If you love Paris, the city of lights, you may be equally enthralled with Paris skyscrapers.  At the moment, There are currently 17 skyscrapers in the Île-de-France but the majority of these fall outside of Paris.  Times are changing though, and it is highly possible that there will be Paris skyscrapers on the horizon fairly soon.

Even now, however, Paris has a range of historic landmarks which will offer beautiful views.  Whether you travel in a lift or climb the stairs, the city has a range of buildings which will offer the opportunity to eat, drink and take in the views.

However, when compared to cities like New York, Hong Kong and Dubai, Paris has very few skyscrapers within the city limits.  Higher rise apartment buildings are very limited in number. This is why Paris skyscrapers are currently so rare.

LaDéfens, the business district, does have skyscrapers.  This is located in the West, outside of the city.  The 13th district also has Paris skyscrapers, but none reach higher than 37 stories.  The 15th District,  Front de Seine, which meets the river, has Paris skyscrapers, which serve as residential blocks.  However, the Paris skyline, in the very heart of the city, is mostly free from skyscrapers.

Let’s have a look at famous buildings in Paris as well as some of the future tallest buildings in Paris.

Check out these amazing Paris skyscrapers

Tour Montparnasse

Tour-Montparnasse The interesting and modern Paris skyscrapers you should know

This Paris tower is the only true skyscraper in the city.  The decision to modernize this Paris building was taken in 1934.  However, it was only in 1959 that the building was studied and a competition was launched for the best designs.  The winning designs came from architects Jean Saubot,  EugèneBeaudouin,  and UrbainCassan.  These winners were announced in 1969 and the project was approved by President Georges Pompidou.  After four years of building, the tower in Paris was finally completed.  The building was inaugurated on June 18, 1973.

This Paris skyscraper is truly an office block.  However, members of the public are able to view the Paris skyline from the 56 floor as well as the roof.  From here you’ll be able to watch the lights turn on over the city as well as see the most famous tower in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, light up the night sky.  Enjoy a glass of champagne on the roof, or a meal at the restaurant and bar as you enjoy the view over the city of lights.

Tour Triangle

triangle-tower The interesting and modern Paris skyscrapers you should know

One of the most modern looking Paris skyscrapers, Tour Triangle received objections from heritage organizations.  However, work on this Paris tower began in June 2015.  The Tour Tower in Paris will offer 120 rooms for hotel guests as well as 70, 000m of office space. It will also, on the insistence of the mayor, offer cultural and childcare facilities.

Architects Herzog & de Meuron, who worked on the Tate Modern, as well as the Bird’s Nest stadium, designed this beautiful Paris tower.  Construction began during 2017 and the building will be completed by 2020.

Duo Paris

duo-paris The interesting and modern Paris skyscrapers you should know

Duo Paris is a court house with three different tiers.  It will end up with 90 different court room as and 104, 000 square feet of space.  This courthouse will be able to process over 9,000 cases per day.

This is one of the new skyscrapers which have faced objections.  Designed by Renzo Piano between 2012 and 2014, it faced resistance by legal professionals.  These legal professionals wanted to remain at the Palais de Justice on the Île de la Cité. The objection was unsuccessful and development began in May 2015.  The Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI) de Paris means a new skyscraper for the Paris skyline.

Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile

hyatt The interesting and modern Paris skyscrapers you should know

Hyatt Regency joins the Paris skyscrapers because it stands at over 190 meters tall with its 53m antenna helping it to achieve this height.

This Parisian tower was built in the 1960s, due to the high level of tourism in the area.  It is a Paris tower designed by Henri Guibout, Serge Maloletenkov and Yves Betin

Les Orgues de Flandre

oragons The interesting and modern Paris skyscrapers you should know

Paris skyscrapers are not always as tall as towers from other cities in the world.  The same is true of the Orgues de Flandre (Organs of Flanders).

Officially, this Paris tower falls 26m below skyscraper benchmark height.  However, it still provides an impressive addition to the Paris skyline.

Built over 6 years, between 1974 and 1980, it was designed by Martin van Trek.

There are a many 15 story buildings within this development as well as three other Paris towers, including the Tour Sonate at 90m (295 ft.) and the Tour Cantate at 101m (331 ft.).

Pullman Paris Montparnasse Hotel

pulman11 The interesting and modern Paris skyscrapers you should know

Hotels add to the number of Paris skyscrapers and this is also true of The Pullman Paris.  This hotel has 31-storeys and is placed in  the 14th district.

As a hotel, it is the second largest Parisian tower, beaten only by the Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile.  Although it is smaller in height, it has three extra bedrooms.  Designed by Pierre Dufau, the building was completed in 1974.  It has changed names numerous times and has been known as the Paris-Sheraton Hotel and the HôtelMéridien Montparnasse. It is known, not only for its place on the Paris skyline, but also for its pool hall and bowling alley.

Tour Areva

Tour-Areva The interesting and modern Paris skyscrapers you should know

Tour Areva (previously known as Tour Framatome and Tour Fiat) is an office skyscraper located in La Défense, a high-rise business district, and in the commune of Courbevoie, France, west of Paris.

Built in 1974, the tower is 184 m (604 feet) tall. The exterior of the building is made of granite and is completely black.  With its darkened windows it maintains a mysterious appearance. Shaped like a prism, it has a modern design. This Paris tower is said to be inspired Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Tour Total

Tour-Total The interesting and modern Paris skyscrapers you should know

Tour Total is one of the Paris skyscrapers which has been placed just outside (and to the west) of the city.

Designed as an office block, this Paris tower is modern in style.  It provides the headquarters for major oil company Total SA.  It has otherwise been known as Tour Elf from 1985 to 1999, and Tour TotalFinaElf from 1999 to 2003).

As one of the tallest buildings in France, the tower was opened in 1985.  It is currently the 4th tallest building in France and is 190m tall.  It has a 3m antenna on the roof, without which it would measure 187m.   Although it stands alone as one of the unique Paris skyscrapers, it was built in a site which was originally reserved for another building. This building was going to be twin to  Tour Areva.

Tour T1

TourTea1 The interesting and modern Paris skyscrapers you should know

Office buildings make familiar Paris skyscrapers and the same is true for Tour T1. This Parisian tower has also been called the  Tour GDF Suez.  The building is placed in La Défense, a business district which is just to the west of Paris.

The construction of this Parisian tower took place between 2005 and 2008, it’s the building finally opened in 2008.  The tower reaches 185m, making it the third tallest building in the business district.  The building has been entirely occupied by GDF Suez from 2010.

Tour Granite

Tour-Granite The interesting and modern Paris skyscrapers you should know

Tour Granite is one of the business skyscrapers in La Défense, west of Paris.

It is clearly visible along the Paris skyline and was opened in 2008.

Like all Paris skyscrapers, Tour Granite has interesting architecture.  It was designed by Christian de Portzamparc, a French architect.  As the fifth tallest Parisian tower in la Défense, it is clearly visible amongst Paris skyscrapers because of its steep roof.

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