Turquoise is one of most calming and soothing colors you could use to make your place feel cozier. Named after gemstone, this color instantly reminds of Tiffany boxes and Caribbean waters.

Therefore, turquoise interior design is always a good idea, have you guessed the color right.

Turquoise is often confused with aqua, teal, and light blue – it is true that turquoise is pretty similar to them, but it is still a unique color obtained by mixing light blue, light green, and a couple of vibrant yellow tints to add liveliness.

Turquoise home decor is perceived as an exotic one, considerably easy and practical to combine. When you decorate with turquoise, you can choose a bold and vibrant style, but also adapt to more traditional influences and ambiance.

So, how to design interiors with turquoise? Let us suggest few amazing ideas for a turquoise living room:

Convey your personal statement

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea1 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Siemasko + Verbridge

Turquoise is a bold and impressive choice, and you should use it to make powerful personal statements. The best way to do it is to accessorize with rugs or window covers, but you’d still stay on the right side of the OTT by implementing it on furniture.

It doesn’t even have to be single color – you can always make the room more playful by working with a variety of shades.


Symmetrical interior décors are often perceived as the most comfortable and inviting home solutions.

In case you agree with it, we suggest you to make your place even cozier by spreading turquoise on few centrally positioned elements – area rags, sofa pillows, chandeliers, etc.

Accent walls

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea2 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Yorkshire Design Associates

Turquoise is a modern and vibrant choice for an accent wall. Its radiance and energy can make even the most neutral room feel positive and entertaining. Many people, for instance, choose it to add light to small and dark kitchens and dining rooms.


Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea12 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Linda L. Floyd, Inc., Interior Design

We can all agree that first impressions matter, which is why turquoise should first be considered for the entrance door. The bolder and livelier a door is, the more inviting a home would appear!

Turquoise looks especially good when applied on neutral and simple facades, but it will look equally nice on darker backgrounds too.

Playing with shades

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea7 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Andrea Brooks Interiors

There is a common misconception going around that turquoise should be light in order to create lasting visual impressions. However, turquoise has many different shades, and the one you should use will depend on the background where it is being applied.

At the beginning, think of your room as an empty canvas where you’re about to put paint: the lighter the background is, the stronger the effect of turquoise will be.

You can achieve the very same contrast with dark turquoise and light aqua, as long as you apply them in the right place.

Combining turquoise with other colors

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea6 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Try to apply colors in a proportional way, and avoid using too many light tones in a single room. Note that turquoise is saturated in its nature (even when darker), so use it with no more than a single bright hue.

Inspiring your favorite mood

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea11 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: John David Edison Interior Design Inc.

Turquoise is somehow universal when it comes to creating moods, and you can combine it with almost any color you want.

Soft combinations of light aqua with lavender or pink makes the rooms feel clean and serene, while stronger, masculine mixes of turquoise and chocolate brown add extra energy and excitement.

Applying turquoise through patterns

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea8 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Kate Jackson Design

Turquoise can be your accent color, meaning that you don’t have to buy specific turquoise furniture, but rather use it to remind people of it. There is a variety of unique turquoise patterns which can make your living room appear connected.

Turquoise as the main color of your living room

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea16 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Richard Luke Architects P.C.

The popular calming effect of turquoise is the reason why this color is often the main one in large living rooms. It is applied on dominant surfaces, such as wallpapers, sofas, or even carpets.

What is really trendy nowadays is to apply wallpapers with large turquoise ornaments reminding visitors of the silk tapestry you’ve applied on the walls.

Turquoise all around

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea5 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Morr Interiors

In case you want to make your entire room turquoise, apply the color on big and solid pieces such as walls, sofas, window covers, etc.

Still, the more of this color you apply the less patterns you should include, so avoid using it on small and accent pieces, such as footstools, pillows, or artistic decorations.

The reason is that both large amount of plain turquoise or repeated application of catchy patterns have the same exciting effect, and you don’t want your room to look cluttered and overwhelming because of it.

Turquoise art

As you know, art is one of the best ways to introduce colors in a room, especially if hanging abstract paintings in contemporary environments.

Turquoise is once again a perfect solution, because it is simple, and it reminds of the calmness of the sky and the sea. Most of the time, a single piece of artwork will be enough to attract attention, and you won’t have to add excitement using other colors and patterns.

Turquoise pastels for the curtains

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea13 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Jerry B Smith Photography

Turquoise can complement your large windows and the amount of natural sunlight coming inside, as long as you apply calm and simple nuances, such as pastels.

Note that turquoise is already reminiscent of the sky and the outdoor view, so you won’t have to worry about patterns and specific decorations.

Turquoise for vintage settings

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea14 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Terrat Elms Interior Design

When applied side by side with light and earthy browns, turquoise can convert even a contemporary room into an attractive vintage haven.

Its power to blend inside cool and neutral settings makes it attractive even for beach themes, nature-inspired homes, chic, or Hollywood regency-styled rooms.

As we already emphasized, turquoise is an incredible match for many colors, so you can use it with dazzling orange, warm yellow, lime green or even different blues for engaging Mediterranean settings.

Turquoise on the walls and the accessories

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea3 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Gacek Design Group, Inc.

The best way to obtain a visually connected and cohesive look in the room is to use the same color on the walls and the accessories (ottomans, frames, lampshades, etc.).

Turquoise is one of the rare colors that can be used for the purpose even when the shades on the elements are not absolutely identical.

Turquoise in the bedrooms

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea4 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Gacek Design Group, Inc.

Turquoise is an amazing color for the bedroom, but you have to apply it with care. The secret is to choose a balanced hue: neither too strong nor too soft, but still soothing and visible.

Turquoise in the bathrooms

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea10 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Renée Gaddis Interiors

The rapid visual association between turquoise and water makes it ideal for bathrooms, where you can either go for a colored tile base, or implement the hue via small details, such as towels and accessories.

Turquoise in the office

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea15 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Set The Stage

Choosing a color for your office is a tricky process, since you have to decide for something that is professional, but able to relax you and to help you go on with your work.

At the same time, the office has to appear inviting and energizing. According to experienced designers, turquoise makes for the best solution, because it catches the eye immediately, but doesn’t allow its dynamic character to distract you from your work.

Turquoise in that one specific area that has to stand out

Turquoise-Interior-Design-Is-Always-A-Good-Idea9 Turquoise Interior Design Is Always A Good IdeaImage source: Staffan Tollgard Design Group

Making your most attractive area turquoise means you’re playing on the safe side: for instance, applying turquoise on the armchairs, pillows, and rugs in your sitting are will make it stand out, and will attract attention faster than anything else in the room.