Looking for ways to adorn your place to create a character? There are loads of methods to transform your settings, yet there are time-tested options that rock any interior. Wood. For many reasons, wood has always been incredibly popular as home décor. And it’s no doubt the material will always top the home design options hit parade. It’s durable and earth-friendly. Besides, it adds warmth to any interior and lasts for generations.

Below, we listed some ways homeowners can beautify the dullest environment with wooden décor and make it more inviting. From a 3d luminous wooden world map to planks – the options for decorating your place are impressively endless. Let’s dive in!

Incorporate Wooden Ceiling

We all know about wooden floor or walls but ceiling…sounds weird, right? If you like non-conventional ways to decorate your living room or a large dining room, a wooden ceiling will surely add some ambiance to the environment. There are many variants to try – from covering 100% of the ceiling with some timber panels to installing beams. Your imagination is the limit!

Add a Wooden Accent Wall

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Adorning the room with a wooden wall will become a special touch, even for the most sterile space! Feeling extravagant? Feel free to add a couple of wood shades to a single wall! Something grandeur to wow the guests.

Include Small Elements

The grandiose items like ceilings, floors, walls, and furniture sets are important. At the same time, using things like fans, clocks, frames, and lampshades crafted from wood is something that cannot be underestimated. The point is that even some primitive bowls and mugs made of natural material like wood serve well when it comes to home décor.

Use a 3D World Wooden Map

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Why map? First of all, it’s aesthetically pleasing. Maps have always been there with us, with their design changing from time to time. It’s up to you which one you would like to mount – a wooden 3d world map like the one at, paintings, metal panels, or posters. Whatever you choose, it will certainly become a source of inspiration and a perfect focal point. Needless to say, your inner wanderlust soul will be satisfied with such a bold statement in a room.

Hang Wooden Frames

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Whether you’re looking for ways to display your favorite family photos or some piece of art, wooden frames will definitely bring your pictures together. Go for a modern flow – try to craft frames yourself! Whatever way you decide to go, ensure to check out the wood grain and color of each frame. Do they blend with the interior palette?

Shelves, Shelves, Shelves!

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One of the best uses for wooden décor is the application of various shelves. For instance, one of the most popular options is the so-called floating shelf. It becomes a perfect addition to any interior and any room – from a huge dining hall to a small and cozy bedroom. Again, before you hit the “To Buy” button, pay attention to wood grain and color schemes. If all the rest of the décor and furnishings in a particular environment are light wood, picking dark-colored wood for shelves will be a huge mistake.

OK, so what is wooden décor all about? Using it in interior design is about returning to security and comfort that we all seem to lack in a harsh and busy world. Is it about an opportunity to pause and reevaluate your current goals. It’s about the true essence of “home” that is welcoming and precisely reflects your passions, hobbies, and personality.

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