If you are not using your living room that often, there are many great ideas to reinvent it. For instance, you can convert the living space easily into a functional bedroom.

Unlike living rooms that are usually warm and entertaining, bedrooms tend to be calm and serene. They also feature extra storage space and smoothened lighting. They are, in fact, the most private areas of our home.

So how to turn a living room into a bedroom from scratch? Is that even possible in the living room you own?

It is possible, and probably even simpler than you think. This, however, does not only entail replacing the sofa with a bed, and may require some basic construction skills.

Check our list of tips and creative ideas, and you will soon have a gorgeous bedroom.

How to turn a living room into a bedroom?

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First of all, inform yourself.

Most homeowners decide to turn a living room into a bedroom simply because they don’t have enough space. If that is the case with you, or you simply intend to move into a studio to save money, you will benefit from these ideas.

Tiny spaces have their share of challenges, and interior designers address them very well. And yet, you don’t need professional help to design your bedroom. Measure it, make a sketch of how it is supposed to look, and think of the items you want to bring inside. The bedroom should not only be comfortable but also functional, so give yourself some time.

If you want your project to be successful, answer the following questions:

  • How much square footage does the room have?
  • What is the overall layout of the studio apartment?
  • Will the room serves as a bedroom and living room at the same time, or will it be a bedroom only?
  • What is your budget?
  • Now that you have the answers, roll the sleeves up and create your dream bedroom,

Bedroom space requirements

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Designated bedrooms are an outdated trend. You can put your bed anywhere you want, as long as you can sleep quietly and comfortably. If the living room fulfills these conditions, it is time to reinvent it.

And again, you won’t turn the living room space into a bedroom by only bringing a futon bed inside. There are some requirements at stake that must be fulfilled first.

If a room is to serve as a bedroom, it must be divided from the rest of your living space. it also needs to be at least 7 feet tall, and have an additional exit that is at least 7 feet long or wide. Next to the legal requirements and local building codes, you will also need to plan the furniture pieces and the local ordinance.

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If you intend to preserve the double function of the room, these rules don’t necessarily apply to you. You should be looking for creative ways to bring the best features of the apartment together. As an idea, to create separation and use multi purpose furniture.

To make it easier for you to create a new bedroom, take care of the following requirements:

Function comes before form

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We know, you are all excited about your first ‘interior designer’ experience, but you need to observe the living area from a realistic point. The good news is this doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing style.

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Depending on the floor space and the design, you will need to choose one of these three scenarios:

  • Repurpose a separate living room that has no other function
  • Mix and match in a semi-open living room which also has a kitchen
  • Work on a completely open floor space where there is hardly any decision between rooms.

If you chose the first scenario and you want to get rid of the living room, the process will be very simple. It will all come down to your home improvement skills and home decor knowledge. In the second case, however, it will be more complicated to create your bedroom.

Our main piece of advice here is – to think of what you need first.

Come up with an advanced storage solution

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Integrated storage in the bedroom will help you accommodate your things. It will do so in a way that sacrificing style is not necessary. Locate the largest free wall available and install the biggest possible closet there.

Since this is not a traditional bedroom, this may turn out to be a challenge. You would have to store items around doors and windows, and that is where you need to get creative.

The wall should not only be large, but also thick and sturdy. Try to accommodate a 60 cm wide wardrobe without covering any of the windows or doors.

Get A Loft Bed

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In a small house with tall ceilings, a loft bed will not only be practical, but stylish as well. Better yet, you can get a loft bed in any style or size, or simply customize it to your exact needs.

You can purchase a loft bed that comes with other furniture elements, and make use of dressers, rollers, shelves, or even desks. For better results, get a bed that looks built-in and matches the trim at your house. This is the best idea to save some floor space.

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A bed like this will cater to many of your needs. It can even provide extra storage units, or you can use the staircase to display decorative items.

Install a large bookshelf

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Simple bookshelves will bring extra value to your cozy new bedroom. There are many benefits if you’ve adopted an open shelving system or just a small piece of pegboard to display your reads. Shelving units act as room dividers, next to their beautiful design features.

On the bedroom side, they store your items and provide you with extra privacy. On the living room side, you can pack them with beautiful deco, plants, or artwork. Either way, you count on two spaces and you are only limited by your imagination.

If you have tall ceilings, think of using large mirrors or closets are functional dividers.

Get a room divider

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There are many room dividers options you can consider if the wall space simply doesn’t do the job. You will get two distinct and separate areas, and ensure you get enough quality sleep. Health is the most important thing, isn’t it?

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Luckily you can sleep well even in a small space. Room dividers will help you create a unique living room-bedroom combo for cozy and quiet nights. Here come some suggestions:

  • Glass slide doors – they are very modern and chich, and ensure you will have enough natural light in the sleeping area.
  • A tall shelving unit – As discussed, shelving units help divide space. They also enhance the standard twin style from an aesthetical perspective. Plus, you will finally have enough space to display all the great books you own.
  • Print screens – They are also very effective in dividing living space, especially if you want to bring some artistic flair to the room.
  • Floor-to-ceiling draperies – beautiful draperies suspended are very elegant and stylish.
  • Panels – Wooden and screen panels are cheap and easy to find, so keep them in mind.
  • Sliding doors – if you have some extra budget to spend, consider installing quality sliding doors.

    Follow the less is more logic

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    Living small is foremost a minimalistic trend deriving from urban areas. It is best suited for people who prefer simplicity and practicality. Logically, it won’t work for those overburdening their space with items they never use. They prefer quality over quantity, and make sure all objects in their home are beautiful and useful at the same time.

    If this sounds like you, research the minimalistic principles and apply them in your living spaces.

    A small room needs small and bright items. Such furniture is very easy to find, as all design trends move in this direction. Multi purpose furniture is also something to keep in scope – a coffee table can also be a storage ottoman.

    It is time to get creative!

    Work with lighter colors

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    A lighter color scheme can refresh small space better than anything else. At the same time, it will improve the overall look of the apartment. If you are not sure which colors qualify, check what professional designers recommend.

    We would suggest well combined and bright pastel colors for the floor and the wall. As for the furniture in multifunctional spaces, use yellow, light gray, beige, white, or blue. They all have the same effect: they make small spaces appear bigger.

    The ‘stuffiness’ feeling can also be reduced with a limited palette. Your home will look cozy and cohesive, so try to combine colors the best way you can.

    Invite natural light

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    Small houses normally have small windows, so don’t limit the light and sunshine that comes inside. The smart way to go, as suggested, is to install glass room dividers that can distribute light properly.

    A more affordable yet popular solution is an aluminum frame panel. You can get it in any home improvement store and install it as a room divider yourself.

    DIY is very encouraged! Instead of taking solutions out of a prospect and adapting your space to them, you can custom-build your furniture and save your money.

    Sliding doors made of glass are not the cheapest option ever, but they come with an array of benefits.

  • Inviting and distributing light throughout the entire house
  • Keeping you healthy with sunlight exposure
  • Eliminating artificial and harsh lights
  • Providing privacy
  • Enhancing the modern and fashionable look of your apartment
  • Saving your space
  • Not the worst idea ever, don’t you think? Take the game to the next level and use framed glass. You will fall in love with the bedroom right away!

Be the master of the ambiance

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The best trick to turn a small living space into a functional bedroom is to adjust the lighting. You should carefully plan the fixtures you need, instead of relying on the ceiling light that is probably too strong. The final step is to position the light fixtures to create the ambiance that you desire.

First, install sockets close to the bed. The layout of electrical sockets is probably different than a typical bedroom, and there will be some carpenter work involved.

You will also need cooler light tones or dimmers, to keep light at the desired levels. This can be achieved easily by replacing the bulbs.

Final thoughts

While planning how to turn a living room into a bedroom, the function should be your priority. Many creative tricks can help you get there, but the room should foremost provide you with a good night’s sleep.

Plan how to save space and make all necessary adjustments. You may need an arranged daybed style, partitions for better placement, or even a room divider. Once the room divider problem is solved, you will need to think of electricity and lighting and come up with efficient storage ideas.

This is challenging, but it is also fun. You will have the perfect bedroom before you know it!

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