Thinking of switching up your home’s interior design? Why not try a tray ceiling design? A new ceiling can do great things for a room’s ambiance.

Tray ceiling designs can be a great improvement for your home décor. There are many décor options that you can use.

Just a few changes can ennoble your home and create pleasant surroundings.

Many people who think about redecorating their homes don’t pay too much attention to tray ceilings design but prefer to start with the more obvious changes.

What is a tray ceiling?

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So, what is a tray ceiling? A ceiling is one of the basic elements of the 3rd dimension of a space. High ceilings, false ceilings, level, slanting, you name it. You can round your space in so many different ways.

Most of the house owners’ first mind when it comes to redecorating the rooms is a white, flat ceiling.

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This is the most used type of ceiling and practically, you can’t do wrong by choosing this type. They like to keep it simple, without considering other possible solutions that may refresh and change your home and make it warmer, or modern.

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The ceilings come in many variations, can be colored, glow, misted, painted…

Inverted, recessed ceilings, better known as the tray ceilings can be made from different materials. A tray ceiling consists of an inlay, usually rectangular, that sits above the rest of the ceilings. Most of the time, homeowners decide to use tray ceiling in rooms with a very high ceiling, so the extra design elements don’t overcrowd the space.

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They often install tube lighting around the edges of the tray, which gives a room a soft, effulgent look. If you want modern look trading in the trim for the clear lines is a good solution. For the antique look, you can use shorter trays with decorative crown moldings.

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Here are some interesting suggestions that can help you if you are thinking about redecorating your home.

Is it a trey or tray ceiling?

A tray ceiling is a recessed ceiling, often designed with custom moldings, which gives the appearance of a second, higher ceiling within a regular ceiling.  The appearance is ‘tray like’, which is perhaps why the word ‘tray’ is used to define these ceiling styles.

What is the definition of a tray ceiling?

The Miriam Webster Dictionary describes a tray ceiling as:

  ”A ceiling under a gabled roof at a height part way up toward the ridge having the appearance of an inverted tray.”

Tray ceiling vs. coffered ceiling

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When a ceiling is made up of sunken panels, it is known as a coffered ceiling.  Each panel is called a coffer.  Coffers can be square, rectangle, or octagon.  Coffers are often placed in flat ceilings, but can also be found in domed or vaulted ceilings.  They are sometimes also referred to as ‘cross beamed’ or ‘caisson’ ceilings.

Tray ceilings often use solid drywall panels with moldings to create visual impact.  This makes a tray ceiling quicker and easier to install.  A coffered ceiling takes a lot of workmanship as well as careful planning.  Coffered ceilings may use a variety of different materials, including fake plywood panels which give the impression of wooden beams.  Panels could blend in or stand out against the beams. This will reduce the material costs of a coffered ceiling.

Both coffered ceilings and tray ceilings can be installed onto an existing ceiling.  However, beginning the installation during the home construction process is the most effective way of installing a tray or coffered ceiling.

Tray ceiling cost?

The cost of a tray ceiling will depend on the choice of materials used.  However, an estimate would be $25 per square foot.  If your home is approximately 150 square feet, this would mean your ceiling would cost approximately $3,750 to install.

Tray ceiling paint: painting a tray ceiling

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A tray ceiling adds an attractive visual focus to your home. One of the easiest ways to make your ceiling stand out is the use of color.  Instead of leaving your tray ceiling white, beige or cream, use color to help your ceiling stand out.  Here are some helpful options to choose from.

Option One

Choose two paint colors for your walls – one for the horizontal walls, and another for the vertical ones.

Option Two

Paint all of the walls in your home, as well as the tray and ceiling, a single color.  The shadows created by the tray will create an emphasis, making your ceiling stand out.

Option Three

Paint the walls and tray areas of your home a single color.  Painting the ceiling a different color will create a dramatic effect.

Option Four

Allow the tray step to stand out by painting it a different color to your walls and ceiling. This will highlight the tray.  If you have molding installed, you could paint the molding the same color as the tray.  You could even construct the tray in the same texture as the molding (rather than the wall).  This will give the appearance of an extended molding area.

Option Five

If you don’t have crown molding but would still like to draw attention to the tray, you can paint the vertical areas of the tray (as well as the ceiling) in an accent color.  The walls, as well as the horizontal areas of the tray, could be painted a standard color.  This will highlight your tray ceiling.

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But, you can do so much more for your home by using tray ceilings ideas and learn how to paint a tray ceiling. Whether it’s in your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, or bathroom, you can refresh the house ambient a lot.

A unique, unusual home décor with tray ceilings paint, combined with elegant or vivid colors. You can search for home interior design, home interior decorating, home decorating ideas, bathroom remodels, etc.

The woodwork combined with the tray ceilings can be a good idea for decoration.

Ideas for your home decoration

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For room design paint the walls the same color as the tray walls by using the master suite technique. Or paint the walls of your tray the same paint color as the walls in your room. A lighter shade of room and trey ceiling will give a contrast which will decorate your tray without using a lot of colors.

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If you decide to use dark colors for your tray ceiling, you need to think about lightning, because black can shut the space and make it smaller visually. The best way to avoid this effect is to purchase a massive chandelier, a crystal may be, so it can lighten your room and create an extravagant and glamorous look.

For worm and more traditional ambiance paneling and wooden elements are always the best solution. Decorate your room with paneling or wood planks. Imagine this type of tray ceiling in your living room where you can have lots of books and family photos.

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These elements will give your home a more welcoming atmosphere.

If you prefer industrial design choose a metal tray ceiling. This can be a primary element to use. It looks better in tall spaces and it combines the best with glass and leather furniture. A minimalist form for urban people.

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As regards a tray ceiling bedroom decoration, a white tray ceiling is simple, but also interesting for architects. They can always use some details to make it more unusual, pay attention to some details like the paintings, an effective carpet or a big dressing mirror. All of these details will be approved by you, of course. This will be your relaxing room.

For a girl child bedroom, you can’t be wrong if you decide to use a pink tray ceiling paint in a pink bedroom. This will delight your little girl and make her a little princess and she will sleep in her pink kingdom surrounded by favorite toys.

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We all need to relax and entertain sometimes. After the existing, hard-working day or week you might want to invite your friends and visit your game room. The multicolored tray ceiling is made to bring you back to childhood and just for the moment relieve you from every day’s worries and obligations. You will forget about your demanding boss and your sycophant colleagues. Recharge your batteries for another week.

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Kitchen ambient is also very important, so we suggest painting your tray ceilings and your walls with different colors. Vivid colored kitchen with make you want to bring vivid colored food, like fruits and vegetables. You can get some creative ideas when you are cooking.

If you want to make a unique and impressive surrounding maybe you can consider using a tray ceiling with medallions. They are available in flexible materials and can make your dining room exquisite.

As you can see, the sky is the limit, just let your imagination run wild. If you want, you can consult with your friends and family, and of course, with the professionals, who will give you their objective opinion and suggestions about a tray ceiling.

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No matter if you are an artistic or traditional person, single or family person, you can do so much with these little changes and refresh your time in your home.

Make your home be the place you want to spend the most time in. Make your family want to spend more time at home and your friends want to visit you more often. Give them a chance to admire your tray ceilings.

FAQs about tray ceiling design ideas

1. What is a tray ceiling and how is it different from other ceiling types?

A shallow, rectangular or geometrically formed recess is made in the ceiling by a tray ceiling, sometimes referred to as an inverted or recessed ceiling. The design of the recess can give the room depth and visual intrigue. Tray ceilings are often constructed at a lower height and do not reach the roofline, in contrast to other ceiling types like cathedral or vaulted ceilings.

2. What are some popular materials used for tray ceilings?

Tray ceilings are frequently made of drywall, plaster, wood, and metal. Metal can lend a modern touch, while wood is a popular choice for a more traditional appearance. To improve the appearance of their tray ceilings, some homeowners additionally choose to install beadboard, shiplap, or other ornamental accents.

3. How do tray ceilings impact the overall design of a room?

Any room may look opulent and classy with tray ceilings. Additionally, they can give the appearance of height and volume, which enlarges the size of the room. They can also be used as a focal point for the design and to call attention to specific portions of the room, like a dining or seating area.

4. What are some creative lighting options for tray ceilings?

Recessed lighting, which may give the entire ceiling a warm, even glow, is a common lighting choice for tray ceilings. A different choice is to put chandeliers or pendant lights inside the tray, which can produce a more dramatic effect. To give depth to the design, LED strip lighting can also be put around the tray’s border to produce a gentle, indirect light.

5. Can tray ceilings be installed in any type of room, or are there certain limitations?

Most rooms can accommodate tray ceilings, although there are certain restrictions. The tray must fit under the ceiling height requirement, and it must also be proportionate to the size of the room. Tray ceilings may not be appropriate for certain architectural designs, and structural limitations may set restrictions on the location and size of the tray.

6. What are some cost-effective tray ceiling design ideas?

A cheap approach to add visual appeal to the ceiling is to paint or wallpaper the tray to add color or texture. Another elegant touch that may be added to the design without going over budget is to install crown molding or trim around the edge of the tray. Using wood or metal tiles inside the tray can also produce a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

7. What is the process for installing a tray ceiling, and how long does it take?

A tray ceiling is normally installed by framing the ceiling, cutting and installing the tray, adding any necessary lighting or other design components, and then painting or otherwise completing the ceiling. The size and complexity of the tray ceiling design can affect how long it takes to finish this process.

8. Can tray ceilings be combined with other design elements, such as crown molding or wallpaper?

Yes, a range of design elements, such as crown molding, wallpaper, or decorative trim, can be used in conjunction with tray ceilings. These components can contribute to improving the tray ceiling’s overall design and giving the space a unified appearance.

9. How can tray ceilings be used to make a room appear larger or more spacious?

Tray ceilings can give the impression that a room is taller and more volumetric, making it feel bigger and more open. The ceiling can appear to float, increasing the sense of space, by placing lights inside the tray, such as recessed lighting or LED strip lighting.

10. Are tray ceilings more suitable for modern or traditional decor styles?

Tray ceilings may complement both traditional and modern decor. A tray ceiling may offer clean lines and a sense of elegance to a modern area while also adding an attractive and classic aspect to a traditional one.

The tray ceiling’s materials, hues, and design aspects can also affect the room’s general aesthetic. A tray ceiling with white painted trim and neutral hues, for instance, can have a more classic vibe than one with vibrant colors and contemporary materials.

In the end, the homeowner’s or designer’s own design preferences will determine if a tray ceiling is appropriate for a certain decor style.