Do you own a studio apartment? Or is perhaps the bedroom so large that you want to divide it into two rooms.

You can divide the bedroom inexpensively with room dividers or a barn door, and boost the value of the apartment. An artistic and practical divider will make your bedroom nicer and more private. At the same time, it will also create the illusion that there is more space available.

You can, of course, go the extra mile and divide the bedroom into two rooms with a wall. This, however, is neither easy nor cheap, and many architectural elements need to be considered. If you choose one of the more unconventional separation methods, you can divide a room yourself, and do so in little or no time.

How to divide a bedroom into two rooms?

Trust us – learning how to divide a bedroom into two rooms is not that complicated. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of DIY ideas and suggestions you can apply and be ready in a weekend. They are all stylish and practical at the same time.

Try them out, and you will soon have the room that’ll attract everybody’s attention.

Use hanging curtains

1 How To Divide A Bedroom Into Two Rooms
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The most inexpensive and easy way to divide a room is with hanging curtains. This is also the most recommended option to add a modern and stylish edge to an otherwise small room, so give it a shot.

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You won’t need to buy folding screens or build partition walls, so your budget will be safe. Curtain liners don’t need as much space as glass partitions, for instance, and they are way more creative. You can choose your favorite print for an even better appeal.

Use vertical gardens

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Another way to divide a room cheaply and easily is with a vertical garden. If you are a plant lover with a small home, look no further. You’ve found the perfect way to save space.

Vertical gardens are walls made of plants, and they split a bedroom into two functional places in a very natural way. The downside is that they are difficult to maintain, and we don’t recommend them to all homeowners.

Instead, there are so many inexpensive rods and clothes rails where you can hang trailing plants. The most often met options are the silver vine, devil’s ivy, or Senecio. You can then fasten them with macrame holders and butcher hooks.

Use divider doors

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You can always take the traditional road and divide the room with normal doors or sliding glass partitions. There are also folding doors that you can open or close as you like, space-saving pocket sliding doors, or sliding barn doors. The options are simply unlimited.

We especially recommend the so-called according doors, as you can fold the partition to a seamless wall addition. They are also aesthetically pleasing and serve as a powerful design statement in any room.

Use metal room dividers

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Believe it or not, there is also a type of room that’ll benefit from metal dividers. Unlike sliding doors, a metal divider is very contemporary and dramatic and fits just well in boldly designers room. It is not even an actual divider – it acts as a slim and seamless screen that shows you where one room ends and the other begins. This is also a great idea for dividing offices.

Remember that the metal screen dividers should be as thin as possible so that they don’t take that much space, and you don’t feel overwhelmed.

The design should either be very bold or very simple, and you should pull the break on using multiple colors and patterns.

Divide a room with bookshelves

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Image source: Tom Hurt Architecture

This is probably the most popular way to divide a room into two rooms, especially where passionate readers are concerned. Bookcases and bookshelves don’t only act as a partition wall, but you can also use them for storage.

Place the shelving unit in the middle of the room, and secure it so that it doesn’t tip. We recommend metal L brackets or other solid restraints so that the unit is stable from the bottom to the top.

If you want to ensure it is 100% stable, supplement it with additional screws on the sides driven through the same stud.

Install sliding glass partitions

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Glass partitions help the room stay organized, and they boost its visual size up. Light can move freely across the room, and you have the same feeling you had before you created the division.

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For best results, have them installed from the floor to the ceiling, and you won’t have to compromise on your visuals. You can also change the partitions any time you want, or even remove them altogether.

Divide with shorter curtains

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As we already discussed, curtains can be put up easily, and they don’t create further burdens on our budget. We can use them to screen off any area of the home and therefore separate a room once we get bored from the open floor plan. Better yet, curtains add visual interest with their colors and lively patterns.

As recommended, use the curtain to divide the room into two new rooms, and you will have all the privacy you need. You can do this with a normal curtain rail or a wire.

Add a sliding barn door

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For bigger spaces, consider installing a sliding barn door. These doors are modern and much in demand during the last years. The reason is that they combine the rustic farmhouse charm with modern, minimalist designs. So why not use them to section off your bedroom?

6-1-5 How To Divide A Bedroom Into Two RoomsImage source: Cronen Building Co.

The best thing about barn doors is that you can move them easily. If you ever decide you need a single room only, you can remove them in half an hour. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Get a decorative screen

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Interior design trends have their way of coming back around, and decorative screens prove this. They are, in fact, the oldest DIY room dividers on the market, but it seems that homeowners use them more and more nowadays. Wherever you o, you see rattan screens or ornate fabrics, such as those used in vintage dressing rooms. They look simply adorable, and they are also cost-efficient.

Get a decorative screen or a clothing rack to divide the room elegantly and intricately. There will be enough privacy between the new rooms, and you will spare the costs of a permanent wall or a metal room divider.

Reorganize the furniture

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Sometimes, everything you need to divide a room is already in the room. Instead of a temporary wall, you can break the room up by simply placing items where they are supposed to be. The bed stays in one corner, and the desk is moved to the opposite one.

If you want to make the division more subtle, rearrange the bar tables or couches and use them as dividers. You will be amazed by how efficient this method is.

Create a wall of shelves

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You don’t necessarily need a bookcase. Your current basic shelving unit, be open or closed, will do an excellent job on the internal partition. Place it in the middle, and you will even have enough storage space on both sides. The bonus is – you get to display all your beautiful memorabilia.

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Another advantage of a shelving unit is that it doesn’t divide the zones completely, but it preserves the visual connection.

Consider elevation

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Another great idea is to split the room into different functional levels. To understand how this works, think of kids’ rooms and their split-level playrooms. If you decide to do this in your room, plan foremost with safety in mind. Your kids should be old enough to play there or be supervised while doing so.

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If the bed hoisted onto a higher platform indicates clearly that this is the sleeping zone, while you  relegate the lower level to other activities.

Broken-plan living space

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How familiar are you with this method? What if we told you it is the perfect way to divide areas and create visual obstacles without erecting walls and folding screens for no need? A broken plan won’t restrict movement in any way, and that is its biggest advantage.

We refer to a half-wall in the middle of the room that you can also use for decoration or a reading nook. If building it is not an option, consider bringing a larger storage cupboard to its place.

In both cases, you won’t block natural light from moving around the room. You can even have the partitions made of our glass to ensure there are absolutely no drawbacks when it comes to light.

We hope that our guide on how to divide a bedroom into two rooms provided you with the perfect solution. As you see, construction works are not always necessary to secure extra room in a small apartment, or to have a bit more privacy. It is your turn now to get creative!

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