Everyone likes beautiful houses. Our homes are places of refuge, where we go to unwind and have fun.

It’s where we start our days and, for an increasing number of people, they’re also where we work.

Beautiful houses take thought. However, they don’t have to take a lot of money. Good interior design is a matter of understanding some basic design principles.

Cat-Mountain-Residence-by-Cornerstone-Architects Beautiful houses interior design tips for small or big homesImage source: Cornerstone Architects

Whether you’re looking to emulate beautiful beach houses or beautiful Tuscan homes, you just need to follow these interior design tips to help make your home beautiful.

Also, make sure that you have a pest control plan for your home to avoid pest infestation that will ruin your beautiful house.

Tips for Making Your Home Beautiful

Pick the Right Rug

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A good rug can do a lot to tie a room together. It will help establish the space’s colors scheme, as well as add texture and unifying seemingly disparate elements.

The best way to think of a rug is as a thing that balances out all the other elements in the room. Add a rug with neutral tones into a really colorful room. For a room full of smooth and shiny surfaces, use a rug with a bit of texture. This sort of thinking will help create more balanced, beautiful room.

The size of your rug will decide how you arrange the furniture around it. If you use an 8 by 10-foot rug, you should arrange your sofa and chairs so that the front legs are on the rug and the back legs are not.

If you have a 5 by 8-foot rug, the sofa should be completely off it, but the front legs of the chairs should remain on it. In a large room, you should use two rugs to create two separate areas. These distances and arrangements will help create better conversational spaces and make the space more welcoming, all the while balancing it nicely.

Include Plants

Design-Portfolio-by-Castles-Interiors Beautiful houses interior design tips for small or big homesImage source: Castles Interiors

A quick flip through a design magazine or a look at an interior design television show will reveal that the most beautiful houses in the world make ample use of plants.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to shapes and textures that are found in the natural world. Every room can make good use of plants. They add color, life, and interest. Make sure they’re located in an area that gets enough sun.

This will vary from plant species to plant species, as will watering requirements. There are plenty of plants that don’t require very intensive care but still look great.

Get the Right Art

Parkwood-Road-Residence-Living-Room-by-Martha-OHara-Interiors Beautiful houses interior design tips for small or big homesImage source: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Good art will complete the space. Many people make the mistake of not getting enough art. They also tend to choose pieces of artwork that are too small. This will make art seem too small or dwarfed by your furniture. Big beautiful houses especially should get larger art, since they tend to have a lot more space to cover.

The art you choose for your beautiful house should complement the room’s design and colors. If it means something to you because you like the artist, the subject, or the place you got it, even better. This will help add personality to your space and keep it from seeming generic.

Insidesign-Project-6-by-Insidesign Beautiful houses interior design tips for small or big homesImage source: Insidesign

Make sure you hang the artwork at the right height. A lot of people hang their artwork too high. Every piece of art should have its bottom edge only 3 to 8 inches above the furniture. Too much space between the furniture and painting allows the eye to focus too much on the blank wall between the two items.

Use Lighting Well

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There are a lot of lighting options out there for you to choose from. There are numerous designs of lamps, pendants, chandeliers, and more. The right and properly thematic designs will add to the feel you’re going for in the room.

You need to make sure the amount and angle of the light in the room complement its design, as well. Colorful rooms should have enough light to help the colors really pop, while more soothing, neutral toned rooms will need less.

Consider adjustable lights if you have the budget so the mood and look created by the lighting can be easily changed.

Make Use of Textiles

Miami-Interior-Designers-by-J-Design-Group-Interior-Designers-Miami-Modern Beautiful houses interior design tips for small or big homesImage source: J Design Group – Interior Designers Miami – Modern

Textiles will add a warm and inviting feel to a space. Some of the most used textiles are blankets, throw pillows, and curtains. All of them will make your home feel less like a showroom display and more like a comfortable, lived-in beautiful house.

If all you have on your windows are roman shades, think about adding in some blinds. This will make the room feel cozier and more complete. Pillows and throws bring in more texture and color in a useful way. The right fabrics can even add a bit of shine.

Parkwood-Road-Residence-Master-Bedroom-by-Martha-OHara-Interiors Beautiful houses interior design tips for small or big homesImage source: Martha O’Hara Interiors

The best way to accent with throw pillows is to place two 20 inch square ones in matching bold patterns in the corners of your couch. Overlap them using two 16-inch pillows in a complementary or coordinating solid color. Add a lumbar pillow with a more subtle pattern like pinstripes to balance the design out.

Rearrange Your Bookshelves

Transitional-Living-Room-by-Emdesign Beautiful houses interior design tips for small or big homesImage source: Emdesign

There’s a pretty simple way to make your bookshelves look more interesting. Arrange 60 percent of your book vertically and place the other 40 percent horizontally.

The horizontal books should be arranged lower than the vertical ones. If you vertical books are 12 inches tall, have 3 to 4 books sitting horizontally up to 4 inches high. Use some plans to soften the look of the whole bookshelf. Flower will be distracting, so you should avoid decorating your shelves with them.

Use Mirrors to Create a Sense of Space

Minnesota-Residence-by-Martha-OHara-Interiors Beautiful houses interior design tips for small or big homesImage source: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Mirrors can manipulate light and space in interesting and helpful ways. They are perfect for beautiful small houses. The best place to put a mirror on a wall is centered at about 57 inches high. This is eye level for most people. To create the illusion of even more space, mount a mirror opposite a window to bounce natural light off it.

Carefully Measure Tables Before You Buy Them

Bayshores-Drive-by-Brandon-Architects-Inc.-2 Beautiful houses interior design tips for small or big homesImage source: Brandon Architects, Inc.

A dining table is an important element of the design of the spaces where they sit. They need to be big enough to be useful, but they should also not overwhelm a space.

It should be wider than 36 inches so you have enough room to eat. If you’re short on space, think about purchasing a round table. These fit well into small corners and have no edges, so they offer more eating space. Always think carefully about where you want to place a dining room table before you go shopping for one.

Coffee tables are much the same. They’re quite important parts of a living room, useful for placing coffee, drinks, snacks, remotes, phones, books, décor accessories, and more.

It’s important to have a coffee table of the right height. Couch seats are normally about 20 inches high, so the perfect coffee table height is 15 to 20 inches tall. The coffee table should be about 18 inches from the sofa.

This is the average distance from a person’s hip to his or her kneecap, which is a good distance since people usually sit perched right on the sofa in the living room.

For a casual family living room, 18 inches also gives space for lounging and easily walking around all your furniture. Your coffee table should be about two-thirds as wide as your sofa.

Try this Color Scheme Ratio

Red-Room-by-Presley-Architecture Beautiful houses interior design tips for small or big homesImage source: Presley Architecture

Have 50 percent of the room painted in your dominant color. Paint another 30 percent in your secondary color, and have the remaining 10 percent in an accent color.

A classical interpretation of this looks this way: a room’s walls will be the dominant color, the furniture upholstery in the secondary color, and the pillows and throes will be in the accent colors. If there is a window with a nice view outside, frame it by painting the interior window trim a darker color.

More Interior Design Tips for Beautiful Houses

Cat-Mountain-Residence-by-Cornerstone-Architects-3 Beautiful houses interior design tips for small or big homesImage source: Cornerstone Architects

  • Begin your design with a color palette. You should choose a basic color scheme that can be applied to any room. You should be sure you can play around with these colors to create unique looks in every room that still seem like they belong in the same beautiful house.
  • Make sure unique items of décor and furniture are up front and on proud display. You want your guests to see these items. They should be showcased and complemented.
  • If you’re redecorating or remodeling a room with a low ceiling, make it look bigger with low furniture. Mirrors will also help create a sense of bigger vertical space.
  • If you want to use large mirrors, try a sectioned pattern of mirrors rather than a large reflective sheet that sits in one place. These sectioned mirrors have a less commercial, showroom look. There are a lot of fun, interesting, and outright beautiful shapes of these sectioned mirrors out there. They can be a great way to help communicate a theme or feel.
  • Texture is a good addition to any design that uses predominantly neutral shades. It creates a nice contrast and adds some often much-needed personality.
  • Floor-length drapes will give your windows a classical and elegant look.
  • If you’re going to use a pattern, don’t forget about symmetry. This will help keep balance. Some people find an unbalanced use of pattern off-putting, sometimes unconsciously. Use prints on both sides of your room to use patterns in a more balanced way.
  • An open bar always makes for a welcoming and more beautiful house.

Some Beautiful Houses Ideas for Color

New-French-Country-by-Kyle-Hunt-Partners-Incorporated Beautiful houses interior design tips for small or big homesImage source: Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

  • Mix gold and silver for a truly dramatic look.
  • To make your room look brighter, you should paint the ceiling a shade lighter than your walls. This will make the room more airy and light, giving the color more room to shine.
  • If you’re going to paint stripes on your walls, it’s a good idea to use the 50/150 rule. This means that you use a shade that is 50 percent lighter than your base color and another that is 150 percent darker than your base color.
  • Use colored window trim to make a statement. Look for a shade that goes well with your walls. This is a great place for your secondary or accent color. Make sure that it looks the same in natural light as it does in artificial light. A darker color works well as a ‘frame’ for the view outside.
  • Glass showers add square footage to your bathroom.

Interior Design Tips for Building Beautiful Houses

Hamptons-in-the-Country-by-Peter-Eskuche-AIA Beautiful houses interior design tips for small or big homesImage source: Peter Eskuche, AIA

  • Create a Pinterest Board. These will offer you some great references and inspiration as you continue to build your beautiful house. You can start this early on into your planning process and come back to it if everything else about building the house becomes overwhelming. Images make it much easier to understand and explain our vision.
  • Ask the builder if you can add or change things during the building process. It’s one thing to plan something a certain way, another to see what will work best as it’s being built. You may find you want to move a door or reposition a counter in a different way than originally planned. Some builders are good with doing this, while others are quite strict about sticking to the plan.
  • Prioritize what you really want. Figure out what is non-negotiable and create a list. These should be the items you absolutely must have and are the first you need to integrate into your budget.
  • Shop around for the best prices. Use the internet and also look around locally. This can end up saving you thousands of dollars that you can use for one of those ‘maybe’ items you’ve been thinking about or save.
  • Use similar fittings throughout the home, including sinks, tiles, and light fixtures. This will allow you to buy these items in bulk, which will mean they’re cheaper.
  • Always read the details of contracts. Small print is important. Make sure everything you want is included. Check to see what the costs are for variations. Some companies will charge for every change you request.

Ending thoughts on these beautiful houses

Creating a beautiful house just requires careful planning and consideration of key principles. You can easily make your home into a perfect refuge even on a budget as long as you stick to the interior design basics.

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