Do you want to make your kitchen more exciting and beautiful? Adding lights to it is the answer! Good lights installed after keeping in mind all necessary points make a space more welcoming and warm. Usually, the kitchen is the busiest place in the entire house; lights are one of the ways you can make your kitchen space worthy of working in!

With good lights and a good mood set, you will enjoy your time cooking for yourself. Here are a few pieces of advice to consider before installing lights in your kitchen.

1.  Plan your lightening before during the design stage

Although it is very little to mention, it holds a lot of weight. The primary step when you want to install good lights in your kitchen is to plan them during the design stage of your space. Once the kitchen has been set in its place, moving light fixtures to that point in time can be very expensive.

Hence, it is always suggested first to plan out every little detail about your setup, including the lights fixtures and kitchen appliances.

2.  We always keep your safety first!

Before all the glam and sham comes your safety. Customer safety is something we would never compromise! Hence, we recommend efficient illumination above everything.

LED lights are the safest option for kitchen lighting. They emit sufficient light without radiating a lot of heat. It is more carbon efficient, will save electricity, and ultimately reduce electricity bills.

3.  How to avoid overshadowing in a kitchen?

Overshadowing happens when your shadow casts upon a kitchen cabinet because of light from above. The casted shadows on cabinets can be very troublesome during cooking and preparing meals. To solve this problem, we recommend you install your lights under the cabinet to solve this problem. This way, overshadowing is minimized.

Also, consider installing your cabinets near a kitchen window to have the added advantage of natural light, including under-cabinet lighting.

4.  Best choices to make if you have dark countertops or dark tone of a kitchen

If you have dark granite or marble countertops and dark-colored drawers, it can give your kitchen a duller tone. To solve this, we recommend choosing soft ambient lights for your kitchen. Soft and ambient lights would work even better if you furnish your walls with pastel shades or acrylic paint.

Bright white LED bars would also work fine for a dark-toned kitchen. Avoid installing warm lights, as they make your space appear duller. Fluorescent light bulbs are also a good option for dark spaces.

Moreover, if you have any dark storage areas in your kitchen, we recommend our customers automatic lights. They automatically switch on and off when opening and closing a cabinet.


There can be a lot of confusion about what kind of lights to choose; for example, pendants, fluorescent lights, and LED bulbs; with so many options available in the market, indecisiveness is inevitable.

However, there is no need to worry yourself; with this article, we have covered you! It contains the necessary points you need to know before installing lights in your kitchen.

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