Finding the right home decor for your home is not all about bringing new elements and current trends. Your home decorating may also mean that you’re fond of your family’s tradition and want to improve the condition of your place in order to preserve it for a longer period of time.

In fact, some people try deliberately to bring that quirky charm and time-earned feeling into their homes during the interior decorating process.

Of course, interior design is, and will be a matter of taste. Being completely honest, the common flair is still modernization, in particular decorating an old house on a budget.

Then, how to decorate your home for getting a more modern look? We’ve made a list of the most important home decorating ideas you need to consider in order to make the most of your home’s history:

Decorating historic homes: Scrub the grime, and clean up

Tips-Of-Modernization-By-Decorating-An-Old-House-On-A-Budget1 Decorating Old (Historic) Homes On A Budget: Tips and IdeasImage source: TrueLeaf Kitchens

Regardless of how hard you’re trying to maintain your home clean, you can’t stop grime and dirt from accumulating for years which may considerably affect your home interior look.

It is very likely that you’ve forgotten that your outdated kitchen was not mustard-colored when you bought it, so take some heavy-duty cleaner and restore the original whiteness and glow of the tiles before considering any complex decoration ideas.

Time has left its stamp on the outdoor area too, so take the pressure washer, and remove the decade-old discolorations and stains from the sidewalks.


Tips-Of-Modernization-By-Decorating-An-Old-House-On-A-Budget2 Decorating Old (Historic) Homes On A Budget: Tips and IdeasImage source: Spectrum Interior Design, Inc.

Paint is the best mean to hide flaws and to distract attention. In case you have a hard time giving up on the color, use a glossier shade of it to repaint the ceilings and the walls. Some diy home decor ideas are very affordable.

A bit of change and few eye-catchy contrasts are welcomed even when you have nothing to hide from the decors.

Get rid of the wallpapers

Tips-Of-Modernization-By-Decorating-An-Old-House-On-A-Budget3 Decorating Old (Historic) Homes On A Budget: Tips and IdeasImage source: Austin Patterson Disston Architects

It’s true: small portions of wallpaper are returning to the scene with accent walls, but the trend has nothing to do with completely covered and outdated interiors and complex decorating ideas.

Removing the old jungle-themed wallpaper will alter both the looks and the feeling of the room, and will help you modernize it with a single refreshing coat. Doesn’t sound too expensive, does it? It is rather a very cheap home decor tip.

Expose the vintage trim using in-window shades

Tips-Of-Modernization-By-Decorating-An-Old-House-On-A-Budget4 Decorating Old (Historic) Homes On A Budget: Tips and IdeasImage source: Jill Wolff Interior Design

In-window shades are much better than heavy drapes, as they expose your beautiful vintage trim. At the same time, they look modern and add a fresh breeze to your space without removing the original patterns of your home decorations.

Take advantage of stained glass

Stained glass windows are simply delightful house decorating ideas, thus in case you’re a lucky owner of one, make it as visible as possible.

Give it a chance to stand out by painting the surrounding walls white, or add an opposing geometric-shaped wallpaper to make the scenery more vivid. Still, make sure that the geometric shapes are the same to keep the same vintage houses touch.

Conceal awkward windows with drapery

One of the things that can really ruin your modernizing efforts are the awkwardly positioned windows. Unfortunately, they’re quite common in older homes, which affect considerably the general house decor and replacing them can cost more than our on-budget remake suggests.

Therefore, the best option of interior decorating ideas is to cover them with drapery, an inexpensive home decor, which cleans up the room in a subtle way, without blocking the daylight from coming inside.

Thanks to them, the room’s edges feel softer and polished even when the windows are not ideal for the purpose.

Replace outdated hardware

Keeping your grandma’s knobs, faucets, and handles in a supposedly modern interior has the same effect as writing ‘This place is old’ above your entrance door. No need of any more house decorations, isn’t it?

There is no reason to keep typical hardware old, knowing how inexpensive it could be to update it. You can start slow, and replace few small pieces like cabinet handles or outlet covers, and you will see how much full of living space is going to look.

Lonesome shelving

Tips-Of-Modernization-By-Decorating-An-Old-House-On-A-Budget12 Decorating Old (Historic) Homes On A Budget: Tips and IdeasImage source: Lori Gentile Interior Design

Instead of large bookcases, try hanging open shelves (or shelving units) to provide more storage/display space for your collections without affecting the original architecture. The bonus in the case is that you get a charming gallery-look that fits both older and modern homes and you can also learn how to decorate them.

Renew the wooden surfaces

Tips-Of-Modernization-By-Decorating-An-Old-House-On-A-Budget5 Decorating Old (Historic) Homes On A Budget: Tips and IdeasImage source: Jodie O Designs

In case you’re planning to spend a bit more on refreshing your home decoration, then consider some floor-facelift.

Floors are definitely the most used and therefore damaged areas of your interior, and it is the level of severity of the damage that will indicate whether you have to replace them or stain them up with modern wooden finishes and some smart home ideas.

You can do it yourself, or save time by hiring an inexpensive professional to do it. If your available budget allows it, avoid waxing updates, and replace the wood with factory-pretreated sealers.

Among the many home design ideas, modern finishes are both practical and beautiful, and they match every setting.

Revive the bathroom

Tips-Of-Modernization-By-Decorating-An-Old-House-On-A-Budget7 Decorating Old (Historic) Homes On A Budget: Tips and IdeasImage source: Walls and Floors Ltd

Refresh your bathroom, perhaps by repainting it with a fresh, neutral shade, or replacing some of its elements. Oak/hickory vanities are a great option, and painting them will revamp the old looks and the atmosphere. It is a cheap house decor but very easy to be done.

Another cheap decor idea is replacing the countertop with a granite one or framing the mirror with a similar wooden finish. For clean and crisp looks, go for a vessel sink and a neutral toilet that would look amazing on your shiny tile floor.

Shop for new appliances

Tips-Of-Modernization-By-Decorating-An-Old-House-On-A-Budget6 Decorating Old (Historic) Homes On A Budget: Tips and IdeasImage source: Normandy Remodeling

The original ones may be in perfect condition, but a modern kitchen will require more suitable ones.

Purchasing new appliances matters not only from the point of view of the appearance: they won’t last that much in any case, in addition to the fact that they are already lacking the features and conveniences of older ones (energy certifications, time-efficiency, automated ice-makers, and so on).

Of course, replacing appliances doesn’t come that cheap, and it is one of the most expensive home decor ideas but at least you’ll have a warranty to make sure they won’t break in a while.

Furniture with clean lines

Tips-Of-Modernization-By-Decorating-An-Old-House-On-A-Budget9 Decorating Old (Historic) Homes On A Budget: Tips and IdeasImage source: Caron Kelly Interiors

Think of traditional furniture. The first thing that comes to everybody’s mind is stuffed, carved, and oversized items, which indicates that you should use the absolute opposite in your contemporary home and decor setting.

Modern furniture is usually simple, and it leaves architectural decor ideas details play the central role.

You can either go minimalistic and simplify your interior with few well-chosen elements or learn how to decorate your house by adding character with an interesting combination of new and old pieces. Designers claim that this is the best strategy to make your place feel more personal.

Use uncommon room layouts to create zones

Unusual room layouts is another recognizable feature of homes that have seen better days, referring mostly to long and narrow spaces that don’t allow you to do literally anything.

Why not breaking them into multiple square/rectangle zones, and bringing open-sided furniture to prevent them from looking too small?

This is at the same time a very practical solution that will give each member of the family its own private space. Also, it is one of those easy craft ideas for home decor that will dramatically change your space.

Decorate with modern artwork

Tips-Of-Modernization-By-Decorating-An-Old-House-On-A-Budget11 Decorating Old (Historic) Homes On A Budget: Tips and IdeasImage source: 2Michaels

There is nothing that looks more outdated than uninspiring artwork, so think about replacing the sunny valley landscape of your old house interior with a contemporary theme.

You can purchase the work of prospective artists whose contemporary movement/philosophy you share with, and revamp the attractiveness of your living room both timely and cost-efficiently.

Besides, you are not supposed to buy entire collections – go for few well-chosen pieces, and the bank won’t be broken and your house decorating framework looks completely different.

Add nature-inspired elements

Tips-Of-Modernization-By-Decorating-An-Old-House-On-A-Budget8 Decorating Old (Historic) Homes On A Budget: Tips and IdeasImage source: John F Buchan Homes

Learning from nature, and adopting accents inspired by your garden (woven baskets, patina wood, vintage house numbers, etc.) is an invaluable rustic vibe that will show your passion for following trends without sacrificing the beauty of your home. Nature can inspire great decorating tips.

Learn how to love your old home

Tips-Of-Modernization-By-Decorating-An-Old-House-On-A-Budget10 Decorating Old (Historic) Homes On A Budget: Tips and IdeasImage source: RUHM Luxury Marketing

As we mentioned at the beginning, not everything about old homes is bad or dislikable. You may have invested plenty of money and time to revamp it, but there are things that deserve to be kept simply because they can’t be replaced and decorating on a budget is very often an underrated option.

Many home scans boast unique grand staircases, heavily carved doors, and similar details that can’t be found nowadays. Those are your biggest guarantee that you’ll have a home that stands out and draws attention.

There are also many vintage house decoration elements that deserve to be kept: wrap-around porches, claw-foot bathtubs, oversized stone fireplaces, and other showpieces that can no longer be found on the market.

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