Kitchen soffits are a unique component of the kitchen that requires special care. They can be transformed into aesthetic elements but they are also practical – they are constructed to hide wiring, pipes, and all the other unwanted details around the room. Painting them or adding some other elements may give them great look. But, many people wonder how to disguise kitchen soffits in the best way.

Many people consider kitchen soffits to be an eyesore, but how successfully you conceal kitchen soffits is entirely up to you. If the kitchen soffit creates too much commotion within your home, it may be difficult to deal with it.

The kitchen soffit cannot be removed, but it may be operated and arranged in such a manner that they do not appear unattractive. So, if you want to have a good looking kitchen, you should learn how to disguise kitchen soffits.

You may cover or conceal the kitchen soffit in a variety of ways. Below are a few alternatives for transforming them into an exquisite kitchen structure.

In this article about how to disguise kitchen soffits, we will give you some useful and creative suggestions. Let’s start!

Fill in the Space with Trim

Fill-in-the-Space-with-Trim How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits Elegantly

If the distance between your top cabinets and the ceiling isn’t too great, go for it. Fill it with trim that runs along the tops of your high cabinetry. This trim will create an appearance which will be more unified and built-in, and there will be less dust collected.

Filling the space with trim will also create a more integrated look for the kitchen soffit and reduces the chance of dust accumulation.

Add Molding

Add-Molding How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits Elegantly

This is a wonderful choice for a huge, deep kitchen soffit since it employs crown molding to cover a vast area.

Crown molding can quickly update the aesthetic of your kitchen soffits. If your soffit is tiny, crown molding might be used to fancy it up. Cover the whole soffit and give your kitchen a lot more contemporary — and exquisite — look by positioning it just above the cabinets.

For a seamless effect, paint the crown molding to match your cabinets, or choose a sharp, white tone to contrast with them. You may also show ornamental plates on the molding panels.

Get Some Really Tall Upper Cabinets

Get-Some-Really-Tall-Upper-Cabinets How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits Elegantly

Because there is no standard for the distance between your countertop and the bottom of your upper cabinets or upper cabinet shelf, raising your upper cabinets till they reach the ceiling is one solution to the cabinet gap problem.

Consider the height of your ceiling. Some apartments and houses have higher ceilings so it might be difficult to reach items from such a high space.

To optimize your storage space, allow additional room between the countertop and the cabinets, add an open shelf below the cabinets, like in this kitchen from A Beautiful Mess, or choose taller-than-average cabinets.

You’ll gain extra storage and a more minimalistic and clean design appearance at the same time.

Add A Second Row of Cabinets

Inspired-Shingle-Style-by-Christopher-Hall-Architect-Inc. How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits Elegantly
Image source: Christopher Hall Architect, Inc.

Consider adding a second row to existing cabinets if you don’t like the look of really tall cabinets (or if your ceiling is so high that even the highest cabinets won’t fit). A single tall row of cabinets with a second, shorter row stacked above close to the ceiling may typically appear more proportionate than a single short row.

Raise the higher cabinets to the point where they meet the ceiling, then place the existing one beneath them. The soffit should be hidden behind them. The depth of top cabinets is determined by the height of your soffit.

This is a terrific option to add more storage, but unless you have really long arms, you should probably keep the top cabinets to items you don’t use very often.

Add A Window

Add-A-Window How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits Elegantly

Is there any way to bridge that awkward chasm? Include a window, for example. Of course, windows will only work for certain architectural types (and remodeling your kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you have the freedom to cut into the walls), but it’s an excellent method to add light to your space.

Furthermore, its height is very ideal. It depends on how it appears on the inside and how big it is, but it is usually fairly difficult.

Paint the Soffits

Paint-the-Soffits-by-Alison-Besikof-Custom-Designs How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits ElegantlyImage source: Alison Besikof Custom Designs

Pick up a paintbrush if you want to alter your kitchen soffits in a simple and cost-effective approach. Painting your soffit a different color than your cabinets may give the area an edge, a modern feel that soft pastels and neutrals couldn’t match. Consider the wall colors too.

Choose a deep color with a modern vibe, such as red, gold, or navy. Choose a bright, stimulating color like lime, turquoise, or magenta if you’re not frightened of bold colors. Use a variety of colors and a striped or polka-dot design on your soffit for a quirky effect.

Convert It into a Beam

Updating-Midcentury-Modern-by-Garrison-Hullinger-Interior-Design-Inc How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits ElegantlyImage source: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Hire a skilled contractor for this project. He’ll add extensions to the soffit, converting it into a pillar or beam. The beam will offer architectural value to your kitchen as a renovation approach.

You may also apply the same color of the beam to the color of your kitchen cabinets or walls. This will help it blend in better. Sometimes, using the same color can look good, but sometimes it is simply dull. 

Cover Soffits with Artwork

Brian-Mendelssohn-by-Jason-Snyder How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits ElegantlyImage source: Jason Snyder

Art is a great way to bring creativity into your kitchen, whether it’s your own or someone else’s. Instead of using framed art, you could directly paint art on the soffit or use stencils if you want to be very creative.

When purchasing, seek artwork that is both linear and horizontal. They can be engraved with patterns or phrases. You give the kitchen a personal touch by doing so.

Add a Flush Box

Add-a-Flush-Box How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits Elegantly

Use 5/8 MDF board for your flush box. Cut it to size, leaving an inch of space at the top of the ceiling. When putting the MDF board, this makes it is easy to hold it.

Paint the board a color that matches your kitchen walls before installing it.

Start with the front panels and make sure they’re flush with the interior of the cabinet before installing the flush box. Using a nail gun, secure the flush box. On the board, you may put a decorative touch.

Place Plants

Place-Plants How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits Elegantly

Use the area above the kitchen cabinets to store little pot plants, preferably succulents, since they don’t need to be exposed to sunlight or watered on a regular basis.

You may paint the pots whatever color you like, or just match the color of your soffit. Plants in the kitchen would give it a lovely natural, out-of-the-box appearance.

Add Beadboard

Add-Beadboard How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits Elegantly

Covering your soffit with beadboard can quickly alter the look of your kitchen, no matter what your décor is. Beadboard paneling may be found at your local home improvement store and trimmed to fit your soffit area.

Add ornamental molding to the top and bottom of the soffit once the beadboard is in place to give it a completed touch. If you have white cabinets, beadboard is generally painted white, which may be a great aesthetic. However, don’t be afraid to be creative, they may also be painted with different colors.

Glass Brick

Glass-Brick How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits Elegantly

You’re thinking of hiding the essential wires and pipes underground or somewhere else. Here is an inspiration: Replace the rendered sheet stone or panel front with gleaming glass bricks that contrast well with the monolithic bulkhead.

When light-emitting diode (LED) light pipes are put within or beyond the blocks to gently brighten your kitchen ceiling, this is extremely efficient.

Use Sculptures or Books

Rooms-to-Inspire-by-the-Sea-by-Annie-Kelly-beach-homes-houses-by-Rizzoli-New-York How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits ElegantlyImage source: Rizzoli New York

Use this inaccessible location to show off your passion for sculptures. Colors that are often used can be utilized. Kitchen soffits provide plenty of room for your one-of-a-kind works of art.

Convert this kitchen area into something useful by adding bookshelves or using it to store your old books. Be inventive!

Kitchen Antiques

Barrington-RI-Kitchen-by-Venegas-and-Company How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits ElegantlyImage source: Venegas and Company

A soffit above the kitchen cabinets is a great place to put your vintage kitchen pieces on display. When displayed in a set on a kitchen soffit, a rusty egg beater, kitchen utensils with polished wooden handles, old-time advertisement signs, pottery molds, or ancient wicker baskets all look to be sculptures.

Use Tiles

Use-Tiles How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits Elegantly

Allow the kitchen backsplash to extend all the way to the ceiling (shown on the left). This is a unique kitchen design that you won’t see in many kitchens. The backsplash is a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching solution to connect the kitchen soffit to the rest of your kitchen.

A playful style in the kitchen may be achieved with ceramic tile in a bright hue or strong design, while a more refined effect can be achieved with stone tile. You may also cover your kitchen soffit with tin ceiling tiles to make it look more trendy.

Use Wallpaper

Use-Wallpaper How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits Elegantly

You may get the majority of the appearance by using a choice of wallpaper. You may add some beautiful characteristics to the borders. It’s possible to utilize wallpaper with a strange geometric backdrop. You may choose any color for your kitchen soffits because they come in a variety of colors and designs.

They come in an endless variety of colors and styles, and you may use any hue to embellish your kitchen soffits. To complement or contrast with the current structure of the kitchen, choose light or nuanced hues or deeper tones. Don’t forget to consider wall color too.

A Storage Space for Mason Jars

Danalda-Residence-by-Von-Fitz-Design How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits ElegantlyImage source: Von Fitz Design

Above your kitchen cabinets, keep flour, rolled oats, brown sugar, and other dry items in mason jars. Your kitchen soffit may thus serve as both an aesthetic and functional feature.

Embrace It

San-Carlos-Craftsman-2nd-Story-Addition-by-Studio-S-Squared-Architecture-Inc. How To Disguise Kitchen Soffits ElegantlyImage source: Studio S Squared Architecture, Inc.

Consider accepting that bothersome old kitchen cabinet gap if none of these choices appeal to you or if renovating isn’t in the cards. One of the greatest kitchen soffit ideas is to keep the kitchen cabinet soffit open. Install 30-inch high wall cabinets, for example. This would keep the distance between the ceiling and the cabinets at 9 inches.

Use it for storage or art, or try one of the other ideas in our post about seven creative above-cabinet storage ideas. 

FAQs about how to disguise kitchen soffits

1. What are kitchen soffits and why do they need to be disguised?

Bulkheads called kitchen soffits close the space between the ceiling and the upper cabinets. They were frequently put in place in older homes to hide plumbing, electricity, or ducting. Many modern homeowners want to conceal them in order to give their kitchens a more contemporary and streamlined appearance because they view them as an outmoded design element.

2. How can I determine if a kitchen soffit is load-bearing or non-load-bearing?

A load-bearing kitchen soffit supports the ceiling and is a crucial component of the home’s structure. Without considerable structural changes, it cannot be abolished. In contrast, a non-load-bearing kitchen soffit is entirely cosmetic and is simpler to cover up or remove. Whether or not your kitchen soffit is load-bearing can be determined with the assistance of a qualified contractor or structural engineer.

3. What are some common materials used to disguise kitchen soffits?

Kitchen soffits are frequently covered in drywall, wood paneling, crown molding, tile, or wallpaper. To provide a more unified appearance, you can also build a bulkhead that descends from the ceiling or a false ceiling. The material selected will rely on the homeowner’s preferences for design and the general look of the kitchen.

4. How much does it typically cost to disguise a kitchen soffit?

The price to conceal a kitchen soffit will vary according to the size of the soffit, the materials picked, and whether or not expert professionals will be working on the job. When compared to hiring a professional to remove and conceal a load-bearing kitchen soffit, a DIY project may be completed for as low as a few hundred dollars in supplies.

5. Can I install lighting or ventilation in a disguised kitchen soffit?

Yes, you can install recessed lighting, pendant lights, or ventilation systems in a kitchen soffit that’s been covered over. To give your kitchen a more continuous appearance, the soffit can help hide ductwork or pipes.

6. How can I incorporate a disguised kitchen soffit into my kitchen design?

Consider extending the pattern of the upper cabinets or the backsplash tile into the soffit area as one method to incorporate a concealed kitchen soffit into your kitchen design. To create a focal point in your kitchen, you may also utilize the soffit as a feature wall and hang wallpaper, art, or decorative lighting on it.

7. Are there any special considerations I should keep in mind when disguising a kitchen soffit in a small kitchen?

It’s crucial to create a unified aesthetic in a small kitchen, and hiding the soffit can do just that. Use materials that are bright-colored to reflect light and provide the impression of more space. Additionally, a continuous appearance that increases the sense of space can be achieved by utilizing the same materials on the soffit as on the cabinets or walls.

8. What are some creative ways to disguise a kitchen soffit without using traditional materials?

Installing a living wall or vertical garden, using repurposed wood, or hanging a graphic mural are a few unconventional methods for hiding a kitchen soffit. These alternatives can conceal the soffit while enhancing the texture, color, and visual appeal of your kitchen.

9. How do I ensure that my disguised kitchen soffit blends in with the rest of my kitchen?

Use the same hues, finishes, and materials on the cabinets and walls to guarantee that your kitchen’s hidden soffit blends in with the rest of the room. Additionally, think about extending the cabinetry to the soffit and including ornamental molding or trim that complements the look and style of the top cabinets.

10. Can I tackle the project of disguising my kitchen soffit myself, or should I hire a professional?

Disguising a kitchen soffit might be a DIY undertaking if you have previous expertise with home improvement tasks and are confident in your skills. However, it’s preferable to contact a professional contractor if the soffit is load-bearing or if you’re uncomfortable working with electrical or plumbing systems. They will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience required to do the project in a safe and professional manner. An expert may also assist you in ensuring that the project complies with regulations and won’t harm the structural integrity of your property.

Ending thoughts on how to disguise kitchen soffits

A kitchen remodel project might seem difficult at first. But, with good preparation and little research, you will be able to come up with a great idea to create a modern kitchen or rather a traditional one with a unique style.

Once you start searching for a new kitchen look, you will see options are endless. If you are a nature lover, you may choose beautiful natural materials and colors. You may buy new cabinets or remodel your old ones. There are hundreds of kitchen designs to explore!

We hope we helped you find the idea on how to disguise kitchen soffits in this article, but some additional too to get you inspired.

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