When it comes to sash windows double glazing, the glass of your windows is one of the most important parts.

That probably won’t surprise you, given it’s the part you look out of. But in a more practical sense, the glass itself makes a big difference: it can save you money, save the planet, and more.

The glazing configuration has a big impact here, as windows can be single, double, or triple-glazed, which affects the insulation levels, amongst other things.

As such, it’s not something where the cheapest is best, as long-term good quality windows are financially superior.

When it comes to windows, glazing is the most crucial component.

As we touched upon, the glazing of your windows is of massive importance. What is glazing, you ask? It is essentially the number of panes of glass in your window. If you have a single-glazed window, there’ll only be one pane of glass. If you have double-glazed, there is a second pane of glass. Between those two panes will usually be an inert gas, commonly argon.

For triple-glazing, another layer of gas and glass is added.

Those extra panes of glass and the gas between them make a big difference to insulation. Single-glazing offers almost no insulation, meaning the temperature inside your property is heavily dictated by the temperature outside. This is why most homeowners and property owners prefer to upgrade their glazing.

The glazing affects heat loss, sound insulation, and your energy bills

Heat Loss and Insulation

One of the most significant impacts of glazing on your property is its effect on heat loss. Additional layers of glazing provide insulation, which means less heat can escape, keeping your property warmer for longer.

The layers of glazing also keep cold air and draughts from getting inside, providing another benefit. This can result in a significant reduction in your energy bills. For instance, upgrading from single to double-glazing can reduce your bills by up to 40%.

Environmental Benefits

The resulting savings are not only financially significant but also beneficial for the environment. Burning less fuel for heat reduces greenhouse gas emissions. A double-glazed window in the UK can save 405 kg of CO2 emissions per year, which is equivalent to charging 48,657 smartphones.

Sound Insulation

Double-glazing also has sound-proofing qualities, reducing sound levels by up to 31 decibels. This can make a big difference in blocking out the many noises of the UK and result in a good night’s sleep.

If you skimp on quality double-glazing units now, you may regret it later

One of the primary reasons to invest in quality double-glazing for your windows is the immediate financial benefits you’ll experience. By upgrading to double-glazed windows, you can save on your bills right away.

Quality Differences Between Types of Double-Glazed Windows

It’s important to consider that not all double-glazed windows are created equal. Vacuum-insulated double-glazing, for example, is far superior to standard slim-profile double-glazed units.

Advantages of Vacuum-Insulated Double-Glazing

Vacuum-insulated double-glazing has several advantages over traditional double-glazing. For one, it provides even better heat insulation and noise reduction since a vacuum is created between the two panes of glass, preventing anything from passing through.

In contrast, standard double-glazing uses argon between panes of glass to prevent heat loss, but over time, this argon dissipates and requires repair work.

Vacuum-insulated double-glazing never has this issue, meaning these windows last much longer – well over 25 years in many cases.

Architectural Benefits of Vacuum Double-Glazing

In addition to its superior insulation and longevity, vacuum-insulated double-glazing has architectural benefits as well.

For Listed buildings, in particular, vacuum double-glazing allows the window to retain its original appearance. This is because it requires a much smaller gap between the window panes than traditional double-glazing requires, as the vacuum can be effective even in a small space.

This configuration more closely resembles the single-glazing configuration most Listed buildings had originally.

Moving to vacuum double-glazing allows the authentic appearance to be more easily retained. Additionally, traditional double or triple-glazed windows are more prone to accidental damage, which increases the likelihood that they’ll need to be replaced.

Conclusion: Reasons to Upgrade to High-Quality Vacuum Double-Glazing Today

Overall, you’d want to upgrade your windows to high-quality vacuum double-glazing today and start reaping the benefits, from immediate financial savings to better insulation and longer-lasting windows.

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