Radiators are artifacts of the utmost importance in homes. To spend a cold season without one of these is an odyssey. However, the appearance of many of them is not exactly pleasant. That is why many people opt for the use of radiator covers so that they are not a stain on our set.

The radiator heater covers come in a variety of designs and materials. Currently, the popular Locker-liners are being used a lot, whose narrow design in the shape of a cabinet perfectly conceals our radiator.

Beauty is not the only cause of this radiator cover popularity. In fact, part of its appeal is that it gives us a fully functional upper part for storing objects. In addition, the front perforation pattern, where the air will come out, can be customized with almost any design.

However, there are many people who do not end up feeling comfortable covering the radiator because it is said that it can lose efficiency. Nothing farther from reality (in some cases), and to see that using covers is a good idea, below we leave you some advantages of its use.

Why should I use decorative radiator covers?

NoHo-Duplex-by-Raad-Studio What Radiator Covers to use to blend in with your Home Décor
Image source: Raad Studio

Let’s start with some of the qualities of the home radiator covers that make them so interesting in the current market. Some of the reasons why we could use one are:

They help us to protect our children

Radiators are expensive devices. However, the health of our children is more expensive and important, and the last thing we need is big cuts because someone ran to the metal structure.

Not only will we reduce the risk of laceration, but a radiator cover will also serve to reduce the risk of burns.

Sleep quietly and without noise

A heating system turned on for hours can become a nuisance when we look for some peace of mind. The sound of water through the pipes is not pleasant, but many modern radiator covers are ideal to drastically reduce the noise produced by these devices.

Covers are cheaper than a new radiator

Fulham-Garden-Flat-by-Lisette-Voute-Designs What Radiator Covers to use to blend in with your Home DécorImage source: Lisette Voute Designs

If you still have an old radiator, then you have a whole dinosaur when it comes to design. Although the way of working has remained practically the same, the shape of these devices has changed for the better.

However, changing an old radiator just for its design can be quite expensive. If a modern heating system is out of reach, we can always choose to hide it with a cover.

Design ideas for radiators covers

The first and most fundamental, as in any construction process, is to choose the material that we will use. Among our radiator cover plans, we should consider that the material should be a good heat conductor. Wood or metal are good for this task, but we must be careful with the location of it

We cannot afford to stick the shelf to the top since this compromises the performance of the radiator, and it can be dangerous for the shelf. Between 4 and 6 inches will be enough distance.

As we mentioned before, there are radiators that really are not flashy at all. Not all, even among the moderns, can look cool. These radiator cover ideas can help us to conceal our heating system, with the addition that we can gain additional storage space.

The radiator cabinets tend to be MDF or cardboard, but we can vary a bit, as long as it is not flammable. Something that can help us with a little extra security is simply adding metal sheets between the radiator and the cabinet.

However, if we are really going to opt for the use of radiator covers, it is wise that we program a kind of alarm that reminds us to bleed the radiator so as not to lose efficiency.

A vintage style of the XXth century

Radiator-Covers-by-Lipa-Woodwork What Radiator Covers to use to blend in with your Home DécorImage source: Lipa Woodwork

How about we use a classic style? The use of two-tone woods creates that twentieth-century appearance that is so elegant that we could be looking for it.

It should be constructed with spaces between wide frontal strips so that the heat can circulate freely to the outside.

Take advantage of all the space with a shelf

Radiator-covers-by-The-London-Alcove-Company-Limited What Radiator Covers to use to blend in with your Home DécorImage source: The London Alcove Company Limited

There is nothing better than a shelf in spaces where we gave for lost. If, for example, we have our radiator in the bathroom, creating a kind of bookshelf never hurts.

We go further back with baroque style

Redesign-of-Living-room-in-large-Edwardian-house-in-Hove-by-Dressingrooms-Interiors What Radiator Covers to use to blend in with your Home DécorImage source: Dressingrooms Interiors

If your thing is not to build things from scratch, we can always choose to purchase kits to assemble our covers. There are many cheap radiator covers in stores, and if we decide that this is our option, we can always use a couple of additional techniques to give our personal touches.

Less does not mean ugly

Our selection of materials can be economic and in the same way, we can achieve an enviable result. Tin is easy to cut and has multiple designs, and we can color them as we want.

A design suitable for every user

The-Hampstead-Apartment-by-Bailey-London-Interior-Design-n-Build What Radiator Covers to use to blend in with your Home DécorImage source: Bailey London Interior Design & Build

We mentioned it previously, and now we remind you in the design section. Radiators tend to get very hot, especially if we still use cast iron units. A radiator cover reduces the risk of burns enormously, and if we are going to install it in a child’s room, we can always use designs for them.

Is not necessary a cover? Then just create a cabinet

Extension-Skylight-in-Kitchen-by-Mitchell-Architecture-Studio What Radiator Covers to use to blend in with your Home DécorImage source: Mitchell Architecture Studio

If our radiator has an acceptable shape, we can always choose to simply take advantage of the upper space with a shelf and leave it alone to demonstrate its beauty. Installing only a floating rack helps us maintain radiator efficiency and gives us additional storage space that would otherwise be lost.

We can also apply this solution for radiators that no longer work, but we have decided not to remove.

A stunning design with soft materials

Not all options have to be based on solid materials. We can also make a bling bling design installing curtains on the shelf so that they completely cover our radiator.

Iron designs never go out of style

Modern-metallic-radiator-cover-makeover-in-Maida-Vale-Home-by-Couture-Cases-Ltd What Radiator Covers to use to blend in with your Home DécorImage source: Couture Cases Ltd

One of the ideas for radiator covers more conservative is to get a large piece of old iron that we can use as our cover. An old fireplace or some waste of some architectural work will give a strong character to our radiator.

Just remember, try to get a piece that is not very rusty or otherwise you must restore it to be safe.

Glass can be a smart alternative

Radiator-Covers-by-Spaceworks-Bespoke-Joinery-Ltd What Radiator Covers to use to blend in with your Home DécorImage source: Spaceworks Bespoke Joinery Ltd

The simple use of a box made of glass can give us a design that does not require additional work to make it stand out. We can also use a kind of tempered glass insert in such a way that we can place plants at the top.

Classic furniture never goes out of style

A cabinet with large swinging doors and a carving on the surface. We can completely cover our radiator and additionally, create a large top shelf to store dishes and other pieces of crockery.

To save us work, we can use an existing cabinet and adapt it to the radiator. Among some of the things that we will have to do will be to replace the door inserts, since these should allow the circulation of heat.

A little extra storage is always welcome

Custom-Radiator-Cover-by-Bensimon-Design-Custom-Fine-Carpenty What Radiator Covers to use to blend in with your Home DécorImage source: Bensimon Design, Custom Fine Carpenty

A problem with the location of most radiators is that they are usually located just below the windows to improve their performance. The problem with this is that, obviously, we cannot use the top to build large shelves.

If this is not our case, we can try some of these basic ideas to build any type of radiator cabinets.

The help of a professional is always welcome

Radiator-Covers-by-Spaceworks-Bespoke-Joinery-Ltd1 What Radiator Covers to use to blend in with your Home DécorImage source: Spaceworks Bespoke Joinery Ltd

If we look for a radiator cover made to measure, we can always hire a carpenter, blacksmith or cabinetmaker. They will help us with the whole manufacturing process, and if we get the right person, we can ask them to create any pattern we want. It is definitely the option if we are looking for a unique design.

It is also the best idea if our radiator does not have the standard measurements of the market, so it is good to know that we will always have available options.

There are always easy options

The cheapest and easiest option is to simply purchase a prefabricated cover. There are many brands with elegant designs such as those manufactured by Argos or B&Q. These include options not only for covers but also for complete sets of shelves.

The best thing is that, if we have a new model radiator, we will probably get a design that adapts to us without any problem.

Acquired the radiator cover, it’s time to install it

Georgian-Family-Home-Phase-1-by-Mia-Karlsson-Interior-Design What Radiator Covers to use to blend in with your Home DécorImage source: Mia Karlsson Interior Design

The installation processes of the covers are simple. The first step will be to unpack all the pieces to know what we have. Once we know that we check that everything is included, we will proceed to follow the instruction manual. The normal thing is to use a drill for this, but we can also use screwdrivers.

The cabinets tend to be supported autonomously by the structure, but we can attach it to the wall for extra safety.

We can paint our new cabinet, but remember to do it before assembling it so that everything is uniform.

Something else to consider

Use radiator covers does not represent any problem as long as it is not in some fundamental radiator of the system. If, for example, it is one located in a corridor, we can decorate it freely.

Do not jump to acquire the first option you see. In the market, many manufacturers of good quality provide us with excellent products. Compare prices and decide based on your tastes.

Finally, keep in mind that according to the associations of experts in domestic heating, installing a cover now may not be the best option, since in the long term it could represent a higher expense than if we simply acquired a radiator with an elegant design.

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