At the end of November, there is one of the most sacred traditions on the table of many people: Thanksgiving Day. However, this celebration is much more than a simple feast, in fact, the real emotion of this date is the family reunion. That is why we not only prepare a feast with turkey, but we decorate our home to match the day.

If you still do not know what to do in this and the coming years, we leave you a list with some thanksgiving decorating ideas. Thanksgiving decorations are strongly influenced by autumn, which brings orange and brown colors to the environment. However, this is no excuse for us not to reinvent ourselves every year with new decorations.

We can update ourselves with a rustic style, or maybe something simpler. Here we have summarized both criteria, but all overflow elegance equally. With a little patience, you will be able to find that style that you wanted so long to change the routine a little.

Thanksgiving decorating ideas

An apple-smelling candleholder

Image source: Brain Woodcock

If you have finished with the dishes that require apples but you still have enough fruit, try to make these DIY Thanksgiving decorations. An easy DIY to make and it will smell great.

An autumnal heat

Image source: Hadley Mendelsohn

The decoration of the mantle can bring these parties to life with a minimum of effort. Simply decorate with a pair of garlands and other ornaments that exhale a vintage view, such as books, candlesticks, or copper containers.

A pumpkin full of flowers

Image source: LAUREY W. GLENN

Pumpkins are still quite useful after Halloween. Even beyond pumpkin pies, we can use them in many thanksgiving decorating ideas, as in this flower container. It will work perfectly as a lovely centerpiece.

Celebrating the harvest

Image source: Kellyn Jones

The important thing about this shelf is the way it manages to capture our attention. The multiple layers of melanin attached to the wall serve to create a style inspired by the harvest.

For a more natural look, use wheat spikes and small pumpkins on the mantle, all placed casually. If you want to end with a more rustic touch, place a blackboard in the middle and write an inspiring phrase.

A pumpkin with more nostalgic flowers

Image source: Alice & Lois

Another alternative we have to work with the pumpkin as a container is if the flowers we use are withered or dried.

Here we can change the pumpkin for a fake one to better preserve the piece in general. In this way, and together with the dried flowers, you can create an interesting ornament that you can use for several years.

Woven crafts

Image source: IAIN BAGWELL

With a series of hand-woven tablecloths, you can give a homey touch to any table. In this case, we see how the light shiny finish helps the grass blades stand out from the rest of the composition. If you need table decorating ideas, try this natural design.

Do not store the pots in winter

A well-placed and decorated flowerpot can work perfectly as a decorative element throughout the winter. Instead of storing them until spring, simply arrange with decorative feathers of different colors.

An autumnal chain

Image source: Southern Living

With multiple autumn leaves, you can form a kind of ribbon or chain that you can use for many things depending on the size. The good thing about this craft is that it is easy to do, so even children can participate in the manufacturing work.

Let’s take advantage of the vegetation to do some wreaths

Image source: Sara Ligorria Tramp

The autumn vegetation is rich and varied in shapes and colors. If on a frame we put sage, safflower, laurel, among other species, we will have an ornament ready for walls, doors, and windows.

A traditional vase

Image source: IAIN BAGWELL

In this case, we will not tell you to use a pumpkin as a container, but a traditional glass vase. Internally we will fill it with some pinecones and maybe some plastic flowers so that we do not have to make such a large expense in a florist.

Crafts with rocks

Image source: Mike Garten

Smooth rocks (those we can find in rivers, for example) are perfect invitation cards with a golden paint hand. So that our invitation message can be seen after we paint the stone, it is best to write it with a metallic marker.

Pinecone Wreaths

Image source: Brain Woodcock

Nothing screams more thanksgiving decorating ideas than pinecones. If there are some leftovers, try putting together these original autumn-style decorative works, which you can later use for Christmas with a coat of paint.

Orange is the color of the season

Image source: Country Living

Everything you can use in orange will add points to your Thanksgiving environment. Maybe it’s because it matches the nature that breathes on the dates that make this color the best option (combined with brown you get better results).

A vase of another level

Combining various levels of plates and vases to fill them with fruits and flowers is a daring way to reform the classic design of an autumnal centerpiece.

In this vase of fruits, you can also add some pinecones and flowers of the season to culminate the rustic look.

Cloche Encounter – Even the name overflows luxury

Image source: Brain Woodcock

This craft requires some skill. We will place several miniature white pumpkins inside a bell-shaped vase, and then cover the vase with a plate and, holding the plate firmly; we will turn the vase with the pumpkins inside so that a kind of centerpiece is created.

Remember to be grateful

Image source: A Pumpkin and Princess

Thanksgiving decor should show above all that you are grateful for everything you have. That is why we must take advantage of any place we have to write an “I am grateful”. We recommend that you use some white pumpkins as a surface for writing.

Approaching Christmas

Image source: Zan Passante

A garland of magnolias is a decoration that you will see more often at Christmas, but you can start using them from November. So that it does not leave the spirit of autumn, we show you how you can make them with herbs and seasonal flowers (to create contrast, you can use cinnamon sticks).

Free your artist with Mason vases

Image source: KA Styles Co.

Get a Mason vase and adhere some autumn-themed stickers, such as leaves or fruits. Apply a few layers of paints in the colors you like (black, orange, brown, white), and when everything is dry, remove the stickers to reveal a vase made entirely by you.

A glorious entrance

Image source: HELEN NORMAN

Remember to decorate the lobby of your home. Your guests deserve to be received in the best possible way. Some ideas you can apply from the list are garlands, pumpkins with messages of gratitude, and baskets and vases full of flowers and fruits.

Use Kraft paper for children’s table

Image source: Country Living Staff

Kraft paper can be purchased in liquid-proof versions, which makes it a perfect tablecloth for a children’s table. Also, as it is paper, you can decorate it as you or the children wish.

A delicious cardholder

Image source: Jophoto

A pair of pumpkin-shaped stands gold-painted are ideal for keeping our invitation and Thanksgiving cards perfectly visible.

Custom embroidery

Image source: Hector Sanchez

If you like sewing, then try this Thanksgiving decoration. Border the name of each guest you will receive during this celebration on a tablecloth. Place the embroidery right where that person’s chair will be so he/she can see it immediately.

Paper lanterns to illuminate the cold nights

Image source: LAUREY W. GLENN

With lights, there is more freedom when selecting colors. You don’t have to make them all have the same orange color; On the contrary, the more variety, the better.

Feathers are not just for pots

Image source: Simple Stylings

We return to crafts with feathers. This time we will use them to make a centerpiece, which will be accompanied by some pumpkins, eucalyptus leaves, and pinecones.

Fill basket with harvest fruits

Image source: Candace Madonna

A basket full of harvest fruit is a rustic decoration very easy to make. Place many of these fruit on shelves or window ledges.

A tree for everyone to thank

Image source: Createful Life

With this centerpiece, each of your guests can write how grateful they are. A tree tiny in size, but big in love.

A mixture of pumpkins

Image source: Southern Living

As we said, many thanksgiving decorating ideas can use pumpkins. Just see this design that uses white and gray colors.

A Globe, two bowls

Image source: kate Headly

Each half of a globe can serve as a bowl in which to put many autumnal elements, such as fruits, dried leaves, vegetation, among many other things.

Simple options with what we have

Image source: Laurey W. Glenn

On a shelf, place pillows, pumpkins, candles, pinecones and any other element that comes to mind when you think of autumn.

Filling a cornucopia

Image source: Danielle Occhiogrosso Daly

We will cut many pieces of crepe paper to fill a cornucopia that could work as the most important piece of our table decoration.

A shared glass

Image source: Sara Hanna Photography

We finalize this list of Thanksgiving decorating ideas with a simple dynamic in which you can share random thanks with all your guests. Just give each person some sticks and let them write their thanks on them. Then put them all in a glass and start passing the glass across the table.

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