Italian furniture brands are dedicated to producing excellent products with aesthetic impact.

Italy is often a leader in modern furniture brands due to the high value placed into product designs, research and technology.

Combined with artistry, passion and innovation, this has meant that Italian furniture design is set to retain its excellent reputation.

Top Italian furniture brands

Italian homes often contain luxury Italian furniture as well as top-quality accessories.  If you’re looking to create an Italian home, filled with luxury Italian furniture brands, ask an interior designer to help you to create the look you want.

However, if you are simply looking at updating your furniture or adding quality Italian furniture brands to your home, adding a couple of luxury Italian sofas or a few pieces from luxury Italian brands can make a massive difference.

We’ve put together a list of Italian furniture brands which are well worth considering.  Explore them if you’re searching for high-end luxury furniture for your home.


natuzzi Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

Natuzzi is one of the best-known names in Italian design furniture.  This luxury Italian furniture brand designs chairs, sofas, beds and tables which add something special to your home.

Natuzzi was founded in 1959 by Pasquale Natuzzi.  Today, he acts as both chairman and CEO of his company.  Natuzzi is an Italian furniture design company who trade on the New York stock exchange.

As an international company as well as Italy’s largest company in a choice of Italian furniture brands, Natuzzi has seven different manufacturing plants. Natuzzi has more than one thousand two hundred points of sale worldwide.  There are 12 commercial offices which form a part of the Natuzzi brand.

As a means of maintaining their lead in the luxury Italian furniture market, Natuzzi invests in research and development.  Pasquale Natuzzi manages the research and development strategies which take place in the Style Center in Italy.  The brand constantly studies worldwide trends in furniture design, manufacturing, and material productions.

Natuzzi Italia produces a top collection of high-end Italian furniture in Italy.  This high-end furniture includes sofas and armchairs as well as accessories, lamps and home furnishings.  The result is harmonious, relaxing and extremely beautiful.  It is well worth exploring Natuzzi as it is one of the leading Italian furniture brands in the world.


marioni Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

Marioni is a luxury Italian furniture company which creates sofas, table lamps and dining tables.  This high end Italian furniture brand started out as a pottery company in 1966.  Marioni has come a long way, earning a great reputation as an impressive Italian furniture design company.  Although it is not one of the most well known furniture brands, its pieces are beautiful.

Marioni’s luxury Italian furniture is Maximalist in style.  It also pays tribute to Modernism, a movement which Italian furniture designers have contributed to.  Although the range is filled with traditional furniture, three statement pieces from this luxury Italian furniture design brand include striped marble, metallic elements as well as swivel chairs.  One of the most inspiring Italian design furniture brands available at the moment.

B&B Italia

bnb Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

B&B Italia is one of the first rate Italian furniture brands operating at the moment.  These creators of luxury Italian furniture started out in 1966 and currently create a range of Italian modernist furniture which is incredibly impressive.  From chairs and sofas to tables, beds, wall units and accessories, there is an attractive piece for every home.

You’ll love the luxury brand items available from B&B Italia.  They are both timeless and elegant yet remain contemporary.  Quality finishes ensure quality designs which will enhance both the inside and outside of your home.  This is a great choice of Italian high end furniture which appeals to an international audience.


designitalia Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

If you love Italian furniture brands with a contemporary twist, you will love Designitalia.  This Italian modernist furniture brand offers up exceptional style.  From luxury Italian sofas to furniture for children’s rooms, you’ll find something for everybody.  You’ll also find great art, accessories and gifts from these Italian furniture makers.


PotoccoSpA Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

After 97 years in the industry, this award winning Italian design company has managed to produce over 3000 designs. It is one of the best Italian furniture companies, winning awards from the Milan Furniture Fair.

It is an Italian furniture company famous for its chairs.  If you are looking for furniture from Italy, you will even find this company in Singapore, at local furniture company The Beuro.


NellaVetrina Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

If you absolutely love classic or modern furniture designs, you will love Italian furnisher Nella Vetrina.  This Italian design company has furniture from internationally recognized designers.  You’ll be able to choose from the very best Italian furniture available, as well as draw inspiration from their decorative images.


cassina Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

There are not many Italian furniture brands as sophisticated as CassinaS.p.A. Founded in 1927 as one of the premium furniture brands, this company attracted the attention of a luxury market.

Both cruise ships and hotels purchased Italian designer furniture from this excellent company.  They have won the highly prestigious Compassod’Oro three times.  Although this highly acclaimed design award is hard to beat, it is worth mentioning that they have also won a range of other international awards for their high end Italian furniture designs.

Saba Italia

Saba-Italia Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

Do you love Italian furniture designers who focus on creative and innovative design?  If so, Saba Italia is for you.  You’ll find a range of luxury Italian sofas and seating with interesting and unique design choices.  Look no further than these great Italian furniture designers for quality products with unique appeal.


meridiani Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

If you are looking for premium furniture brands, take a look at Meridiani.  High end Italian furniture designers Andrea Parisio and Laura Ferraro Crosti worked together to create one of the most well known furniture brands in Italy.  Furniture is created to be both elegant and timeless.  This is high quality Italian designer furniture which is built with precision.  You can customize your designs, a unique service not offered by many Italian furniture companies.

You’ll find pieces from this luxury Italian furniture design company in Doha’s five star airport – hotel, as well as in Roberto’s restraint in Dubai.  As a young company, this high end Italian design company is able to compete with premium furniture brands around the world.


cappelini Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

If you’re familiar with Italian furniture designer, you have probably heard of Enrico Cappellini.  Cappellini began as an artisan who worked on wooden furniture, but he soon progressed to create one of the more famous furniture brands. Today his son runs this Italian furniture design company.

Popular for eclectic designs, Cappellini has been recognized for its contribution to Italian furniture design.  As proud winners of the Chi e’ Chi Award, this company has made its mark on Italy’s design world.


LissoniAssociati Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

Art director Piero Lissoni created one of the most well known furniture brands in Italy after collaborating with popular furniture designers.  Partnering with Nicoletta Canesi, he has made his mark with Italian designer furniture as well as interior design, product design and graphic design.

This award-winning high-end Italian furniture brand has won numerous awards, including the Red Dot Design award, and an international design award from popular magazine Elle Deco.

Opera Contemporary

Opera-Contemporary Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

If you are interested in a high end modern furniture brand with strong roots, you will love Opera Contemporary.  This company has an inspiring heritage while keeping its aesthetic modern. As an offshoot of Cappenlini, this is one of the Italian furniture companies who are inspired by French furniture designs.

Here you’ll find furniture from Italy which is clean lined and simple.  Simplicity combines with history to produce simple yet detailed designs.  This Italian designer furniture holds onto past luxury while celebrating modern designs and sophisticated luxury. Each element, from tapered legs to glossy veneers and luxury velvet seating, will add a touch of sophistication to your home.

Memphis Milano

Memphis Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

Ettore Sottass is founder of Milano Italian furniture group Memphis Milano.  This company was founded in the 1980s and offers an original take on Italian furniture design.  Memphis Milano is one of the most creative furniture brands who set out to disrupt traditional style.  Bold colours, eye catching geometry, colour blocking and experimental materials all play a significant role in the appeal of this luxury Italian furniture brand.

Sottass’s luxury Italian furniture is post – modern and unique.  Artists and designers such as David Bowie and Karl Lagerfeld have been big fans of Sottass, making it one of the most well known Italian furniture brands amongst creative people.  These days, the retro as well as Memphis style feel to the brand has made it one of the most influential luxury Italian brands at the moment.


selva Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

If you love tradition yet appreciate innovative style, add Selva to your luxury Italian furniture brands list. This brand combines classic sophistication with contemporary style.  With one eye on the future and another aimed at quality, Selva is one of the most innovative Italian furniture companies at the moment.

In the past, Selva focused on decorative Italian furniture design but this has changed.  By adding a contemporary touch, this brand’s high end furniture has become increasingly popular.   A clean lined aesthetic and a modern touch appeals to Italian designers familiar with the quality behind the brand. Some specialist pieces include the Vendome armchairs, Peggy chair and Piccadilly tables.  The brand’s Downtown collection also includes excellent Italian furniture design.

Cedes Milano

Cedes-Milano Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

Cedes Milano Italian furniture uses high quality raw materials as well as excellent craftsmanship in order to produce high quality, high end Italian designs.  Every piece of luxury Italian home wear which leaves the warehouse will be of perfect standard.

It is no wonder that Cedes Milano is one of the leading Italian designers.  It offers high quality Italian designs which has been carefully interpreted to offer enjoyment and pleasure.  From zebu – horned table wear, ebony and pearl chess sets and ox horned manicure sets, to mother of pearl caviar servers, there is something for everyone from Cedes Milano, making it one of the top luxury Italian brands.


reviere Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

If you love the casual ease of soft leather, you will love Riviere.  This Italian design company uses soft subtle and woven leather in its luxury designs.  With excellent craftsmanship and atmospheric designs, the result is easy and relaxed.  Rattan leather and quilted designs invite you into a comfortable lifestyle with an Italian design company dedicated to quality. No wonder this company is one of the most popular leather couch brands in Italy.

Dimore Studio

Dimore-Studio Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

Dimore Studio is one of the newer Italian furniture brands, beginning with interior design in 2003 and then expanding into furniture in 2006.  Dimore Studio was created by designers Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci who are inspired by many of the famous furniture brands on this list.

Inspired by art, fashion, architecture and design, Dimore studios use a blend of old and new in order to produce their high end Italian furniture.  Muted colors, creative shapes and multi – armed lighting makes them one of the modern furniture brands which have taken the design world by storm.  With its roots in mid century design, this is one of the Italian furniture brands which work well in homes as well as commercial spaces.

Sahrai Milano

Sahrai-Milano Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

Sahrai Milano began in the 1830’s in Teheran before moving through Turkey, Russia and France until it reached Milan.  As one of the oldest Italian furniture brands, its creations are rich with history.  With a love of texture, art and design, this high end Italian furniture appeals to traditional as well as modern tastes.

In addition, Sahrai Milano loves design and regularly collaborates with a range of outstanding artists, designers and architects to produce luxury Italian furniture which is set to stun.

Patricia Urquiola

patrizia Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

Do you love Italian modern furniture?  If so you will love Patricia Urquiola.  This company combines luxury Italian furniture and interior design, and was created by Patricia Urquiola, an architect and designer.  As one of the newer leading Italian furniture brands, the company opened in 2001.

Alive with texture and saturated with colour, this is Italian design furniture which is playful and chic.  Filled with geometric lines and block color, it will make an outstanding feature in any home.

Patricia Urquiola is one of the more well known Italian furniture designers.  She has designed for many well known Italian furniture brands such as B & B Italia, Kartell and Cassina.  She has also worked in collaboration with Louis Vuitton and Missoni.


terrzani Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

Terzani is one of the best known Italian furniture designers, and the Atlantis chandelier is perhaps one of the most famous items in Italian furniture design.  Many restraints, hotels, fashion boutiques and luxury residences around the world make use of this luxury Italian brand’s chandelier.

Those familiar with the chandelier will know that it is made up of almost three miles of carefully placed chain which has been crafted to create a perfect drape.  Combining luxury design with a contemporary touch, it is no wonder this company is one of the leaders amongst luxury Italian brands.

Other popular designs include sheets of chain, glass droplets which capture and distribute light, and a waterfall of chain sheeting.  A combination of creativity and craftsmanship makes Terzani a leading Italian design company.


ARCAHORN Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

Archahorn is one of the most popular Italian furniture brands in the world because of its ability to combine horn with exotic woods or subtle leathers to produce luxury Italian furniture.  Each product has a natural finish and a refined appeal which makes it a work of exquisite beauty.

As an innovative and creative maker of luxury Italian Furniture design, Arcahorn stands apart from the competition.  The company is committed to perfect results, refining and developing its high end Italian furniture so that each individual item is a work of art.  Each Italian furniture design from Arcahorn is a something to truly treasure.

Ceramiche Dal Pra

Ceramiche-Dal-Pra Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands

If you are a fan of Italian designer brands, you’ll know that Ceramiche Dal Pra is simply exceptional.  With a range of different designs, including a playful Jurassic Park and White Bear collections, no other luxury Italian brands in ceramic design could possibly compare.

Although the brand is often light hearted, its quality is amazing, making it one of the famous Italian designers of our times.  Glossy coral designs as well as urns, the Obsession collection and finally petal vases are examples of its more popular ranges.   With its excellent quality and creative designs, it is no wonder that this is a leading Italian design company.

Ending thoughts on these Italian furniture brands

Italian furniture brands are a great way to add sophistication to your home.  With quality as well as visual appeal, it is no wonder the world is obsessed with luxury Italian furniture.  From Italian modernist furniture to traditional designs, you’ll get an excellent piece of furniture when you invest in Italian furniture brands. Check out your favourite styles.  Is it Italian leather couch brands which appeal to you, or fabulous ceramic designs?  How about designer Italian furniture made up of block colours or geometric patterns?  Add these pieces to your home for instant effect.

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