Do you need additional room to spread out your baked treats? In this article, we will present to you how to make a kitchen island with IKEA cabinets and how to construct a large DIY kitchen island with plenty of space.

To construct a cheap and effective kitchen with a DIY kitchen island, you could choose to use Ikea cabinet frames and semi-handmade doors. Using a modular system like this, however, necessitates a great deal of imagination to accomplish the specific elements.

Whether you choose to make a DIY kitchen island or pay a carpenter to construct around your Ikea cabinets, maybe this guide about how to make a kitchen island with cabinets will assist you in planning your own custom Ikea kitchen island.

To learn how to make a kitchen island with IKEA cabinets and even more useful info, read this article.

Initial Design

island How to make a kitchen island with IKEA cabinets

It should come as no surprise that here is where you begin your planning when you decide to take on a DIY kitchen island project. You want a large IKEA kitchen island, but it had to fit within your space limits.

Begin kitchen island installation by laying out the footprint and preferred pathways. The area between the main counter space and the kitchen island has to be large enough for numerous individuals to work without feeling crowded. This is very important when building a custom kitchen island.

You must provide enough area on the rear of the kitchen island for bar chairs to be moved out while still leaving a passage behind.

This is where you get down to business, switching back and forth between the function and appearance you desire. The overall size of the island should seem balanced, not too long and slender or too huge or little for the area. A kitchen remodel project should be done precisely as you don’t want a toe-kick surprise in the middle of the night in your own kitchen.

For comfortable working and smooth circulation, a DIY kitchen island should have at least 30 inches, preferably 3 feet of space around it. A kitchen island should be at least 20 inches broad, preferably 2 feet wide or wider (2′ is the usual kitchen countertop dimension), and 30 inches long.

Create a Base

island1 How to make a kitchen island with IKEA cabinets

To keep our kitchen island from moving about, we’ll need to attach it to the floor using a foundation. IKEA base cabinets come with plastic legs that can be adjusted to accommodate uneven flooring. These plastic legs worked great for my base cabinets against the rear wall, but you CANNOT use them for a solo kitchen island.

If you’re going to use a stone countertop, you’ll need to create a robust base to support the weight of your kitchen island.

Make a wood platform that is securely fastened to the floor. You may use 2′′ x 6′′ wood to raise our IKEA cabinets to the appropriate height of 36′′.

The size of the base is decided by the size of the kitchen island as well as the amount of overhang at the base of the cabinets. So, let’s talk about math. You’ll have to perform some arithmetic.

For instance, consider the following formula:

For our kitchen island, which has a total cabinet dimension of 78″ x 24.5″, we used the following measurements:

Sides with overhang – ((Overhang + kick plate thickness)* cabinets)

Length: 78 – ((2.5 + 0.25)*1) = 75.25”

Width: 24.5 – ((2.5 + 0.25)*1) = 21.75”

L brackets are used to secure the base to your hardwood flooring once it has been built. To ensure that each cabinet is adequately supported, add support pieces to the interior.

Assemble Cabinet Case

assemble How to make a kitchen island with IKEA cabinets

When you follow the instructions in the instruction manual, assembling the IKEA kitchen cabinet case is a breeze.

  • Three or four times, screw the base cabinets together.
  • Drill pilot holes to prevent the cabinet wood from cracking. Screws with a diameter of 3/4 inch work nicely. Ikea provides screws for cabinet assembly, however, they are difficult to use.
  • Attach the cabinets to the base once they’ve been built by screwing through the bottom and into the 24.

You may also secure the MDF bookshelf I made to the side of one base cabinet and into the stud wall at this stage.

Install Countertop

butcher How to make a kitchen island with IKEA cabinets

The first step is to figure out what kind of countertop you want. Butcher block countertops are available from Ikea in a variety of styles. This top is made of oak wood, however, you may choose a different design. While oak has an open grain, woods like maple and birch have a tighter grain. Some individuals believe that the exposed grain may gather more stains and dirt.

Which butcher block to buy depends on the length of your Ikea kitchen island. Ikea now offers two lengths: 74′′ and 98′′. You may easily trim them to the size you want. With a circular saw, shortening the length is simple.

butcher1 How to make a kitchen island with IKEA cabinets

If you need to narrow the countertop, you’ll need to use a rip cut, which is more difficult to execute with a circular saw. If you don’t use the right saw blade, you risk burning the wood when you cut it. Pay attention to which side has the word “DOWN” written on it; that side is the one that is facing down.

Metal rails on the top of IKEA base cabinets make attaching a butcher block countertop a breeze. After pre-drilling, use the 1′′ screws to attach the countertop from beneath.

Before installing the butcher block, make sure to seal it. You may use Ikea’s sealant and apply many coats on the top, sides, and bottom. Put some more sealant in the space above where the dishwasher will go if you’re placing one beneath the top. Attach the foil strip that came with your dishwasher to the underside of the countertop where the dishwasher vents will be positioned. The strip prevents the butcher block from being harmed by moisture from the dishwasher.

It was time to finish everything for a personalized appearance once all of the structural buts of the kitchen island had been completed. Cover the support wall with three 1/4″ MDF panels, then use flat trim to hide the seams.

Finishing Touches

Clyde-Hill-Estate-by-DME-Construction How to make a kitchen island with IKEA cabinets
Image source: DME Construction

It is almost done! IKEA cabinet doors and drawers are just as simple to assemble as the cabinet case.

If you’re buying cabinets and drawers, be sure they all pull out all the way. This kitchen island hack is so great, the designer of these drawers is deserves an award! They extend to full length and can carry so much that it’s unbelievable. This IKEA kitchen island hack can help you achieve your goal of having a well-organized kitchen.

Keep in mind that IKEA cabinet doors and drawers overlap the cabinet case by 0.75 inches.

If you want to go any farther, you can utilize the toe kicks to make box wood panel on the kitchen island’s sides by simply nailing them in place. The extra detail would not only look fantastic, but it would also go well with the shaker cabinets.

Because IKEA kitchen cabinets have an unpainted back, you may add personalized embellishments to the back panel using 1/4′′ plywood cut to size as shown below. You’ll need to trim this down to size, so take your time and be cautious. Place a piece of blue masking tape just over the cut line and indicate the cut line on the tape. The tape aids in making a clean cut.

After you’ve completed all of your finishing touches, you’ll want to outfit your kitchen island with comfortable seats, lighting, and décor accents.

FAQs about kitchen islands with IKEA cabinets

1. How do I choose the right size and shape for my IKEA kitchen island?

Consider your kitchen’s available space, your cooking demands, and the overall style you want to achieve when choosing the size and design of your IKEA kitchen island. You can select from a variety of forms and sizes, ranging from little to huge, including rectangular, square, L-shaped, and even a bespoke shape. Making ensuring there is sufficient space surrounding the island for people to roam freely is also crucial.

2. What type of IKEA cabinets work best for building a kitchen island?

IKEA provides a range of cabinet types, including SEKTION, METOD, and GODMORGON, that can be used to construct a kitchen island. Depending on the size and usefulness you require, you can pick between base cabinets, wall cabinets, or a combination of both. The cabinets can also be enhanced with drawers, shelves, or doors to improve their usability and accessibility.

3. Can I customize the color and finish of my IKEA cabinets for my kitchen island?

Yes, you can alter the IKEA cabinets’ color and finish to fit the design and coloring of your kitchen island. You may choose from a variety of colors and finishes at IKEA, including high gloss, matte, wood, and lacquered. The cabinets can also have bespoke handles and knobs added to improve their appearance.

4. How do I install an IKEA kitchen island using the cabinets?

Start by building the cabinets per the specified instructions before utilizing them to install an IKEA kitchen island. Depending on the style of cabinets you’re using, use cabinet connectors, brackets, or screws to join them together. Finally, use adhesive, screws, or clips to fasten the countertop to the top of the cabinets.

5. What tools and materials do I need to build an IKEA kitchen island with cabinets?

You’ll need a number of tools and materials to create an IKEA kitchen island with cabinets, including a drill, screws, cabinet connectors, a level, a measuring tape, a jigsaw, a saw, and a countertop. Depending on the particular cabinets and countertop you choose, you might also need some more supplies like adhesive, clips, or brackets.

6. How much does it typically cost to build an IKEA kitchen island with cabinets?

The price to construct an IKEA kitchen island with cabinets will vary depending on the island’s size and design, the kind and quantity of cabinets, and the countertop material. An IKEA kitchen island may often be purchased for $500 to $3000, whereas a more elaborate, custom-made island may cost up to $5,000 or more.

7. What are some design options for incorporating IKEA cabinets into my kitchen island?

IKEA cabinets can be incorporated into your kitchen island’s design in a variety of ways, such as by adding open shelves for display, a built-in wine rack or cooler, glass-fronted cabinets to display your china, or a drop-down breakfast bar for additional seating. To create a distinctive aesthetic, you can also combine and contrast various cabinet styles, hues, and finishes.

8. Can I use a combination of different IKEA cabinet sizes for my kitchen island?

Depending on your storage and design preferences, you can use a combination of various IKEA cabinet sizes for your kitchen island. For more storage, you might combine base and wall cabinets, or you might add a tall pantry cabinet to accommodate large things. It’s crucial to make sure the cabinets attach securely and fit together smoothly.

9. How do I ensure that my IKEA kitchen island is stable and sturdy?

Use the right installation techniques, such as attaching the cabinets to one other and to the wall or floor, depending on where the island will be placed, to guarantee that your IKEA kitchen island is strong and robust. For more stability, especially with larger islands, you can also add extra support, like a leg or bracket.

10. Are there any specific maintenance tips for keeping IKEA cabinets in good condition on my kitchen island?

Avoid using aggressive cleansers that can harm the finish on your IKEA cabinets so they stay in good condition on your kitchen island. Use a mild soap and water mixture alternatively, or an IKEA-recommended cleaning solution. In order to protect the cabinets and give them a bright appearance, you can also apply furniture wax or oil. Your IKEA kitchen island can last longer with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Conclusion on how to make a kitchen island with IKEA cabinets

St-Helena-by-Matt-Guidi How to make a kitchen island with IKEA cabinetsImage source: Matt Guidi

So, you wanted to know how to make a kitchen island with IKEA cabinets?

When it comes to designing a bespoke IKEA island, our best advice is to plan, plan, plan. Without considering any kitchen island hack or IKEA hack ideas, this is the basic thing to follow. Just make a plan and then engage your DIY kitchen project. With a good planning process and organization, you will find a perfect solution for your needs.

Before you place your order, be sure you have all of the necessary information. Make a number of distinct plans, each for a particular phase in the kitchen island-building process.

Separate blueprints have been drawn up for the cabinet layout, the 24 placement and how the cabinets will attach to the floor, the electrical placement and how the wiring will run under the cabinets and inside the void areas, and additional blueprints for how all the vertical toe-kicks and panels will fit together.

Purchase adjustable floor levelers for the base cabinets to create leveling the kitchen island much easier. It’s best to accomplish this while the countertop is in place since the weight of the top will help to keep everything in place. So there you have it: a DIY Ikea kitchen island.

Farmhouse-Kitchen-by-Desert-Star-Construction How to make a kitchen island with IKEA cabinetsImage source: Desert Star Construction

Kitchen islands are one of the most wanted details in kitchen design. Unfortunately, you cannot be building the island in a small kitchen. It demands space, to allow island use and the entire kitchen in general accessible and functional. If you try to install it in a small kitchen, you might end up with drawers that cannot be opened and of course, you must have a functional storage space in your kitchen.

Also, you have to think about furniture that goes in this space too and how will it fit: table, sink, storage, furniture, counter, added detail for decoration purposes, base cabinet, custom details, door fronts, apron sink, sink cabinet, etc. Consider all these things when deciding to build a kitchen island.

Thank you so much for reading this article till the end, as we tried to make a great tutorial about how to make a kitchen island with IKEA cabinets. We hope we gave you some good ideas for your kitchen project.

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