Are you in the market for a place to call home? With real estate trends changing year after year, finding and renting a house that provides long-term satisfaction can be tricky. But if you want to rent a house in 2023, certain things are worth considering before signing that lease.

From understanding your community of choice and its surrounding environment to being aware of any potential safety risks or infrastructure issues, this post will equip you with everything needed to make an informed decision when it comes time to rent your next abode.

A Letting Agent

The first thing you should look for when renting a house in 2023 would be a professional letting agent. While it is possible for you to find a house to rent by yourself, this might be quite difficult and time-consuming.

Letting agents at Garrett Whitelock estate & letting agents, for example, have extensive knowledge of the houses on the market that are available to rent, which means that you’ll be able to find a house in no time. More importantly, you’ll be able to find a house that suits your needs that is also within your price range.

The Price

Speaking of price, that is the next thing you should consider when looking for a house to rent in 2023. The letting industry has become absolutely massive over the last few years, with many homeowners realising the potential of renting their homes.

That said, you will find various homes on the market at differing prices. Not only should you find a house to rent that is within your price range, but you should also consider other costs, such as transportation, groceries, electricity and more.

The Rooms

One of the most important things to look for when renting a house is the number of available rooms. This obviously depends entirely on your needs. For example, if you are a single person looking to rent, a one-bedroom house would be absolutely perfect.

However, if you are a family of three, you will need to find a house with three rooms. More importantly, if you have kids and work from home, the children’s rooms should be some distance from your office so that you don’t get distracted, especially if they are young and still at home during the day.

Pet Friendly

Another big consideration when looking for a house to rent in 2023 is whether or not it is pet friendly. Landlords are beginning to take note of the number of people that actually own pets. So, finding a house that is pet friendly is becoming less of a challenge.

However, with that said, many houses will stay pet-friendly, but they will have a size requirement for the pet in question. More importantly, if you do find a house that is pet friendly, you should ensure that it has a garden so that if you have a dog, it has space to run around.

The Location

Of all the things to consider when renting a house in 2023, one of the most important is the location of the house in question. Even if you find an absolutely perfect house, it is not worth it if it is in a neighbourhood or area that is unsafe.

More importantly, you’ll also need to think about the work if you don’t work from home. How far away is the house from your job? From the school for your kids, or from supermarkets? This is very important since it will add to your petrol consumption.

The Landlord

Finally, the last thing you should look for when renting a house in 2023 would be a decent landlord. Unfortunately, not every landlord will be accommodating; more importantly, not everyone will be friendly.

Before signing the lease agreement, take some time to chat with the landlord to gauge their personality. The last thing you want is to begin renting a house only to find that the landlord is an absolute nightmare.

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