Mumbai skyscrapers are known throughout the world for their sheer numbers.  This is because there are over 3000 Mumbai buildings which qualify as skyscrapers.  Mumbai has the highest number of skyscrapers in India.  The Mumbai skyline is filled with residential towers, office blocks, and retail spaces.

Mumbai is currently one of the world’s largest cities, and it just keeps growing.  Mumbai skyscrapers are relatively new, and the tallest Mumbai towers, those surpassing 200m, have all been built after 2010.  However, their numbers are increasing rapidly.  At the moment there are 20 Mumbai skyscrapers over 200m, with 150 still being built.

As the city develops, there have been proposals for Mumbai towers which reach over 300m in height.  When it comes to the number of supertall skyscrapers, Mumbai comes in at 4th in the world.  Only Dubai, Shenzen and New York City have a greater number of tall towers!  Mumbai has a list of over 40 super tall skyscrapers which are either in their proposal stage or under construction.  Most are in the business district of the city.

Let’s have a look at some of the tallest Mumbai skyscrapers

Imperial II

imperialII Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

If you’re looking for one of the tallest towers in Mumbai, this would be Imperial II. This Mumbai building is 256m tall with 60 levels. It is a residential building and each guest has an outdoor deck with 150-270 degree views.  It stands at 256 meters. This Mumbai building is built in M P Mills Compound.  After the 40th floor, apartments become duplexes.  Imperial II was designed by Hafeez Contractor.  This Mumbai building was built by Shapoorji Pallonji Group

World One

World-One Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

World One is the tallest of the Mumbai skyscrapers as well as the tallest building in India.  It has been built in South Mumbai, in Lower Parel.  It has been placed with two other Mumbai Skyscrapers, World Crest and World View.  This Mumbai Tower will be the second tallest residential building in the world.  It. coat an estimated US$321 million to construct.  Building began in 2011.

Palais Royale

palais-royale-elevation-10151886 Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

This is one of the tallest of all Mumbai skyscrapers as well as one of the tallest buildings in India.  It is the first supertall Mumbai building which has won recognition for environmental design and sustainability.  The hotel achieved a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum score as a green building.

This Mumbai building is residential and was built in the Lower Parel part of Mumbai.  It has 88 floors with 120 luxury apartments.  The building also offers its residents a spa, football field, three swimming grills, a cricket pitch, cinema and badminton courts.

Three Sixty West Tower B

three-sixty-west Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

This Mumbai tower is super tall and forms part of the Three Sixty West Towers complex. This Mumbai building has been built only a few meters east of the Arabian Sea.  It is surrounded by smaller buildings, which means that residents of this Mumbai high rise have an excellent view of the ocean.

Omkar 1973 tower A and tower B

Omkar-1973-tower-A-and-tower-B Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

These Mumbai skyscrapers have been constructed in Worli, and are the 2nd and 3rd tallest buildings in this area.  Together, they will offer over 400 homes to residents. These two Mumbai towers have different heights and Tower A will have 75 floors, while Tower B will offer 70 residential floors.  These two Mumbai skyscrapers are close to the commercial hub and also offer excellent sea views.  This will make them an attractive choice for those of upper and middle income.

Planet Godrej

Planet-Godrej-–Mahalaxmi Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

This skyscraper house is one of the tallest of the  Mumbai towers.  At 181m tall, it has 51 floors.  It offers residents an incredible panoramic view of the Mumbai skyline

One Avighna Park

One-Avighna-Park Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

One Avighna Park is a highly attractive Mumbai tower which can be seen from the Suburban Railways.  It is 246m tall and has 61 floors.  This award-winning residential tower makes a very beautiful addition to the Mumbai skyline.

Lokhandwala Minerva

Lokhandwala-Minerva1 Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

Two Mumbai towers join together to form Lokhandwala Minerva.  The building offers a parking garage as well as a rooftop garden.  Above the podium garage are a number of floors for residents.

Kohinoor square

Kohinoor-square11 Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

Situated on LJ Road and Gokhale Road, this Mumbai tower stands at 203m.  It has 52 levels and is a mixed-use building.  The building is located in Shivaji Park.

This building was one of the first of the Mumbai skyscrapers to achieve a gold rating for sustainability from LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).  The building offers residential homes, hotels and retail outlets.

Lodha Bellissimo

Lodha-Bellissimo Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

This 48 floor Mumbai building is 222m high and offers luxurious homes to its residents.  It is located in Mahalaxmi and offers exquisite views of the Arabian Sea.  Sunset is a spectacular time of day for residents of this Mumbai skyscraper who get to watch the different colored clouds reflect upon the water

Ahuja towers

Ahuja-towers Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

Ahuia towers is 250m high and has 53 levels.  The building is rated as 5th tallest amongst the Mumbai skyscrapers.  Residents are offered a range of luxury accommodation and as a result, it has become a favorite of the Mumbai buildings for wealthy residents.  Residents can choose from luxurious four bedroom apartments as well as 6 bedroom penthouses.  Each home is automated.  The building also offers a cigar room, a movie theatre, and a wine cellar

Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

Four-Seasons-hotel-Mumbai Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai is a luxury hotel with a 5-star rating.  It has been built in Worli, Mumbai and is part of the Four Seasons luxury hotel group.  It is an extremely popular hotel with 202 guest rooms and the highest rooftop bar in India. It is certainly one of the most popular of the Mumbai skyscrapers

L&T Crescent Bay

LnT-Crescent-Bay Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

These six Mumbai Towers have been built in Parel and combine to add ascending height to the Mumbai skyline.  This interesting complex adds six ascending Mumbai skyscrapers onto the horizon.  These Mumbai towers have interesting features such as a sky deck, a clubhouse, swimming pool, jogging track, tennis, squash and badminton courts.

Indiabulls Sky

Indiabulls-Sky Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

Indiabulls Sky makes an excellent choice for a Mumbai high rise.  Not only does it have stunning views of the Mumbai skyline.  It also offers a gym, swimming pool spa, theatre, and fitness center.  This building is 240m tall, making it one of the tallest Mumbai skyscrapers with excellent views.

Lodha Venezia

Lodha-Venezia Taking a closer look at the Mumbai skyscrapers

This Mumbai high rise is one of the Mumbai skyscrapers built in Parel.  Lodha Venezia has two Mumbai towers, which were built separately.  The first tower was occupied while the second was being built.  The towers are 213m tall and have 68 floors.  They add a distinct beauty to the Mumbai skyline

Development is increasing rapidly in Mumbai and more and more Mumbai skyscrapers are being added to the city’s skyline. It is expected that this number will continue to grow and more and more super tall buildings will be added to the city’s skyline.

Mumbai skyscrapers are the way of the future.  As the city grows and populations increase, the city’s skyscrapers are embracing green technology.  Sustainable developments are becoming increasingly important as the world’s climate starts to change.  Mumbai skyscrapers embrace this future by using eco-friendly construction materials, sustainable technology and green waste removal systems.

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