Living in a house or apartment that suits your taste is one of the more important things that follow your wedding. You may have lived in lots of places before you’ve decided to tie the knot, but the place you have when you really do get married should be the most romantic and memorable one.

Newlyweds bedroom design ideas are meant to help the couple enjoy their life together in a well adjusted atmosphere.

Implement Both Your Tastes

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No matter how close, there always exists a gap between two individuals’ styles.
It’s okay to have disagreements and differences when choosing the color palettes or the theme of the rooms – some people can’t agree on those things even after years of living together.

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The first step to avoiding conflict and confusion is knowing what you want and what works best for your lifestyle. Maybe you like to keep things organized at all times while your spouse likes being more comfortable, or maybe you’re a morning person living with a night owl.

Whatever the differences, you should know each other well enough to be able to incorporate your needs into the décor.

The Color Pink

  • If you’re a woman than you should know men may be neutral towards most colors, but most usually don’t like pink and will refuse to let it be overused. If you’ve already made your mind about having pink décor, then try convincing your spouse by calling it subtle raspberry that you will promise to combine with more manly hues like mocha as browns go great with pink and neutralize it well.
  • If you really want to include pink in your color palette, consider your partner’s favorite shade and give them both a chance to shine.

An Exciting Color Scheme

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Looking for a way to choose the right color scheme? Why not try getting inspired from a favorite photo, a precious item or a beloved piece of furniture?

If you want to warm it up a little bit you can use colors that give off a feeling of sophistication and luxury. These colors include burgundy, gold, or even a rich violet.

It’s amazing what a little bit of warm colors could do to enhance the ambient in your room. Bedroom colors for newlyweds should enhance the sensuality and romance.

Use of Space

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Using up all of the available space wisely plays an important part in constructing a ‘love nest’ where the couple feels well accommodated and comfortable.

Can be done by transforming a second bedroom to a room that can be used as a home office or simply a room you can work in. If you want a chance to create your own custom floor plan, then opt for a studio or open-floor apartment.

Open spaces are ideal if your lifestyle includes dinner parties or any other type of entertaining activities. Just by putting a big area rug under a dining set you can isolate the space and define its look.

Another way to create this space is by placing an accent piece like a fireplace or a window across the seating; that way your focal points will become more visible and accented.

Walls and Windows

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A light neutral colored wall for a newlywed’s apartment – like beige, gray and white -allows for a wider choice of bolder accessories.

The rooms can breathe easier and give off a fresh feeling. Creating an accent wall can be done by choosing stylish wallpaper or maybe even using a bold and unusual shade.

It’s best for the window treatments to be simple and effective – creating a minimalistic appeal that will work for the couple.

Wooden blinds can also be used for decoration and practical needs. If you want to go for something earthy, then consider woven shades that you can frame.


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  • The goal of placing accessories in your room is to enhance its visual appearance and give it some personality – keep that in mind.
  • Bringing a bit of sense of humor to the decorating process brings greater results. Don’t be afraid to laugh with all of the personal items you place on your shelves.
  • Aside from romanticizing your room with candles and various cute items, you can include some photos into the mix to make it more personal.
  • Express your personality through the choice of décor. Unique and authentic items always say a lot about your personality. Include items that remind you of your and spouse’s personality or an adventure you’ve been on together.

In The Bedroom

Attractive Storage for an Organized Look

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All of those knickknacks and thingamajigs that take up space and create clutter should be hidden or neatly packed. Choose a basket or a box that will complement the theme of your room.

You can use it for all of the miscellaneous items you don’t know where to put, like your keys, change or even your wallet.

Get Rid of the Clutter

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Instead of putting all of the items you don’t know where to put throughout your bedroom, put them all in a space that’s meant for things you things you don’t need to use yet.

This can be a closet, an attic, a basement or even commercial storage. Have the courage to throw out anything you probably won’t use.

Combining the Furniture

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Having only one theme in your room is not the only way you can make different pieces of furniture match. Even when all of your pieces of furniture match it may look a bit dull and impersonal.

By choosing each piece based on its appearance, and practicality and keeping in mind what the other pieces look like, you can create your own custom theme.

Look for similar textures, colors and materials when choosing the furniture.

If your taste is very far from your spouse’s, you can use this opportunity to blend different styles and give your room a real personality that both of you will find appealing. In order to make this blend, you need to see which type of pieces you possess the most.

After setting the main style you can complement it with various accents from various styles. Have statements throughout your whole room and connect them with a color or texture they share.

The Bed as a Focal Point

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The centerpiece of every bedroom is the bed as it’s meant to radiate romance and sensuality into the room where you sleep. Get creative by choosing an interesting headboard that will bring some appeal to your bed. Experiment with soft colors for three of the walls and try something warmer and bolder for the wall behind the bed – it’s a great way to create an accent.

If you can’t paint the wall then decorate it with several pictures from memorable moments you’ve spent together. You can even customize a headboard by using a quilt or crafted gate.

Luxurious linens provide a large amount of comfort and attractiveness. Combined with a plush blanket, a couple of decorative pillows and a soft throw, your bed can really stimulate the senses.

Get Inspired From a Shared Interest

Newlyweds-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-Meant-To-Help-The-Couple10 Newlyweds Bedroom Design Ideas Meant To Help The CoupleImage source: Rosemarie Allaire Lighting Design

Is there a better way to get inspired than to seek inspiration from things you both are attracted to and enjoy? Blending all of the elements that are part of your taste and style is a creative process than can be made really fun.

If it’s not working for you then you can solve the problem by hiring a professional that will advise you and help you make better decisions.

Saving Space

Newlyweds-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-Meant-To-Help-The-Couple12 Newlyweds Bedroom Design Ideas Meant To Help The CoupleImage source: Interiors by Steven G

Space is a big issue for newlyweds today. It may not seem easy, but with the right organization you can easily put your bed, study, lounge, storage and dressing into place.

Utilize the space and see that the items you get are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing.

  • Replacing a king size bed with a queen size is a small price to pay in order to make more room for storage and side tables in the bedroom.
  • Having trouble placing the bed linens and shoes? Then why not put a chest of drawers in the bedroom? Aside from the storage space, it is also a nice furniture element that you should keep in the bedroom.
  • Adding shelves will not only make your walls more interesting, but it’s also a good way to arrange all the books and artwork you’ve got laying around the house.
  • Combine the practicality of a wardrobe into the bathroom so you can have a minimum amount of hassle.
  • Wardrobes with sliding shutters are a real space saver.
  • Glass shower enclosures can take up 30 square inches and they save water too.
  • You can make the room look more spacious with large mirrors.

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