Installing granite countertops can change the look of your home right away. Afterwards, you’ll want to know what backsplash goes with granite countertops and cabinets you’ve chosen.

Granite is a natural stone, has a lot of different patterns, so it might be hard to find what backsplash goes with granite countertops well with it. Here are some best backsplash ideas and ideas for granite countertops and tips on how to match the backsplash with the granite countertops in your kitchen.

How to Choose a Backsplash for Granite

How-to-Choose-a-Backsplash-for-Granite What backsplash goes with granite countertops

Each piece of granite is unique, it’s impossible to make rules about what will and won’t fitwhen constructing granite countertops. All those options give you a timeless choice and you must love granite.

There are many types of marble countertops: for example, the black granite countertop is very luxurious choice. So, what backsplash goes with granite countertops?

To learn more, read this article about what backsplash goes with granite countertops.

Select Granite Countertop First

Select-Granite-Countertop-First What backsplash goes with granite countertops

You can start with selecting a granite countertop first. It’s more likely to be the centre of attention in your kitchen, so it should be the first thing you do. Your choice of granite countertop will help you narrow down the number of backsplash ideas. You may check out some ideas for granite countertops on design websites or simply Pinterest.

If you buy the tile first, it will be easier to find a granite countertop that matches than if you buy the tile first. If you don’t want your tile to look like your granite, you don’t always have to match the tile with the granite countertop. It can be a good idea to consider simple and neutral-coloured backsplash tile ideas. If you have a black granite countertop, you may choose a different coloured tile backsplash or cabinets, to create an look great in the room.

If You Have Already Chosen Backsplash

If-You-Have-Already-Chosen-Backsplash What backsplash goes with granite countertops

Sometimes you already have backsplash ideas you decided on and want before you pick out your granite countertop. This can make it more difficult to choose the right granite countertop, but it’s not impossible to find one that fits your tile backsplash ideas or cabinets.

If you go with backsplash ideas first, often this becomes the main thing and focal point in the room. There are a lot of patterns or strong colours of the backsplash tile, so it will be hard to find granite to match. There is now a way to have a statement countertop with a bold backsplash.

If you, among the many backsplash ideas, decided on a simple tile backsplash for your kitchen remodel, in a neutral colour, you will have more freedom when choosing a granite countertop to match the backsplash.

It’s best to pick out a granite countertop that has subtle patterns and hard-to-find colours if you want your backsplash to stand out. If you have a simple backsplash tile, enjoy all the options granite countertops have. The colours and patterns of your granite don’t have to match the colours and patterns of the tiles on the backsplash or cabinets. It’s important to decide which granite stone or marble stone countertop should make the biggest impact and then choose the tile backsplash to support this goal.

Ideas on How to Match Backsplash with Granite

Ideas-on-How-to-Match-Backsplash-with-Granite What backsplash goes with granite countertops

A lot of people choose granite countertops because the stone is both durable and beautiful. As for choosing the right backsplash tile for your granite countertops, it can be a little tricky. Each piece of granite has many beautiful patterns, which can make it hard to choose a backsplash.

Choose A Solid Color Backsplash to Go with Your Granite

Choose-A-Solid-Color-Backsplash-to-Go-with-Your-Granite What backsplash goes with granite countertops

There is a lot going on on your countertop if you have granite. Do yourself a favour and put in a solid colour backsplash tile for your kitchen’s backsplash. In this case, you won’t have to match the undertones in the counter to all of the undertones in the pattern of backsplash tile.

Match the Opposites

Match-the-Opposites What backsplash goes with granite countertops

Make sure to keep the black-and-white theme going when you have Black Pearl granite and white cabinets in the same room. You can use Whisper White Subway tile in many different ways, and the white ceramic makes the semi-solid black granite with flecks of different colours stand out even more in combination with white cabinets. This is because the white subway tile is made of white ceramic, but black granite, on the other hand, has an elegant shine.

A white backsplash is particularly the ever-popular subway tile in many modern kitchens. This sort of subway tile is a terrific choice to ensure that all of your kitchen cabinets are complementary to one another. If you’ve chosen white cabinets and countertops for your space and if your kitchen is predominantly white, you may provide a burst of colour with your backsplash tile. The subway tile colour will pop out and give a wonderful accent to the entire space combined with white cabinets.

Consider Glass

J-Design-Group-Interior-Designer-Miami-Modern-Contemporary-Ocean-Front-by-J-Design-Group-Interior-Designers-Miami-Modern What backsplash goes with granite countertopsImage source: J Design Group – Interior Designers Miami

Glass tile backsplash tile looks good with a lot of different types of granite. You might want to think about neutral colours for the backsplash tile that’s close enough to the main colour field in the granite to look good together.

There are a lot of different colour and style options for glass tiles as well. If you choose glass backsplash tiles, look for ones that match the main colour field of the granite.

The glass will make your kitchen cabinets look sleek, shiny, clean, and modern if you use it as your kitchen walls backsplash.

Go Traditional with Ceramic Tile

Alameda-Kitchen-Remodel-by-Howells-Architecture-Design What backsplash goes with granite countertops
Image source: Howells Architecture + Design

Ceramic tiles are a great way to stay true to the past.

Ceramic tile is often used as a backsplash. The material goes well with granite countertops if the granite is in a neutral colour.

In your granite, look for the colours that make up its spots and veining. Find a ceramic tile that has the same colour all over or as a small detail. If you want to find the right match, bring a piece of granite with you to help you.

Balance the Look with Subway Tiles and Solid Colors

Custom-Transitional-Kitchen-St.-Charles-IL-by-Drury-Design What backsplash goes with granite countertopsImage source: Drury Design

In this case, if you don’t want to match your granite, think about using traditional white subway tiles or neutral-coloured subway tile. People often use subway tiles as a backsplash in their homes. Stylish and trendy, subway tile goes well with a lot of different types of granite countertops.

You can leave it as is, or you can add a mosaic pattern to the white tiles on top of the range or sink. In the kitchen, you don’t have to match every single colour in the room. You can make a mosaic in the same colour family as your granite. For example, if your granite is warm in tone, use warm tiles in the mosaic.


Scandinavian-Villa-Kitchen-by-Vercon-Inc. What backsplash goes with granite countertopsImage source: Vercon Inc.

It’s possible to make a backsplash out of the same stone as the countertop. This backsplash choice will not have so many contrasting colours and the natural stone look colour palette will dominate.

Decide where on the slab you want to make your backsplash. Then, you can start to put the granite slabs together. Add a matching granite backsplash to your counter and you’ll get even more out of your granite counter. With granite on the wall to match your countertop, people can get a sense of how it looks.

In order to have a full granite backsplash, use the same granite you used for your countertops and keep it going up the wall as well. Check with your local fabricator to make sure the slabs match with granite backsplash and to make sure the seams aren’t going to be too close together. Make sure the seams in granite look good.

When it comes to the backsplash, you can go with a simple four-inch high one or go all the way up the wall for a more modern and dramatic look. Because of the colour and size of your kitchen, you might not be able to go as far as you’d like with your backsplash.

Choose Similar Colors

Choose-Similar-Colors What backsplash goes with granite countertops

When you have a neutral-coloured granite-like Alaska White, you can choose from a wide range of warm backsplash tiles to match it. Cecily Pattern Polished is a high-end marble mosaic with a unique pattern that looks great.

Brazilian granite has a lot of different shades of white and beige, so the soft creamy white accent pieces go well with them. The light colours don’t stop with the backsplash and countertop. They continue through the rest of the design, with light neutral grey cabinetry and stainless steel appliances.

Here’s another wonderful idea in combination with stainless steel appliances. Imagine the milky whites with beige accent pieces. They complement the whites, mild silvers, and warm neutrals in the Brazilian granite. The light tones extend beyond the backsplash and countertop to the rest of the design, including light neutral grey cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

Stainless steel appliances bring up the luxury shine to the entire design.

When you have vivid and strong Italian granite, such as Lemurian Blue Granite, you can accentuate the colouration even more by matching it with a backsplash with similar finishes and undertones.

Do Not Mix Pattern Tile with Granite In Your Kitchen

Do-Not-Mix-Pattern-Tile-with-Granite-In-Your-Kitchen What backsplash goes with granite countertops

Okay, so let’s go back to the patterned porcelain tile now. You should not do it. It’s not very important if your granite countertops are black, but if they are, they will look very busy on their own. Period.

Do not waste your time looking for a patterned backsplash that will match the rest of your home. Most likely, you won’t.

Avoid Adding A 4 Inch Kick to Your Granite Countertop

Avoid-Adding-A-4-Inch-Kick-to-Your-Granite-Countertop What backsplash goes with granite countertops

Do not let your granite installer put one of those 4-inch strips of granite all around where your backsplash tile should be. This is a bad idea because it looks bad. I don’t know why so many people keep them. Then, if it’s too late and you already have one, I’d keep it and just paint all of the rest of it to match.

Ending thoughts on what backsplash goes with granite countertops

Fortunately, granite is a natural stone that goes well with a wide range of patterns and colours, like quartz vs. granite. This is important because some natural stone surfaces have interesting designs. You need to know how to pick the right kitchen backsplash for your space and how to combine it with natural stone or other decorative materials.

You can start with a colour, pattern, detail or finish to find something that fits your stone and your style. If you’re still not sure what to do, then know that simple is best, especially when it comes to the different shades of granite.

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