For most homeowners, the bedroom layout is simple and doesn’t require that much time. They just choose the most appropriate wall for the bed, bring in a closet and a pair of cute nightstands, and they are done. But not all bedrooms are standard size, and there are sometimes empty corners we have no idea how to fill in.

Bedrooms are supposed to be cozy and private, and an empty space doesn’t support this look. Even if the empty corners are not that awkward, we still want to make good use of them and hang wall paintings or bring plants inside.

When deciding how to fill the empty space in a bedroom, we need to think strategically. The items should be both beautiful and practical, and they shouldn’t make the room look too crowded.

How to fill the empty space in a bedroom

If you too have some empty corners in the bedroom you would like to style, check our interesting tips and ideas:

Enable additional seating

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The easiest way to use up the extra floor space is to add seating furniture. There are many different types of chairs that would look great in the unused space, such as rocking chairs or armchairs. You don’t even have to spend extra – just bring in the unused dining chair.

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If you have more awkward corners to deal with, you can consider a cozy afternoon ottoman where you can read your books or enjoy your coffee.

This way, your guests will also have a place to sit, instead of dropping down on your bed. You will also love how helpful these items will be for draping clothes while undressing or keeping items by hand.

Get extra mirrors or antique furniture to build visual interest

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What could be better for awkward empty spaces than the rare collectible you had no idea where to put? The same goes for elegant antique furniture or valuable wall art, as you want to admire them daily. You can use the beautiful hutch to display everything from deco to dainty china, and even have a private console table on the sideboard.

If you are a passionate reader, this might be the perfect possibility to style that stack of books usually hidden behind the bed.

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The more creative you get, the better. Use your travel memorabilia and mount photos above the bed to treasure the special moments. They will also bring color and texture to the room, which is exactly what a plain white bedroom needs.

Get a side table

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An extra table in the bedroom sounds luxurious, are we hardly have any surface space on the nightstand. Tables are perfect to fill in dead space in any room, as they provide more balance and can even serve as an additional storage space option. Just think of the appropriate size and form for the table, and decorate it with a fancy vase or a couple of magazines.

This is also where you can keep the speaker or your perfumes and other toiletries. If you like candles, make sure you choose several decorative ones and position them next to a collection of books. The possibilities are simply unlimited!

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If you are working from home, instead of the dead space you can get your own home office. The side table can easily be repurposed to a corner desk, so give this idea some serious consideration.

Create a cozy afternoon reading nook

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If the idea is to turn the neglected space into a cozy sitting area, take an extra step and decorate the otherwise plain and boring armchair. Perhaps even replace it with a comfortable and large rocking chair, and use the bare wall behind it for a couple of shelves.

You can display all your literary favorites there, and have a relaxing reading afternoon. A big and fuzzy blanket and a pair of throw pillows will turn this into your favorite spot at home.

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If you don’t have an accent chair like this, consider using the space for a luggage rack or a custom-made bench. You’ll end up with valuable real estate in both cases, so let the creative ideas flow.

Don’t forget to keep lights dim and soft in this area, to enable you to read without making the room too bright. If you opted for a cozy bench, look for options that also offer storage or even have a bed function.

Consider accent standalone laps

Floor lamps look the best in an empty corner in the bedroom, and you can use them to soften the lighting as you read at night. Get inspired by edgier designers and their conceptual pieces, such as neon tubes clusters or multi-purpose lamps.

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An extra lamp in the bedroom may not be the first bedroom improvement idea that comes to your mind, but it is certainly worth it. So far, you’ve focused on overhead pendants and bedside lamps. Despite it, you will appreciate the soft glow of the floor lamp in shadowed areas. For instance, you can throw some extra light towards the closet, and find everything with ease.

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Designers pay a lot of attention to floor lamps, and for a good reason. The fixtures don’t only illuminate and fill empty spaces, but they also add style and personality to any room. Using a floor lamp will be a step towards a more modern bedroom. It is also a possibility to create a romantic and subdued atmosphere for you and your partner.

Decorative shelves are never out of style

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If you are a passionate reader, you can also fill empty spaces in the bedroom with wall hanging shelves or shelf units. You can then the wall space these to display books and all other keepsakes, such as decorative assents or photos. If there is enough wall space next to the window sill, consider floating shelves to avoid a cluttered look.

Bedrooms are supposed to look simple and uncluttered, so try using thinner and smaller shelves instead of bulky units. You will still have enough display space for eye-catchy ornaments and memorabilia.

Elegant, extended drapery on the windows

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The best way to disguise a bare corner in the bedroom is to extend window dressings. This way, you can fill up the space without going all the way to find out the most appropriate furniture. You will even boost up the visual size of your window, and the only thing you need to install is a larger curtain pole. Doesn’t sound complicated, does it?

Focusing on the window is also a smart way to invite natural light into the room, especially if you need a cozy studying space. Next, choose the most beautiful curtains and drapes that match the style of your bedroom.

Use wall hooks for storage

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Storage possibilities are very limited in a studio apartment, so think about making the best of your wall space. Wall hooks, for instance, are excellent for storage and decorative designs, and you don’t have to break the bank to afford them. They are practical and pretty, and you can use them to hang bags and coats.

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Putting plants in handmade baskets and hanging them on the wall is also an excellent idea for an unused corner. You won’t take up any square footage, and your favourite plants will still be in the room. Another reason wall hooks are so great is that they make the room look taller.

A stand for your clothes

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Clothes stands are simply larger coat stands, and you can use them to hang all your daily garments. We all tend to drape clothes on the bed or the chairs and promise to stop doing that, so the stand is more than welcome.

Clothes stands and racks bring an elegant, European flair to the bedroom, and they look the best in a cozy, private corner.

Hanging plants

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If you liked the whole ‘wall hooks with plants idea’, you should fill empty space with mount planters on the wall. It all comes down to how creative you are – the more beautiful the planter, the more it will contribute to the room’s decor.

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Plants look beautiful and fresh wherever you put them, and they are excellent stylish accents. Better yet, they clean the air in the bedroom and provide a nice smell at all times.

Nevertheless, remember that you need to take proper care of them. If you don’t have the time, trailing plants is probably not the best idea.

Reposition the bed

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If you have a larger bedroom, odds are good you will have awkward empty corners despite bringing extra furniture. If none of our ‘how to fill the empty space in a bedroom’ tricks, helped, change the approach.

The best idea here is to reposition the bed in the middle of the room. This is somet
hing you probably didn’t consider, but trust us – it looks amazing!

By doing so, you will also ensure some extra storage space for wall-to-wall closets or a large decorative shelf.

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