-These-Tropical-Bedroom-Design-Ideas11 Never Miss Summer With These Tropical Bedroom Design IdeasImage source: Viscusi Elson Interior Design – Gina Viscusi Elson

If you want your bedroom to be ‘originally tropical’ you’ll need all sorts of tropical-themed items to decorate with. Besides of the compulsory artwork, we recommend seashells, sand jars, wooden or metal figurines.

You could also add interest with ‘outdated’ sconces, wicker chandeliers, or colorful lamps, even if such should be avoided in constantly hot regions. Ceiling fans are their perfect natural substitute, preferred due to air circulation and ear-pleasant noise. They also look extremely well and sophisticated.

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