Could your home benefit from a little TLC—possibly a cleaning of every outside feature? Have you considered house washing Near Me? It’s that time of year again, summer! And with it comes beautiful weather. This means everyone will be outside enjoying the beautiful temperatures and vacation time. Often, summer is a time to focus on outdoor chores and home improvements. House washing is a critical component of maintaining a home’s exterior. Over the past 12 months or so, your home has been exposed to the elements. This means dirt, mold, mildew, rust, storms, etc. All of these things can affect the book of the exterior features like siding, roofing, window frames, and just about every nook and cranny you see.

To combat the exposure to elements like rain and wind, you’ll want to consider exterior cleaning services. Though you may consider pressure washing for your home, we warn against this. House washing should be done with a gentler method of cleaning called soft washing.

Soft washing, unlike pressure washing, uses low water pressure, pre-treatment, and biodegradable detergents to achieve stain removal and stain-fighting properties. In this article, we review what you should know about maintaining the look of your home after house washing services and how to prepare for when a technician arrives.

Before-Care for House Washing

So, you’ve scheduled your appointment with a reputable pressure washing company for house washing services; what now? You might be interested in how you can get ready for the appointment. You might always want to know any tips for ensuring the best results possible. You’re in luck! Below you’ll find a few of the best tips for prepping your home.

Clean up the Yard

Do you have a dog or two? If so, you’ll want to pick up any messes your pet has left behind surrounding the perimeter of your house. This makes it easier for the technician to move freely around the property without the worry of stepping into a mess and tracking it in places you or he wouldn’t want.  Additionally, you’ll want to remove any other items that may be in the way. For instance, do you have a small pool for your kids to play in, or do they have toys in the yard? Picking these up can streamline the process and ensure that the services are done properly. You can also avoid getting water or detergent on items by moving them.

Close Your Windows

This may seem like an easy one, but you may be surprised how many people forget to close their windows before a house washing service. Because it is springtime, nearing summer, most people have their windows open for fresh air. They are also likely using windows for cool air to avoid turning their air conditioning on before they are ready. If you are one of these or simply enjoy having fresh air in your home, remember to close your windows before service.

Double-check before the technician starts that everything is closed up, then give the go-ahead to begin service. Similarly, remember to close your garage door too. Not only is this great for keeping water out, but you can also have the garage door cleaned too!

Trim the Bushes

This may or may not apply to your situation. But, if you have shrubs or bushes lining your home, and they are pretty close to the walls of the house, we recommend trimming. This will allow the technician to get behind the plants to clean the siding. It doesn’t matter what type of siding you have, vinyl, composite, or even brick; getting access can often be difficult with shrubs in the way.

After-Care for House Washing

Wondering how to maintain the results of house washing? Or are you curious how you can keep your home looking its best between services? There are a few things to know right after your technician finishes the service. Let’s take a look.

The first thing you should do is inspect their work. Make sure they have taken the time to complete the job thoroughly and haven’t missed anything. Most pressure washing companies offer a satisfaction guarantee on their services. In general, companies want their customers to be happy. If they miss a spot and need to touch up an area, they are likely more than happy to. But if you don’t point it out, they may miss it.

Sadly, there isn’t much you can do to prevent stains from happening again. The best remedy is to have routine cleanings done each year by a professional. This is the easiest way to maintain results, letting your home look it’s very best all year long.

Consider Other Services

Something to think about when having a whole-house washing service done is addressing other areas of the home that are dirty, specifically the gutters, driveway, and patio. These areas, when dirty, can negatively affect the look of your property and its value in certain instances. We recommend talking with the exterior cleaning company about companion options to enhance the appearance of your property.

Gutters can become jammed-packed with leaves and debris or damaged. House washing won’t solve this problem. But if the gutters are clogged, it could allow rainwater to move onto the roof or trickle down the siding instead of being directed away. Professional gutter cleaning can remove all debris inside and spray the entire system revealing a like-new gutter system.

What about the windows? Some companies will clean the windows following service, and some do not. Many companies will offer the service as an a la carte option. We recommend asking the company if window cleaning is included or if it is extra. If it is extra, consider springing for it to give your house a sparkling clean all over. After all, streak-free, crystal-clear windows definitely make any property stand out.


Knowing what to expect from soft washing services and how to maintain the results is important. The easiest way to maintain results is to have routine cleanings performed. Don’t let dirt and other debris build-up, putting years between cleaning services. In fact, having scheduled regular cleanings can promote not just a better-looking home but you can extend the life of key features like the roof and siding.

If you or someone you know is looking for a company that handles exterior cleaning, we recommend choosing one that is licensed, insured and offers house washing with soft washing technology. Share these tips with family and friends to ensure their homes look their best too.

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