House is a one-time thing; one can only get it constructed sometimes. Everything makes it difficult in terms of money, time, and inconvenience. Yet what people can still do is renovate. It’s a beautiful way to decorate your home or office with transformed aesthetics, new features, and replacing older designs. However, it may be a little tough process because the journey could be problematic and risky.

One needs to be quite careful during the handling of tools and equipment. There may be chances of an accident like slipping on some lubricated surface or getting electrocuted. People usually protect themselves with gloves, glasses, PPE kits, and earplugs. But still, one thing remains inconsiderable, i.e., safety shoes. Without effective safety trainers, renovation is too risky to handle. Engelbert Strauss provides different styles of boots and safety shoes that can assist safety by offering traction, orthopedic foot protection with raised soles, and other features.

There are reasons why safety shoes are important during a home renovation. Safety shoes include certain aspects or designs that protect the wearers from risks. These features are as follows.

Toe cap

It is the main requirement during a renovation as it promotes safety in a high rank. Just imagine one is working in the house, and something heavy from the table drops on your toes. Or you fall on some rough surface! How painful and problematic right? But if there is a protective layer of the toe cap, you will be easily saved from harm or injury.

Safety Layers

Safety shoes offer many benefits, like tackling the dangers from the ground level. One has no idea during work what may be lying down on the bottom surface. There may be nails or broken glasses which can prick your feet. Therefore if one has good-quality safety shoes, all these penetration problems are resolved. These safety layers act like a barrier from the feet and offer full protection.


No renovation is completed without water, so one must work on slippery grounds with wet shoes. It may be difficult to walk over there, so safety shoes offer an anti-slip and waterproof feature that helps you work without stress. This work wear will keep your feet warm and safe no matter the condition.

Therefore safety shoes can make a lot of difference in performing renovations in the home. One has to be sure of the shoes’ size, design, materials, and quality to work properly.

Engelbert Strauss provides a classic range of workwear, safety footwear, and personal protective equipment. The company focuses on great values for the clients supporting the foundation brand to the next level. If you are looking for high-premium workwear – work trousers, clothing, footwear, PPE, tool, equipment, and more- hurry up to Strauss online store.


  • Why wear safety trainers?

Sometimes, people may get struck by objects falling from above, or the soles get messy with thick materials. Safety trainers are necessary to avoid such issues and safely keep the feet.

  • How to choose your safety trainers?

While selecting your safety trainers, you must consider various factors related to the toe cap, the material used, and the type of protective system, norms, and the comfort level.

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