Normally, the white marble countertops are choice lovely and magnificent. Marble countertops are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. In recent years, the trend has shifted toward using more marble countertops than previously. When combined with a sort of grey and gold, the white color itself is an unadulterated marvel. Shining minerals produce a startling result for the stone industry known as white marble.

Marble is a stone of a timeless and traditional appearance that is quite popular, especially when used on kitchen counters, with Carrara marble stone being the most popular. Marble’s distinctive veining provides a range of aesthetics for individuals who prefer white kitchens in particular. It’s classy and beautiful, and it can fit into any design plan, from modern to rustic.

Carrara marble stone is often used in sculptural art for its amazing beauty. Artists such as Bernini and Michelangelo used Carrara marble for their art. Even nowadays Carrara marble stone, and marble in general, remains to be one of the most favorite materials.

In this article about what backsplash goes with marble countertops, we will be telling you about:

  • how natural beauty of marble create an elegant impression in the entire room,
  • about combining marble surfaces and marble backsplash,
  • what great traits marble offers,
  • about Carrara marble and why is the Carrara marble considered one of the top favorite materials
  • how you can combine Carrara marble countertops with marble tiles
  • is there a Carrara marble backsplash and can you combine it with the same material countertop
  • what is Carrara marble
  • should you use white or black marble and what other colors are your option
  • about marble backsplash ideas
  • why kitchen with marble backsplash and marble countertops is a no mistake choice

and much more.

Matching Kitchen Countertops with the Backsplash

Matching-Kitchen-Countertops-with-Backsplash What backsplash goes with marble countertops? (Answered)

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just updating your current space, the coordination of your materials is critical to creating a coherent kitchen or bathroom décor. Therefore what backsplash goes with marble countertops is a very important question.

When it comes to putting your new space together, combining your two primary surfaces – worktops and backsplash tile – can be difficult! Finding the ideal balance between these two features might be crucial in producing a gorgeous designer-look environment!

  • Should the focus point be the marble countertops or the backsplash?
  • Is it really necessary for them to match in color or pattern?
  • What if you come across materials that look fantastic on their own but don’t work well together?
  • Can you choose a marble backsplash?
  • Would marble backsplash and marble tiles go well with a countertop of the same material?

Virginia-Ave-Modern-Farmhouse-Custom-Home-by-Godden-Sudik-Architects-Inc What backsplash goes with marble countertops? (Answered)
Image source: Godden Sudik Architects Inc

If you’re wondering about whether a marble backsplash goes well with it, don’t worry. We’re about to provide you with all the advice you need to combine your marble countertops and backsplash, even marble backsplash tiles, and create an appealing kitchen with a marble look for your ideal kitchen or bathroom! You don’t need an entire design team to get the design style you want and to learn what pairs wonderfully.

Most professionals will tell you that you should pick your countertop before your backsplash. This is due to the fact that your countertop is a far larger expenditure than your backsplash. It will be used the most and is one of the most prominent components in your kitchen.

In terms of practicality, your kitchen countertop must also be installed initially. After it’s installed, you may take home sample backsplash tiles to see how they appear with the worktops, cabinets, and fixtures. You may also see how they appear in varied lighting throughout the day.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have a variety of colors or patterns in your backsplash tiles and your marble countertops! The idea here is to make one of the patterns more modest than the other and to use complementing colors and design components! If you want to be safe, choose a pattern on only one of the surfaces and a simple design on the other.

Marble Kitchen Countertops Types

What-backsplash-goes-with-marble-countertops What backsplash goes with marble countertops? (Answered)

There are several sorts of marble, each with its own set of material properties. Marble has natural beauty. An elegant kitchen gains clean look whether you are choosing to have a classic kitchen or a modern kitchen. It is gladly used material in interior design.

Prices would vary depending on your region, locally accessible marble kinds, slab size, and thickness. It is important to learn a bit about materials to know what backsplash goes with marble countertops. The following are the most popular and often used marbles:

Carrara Marble – the most common form of marble. Carrara marble is loved for its gentle grey tone, which is caused by the soft, thin veining against a white backdrop. Calcatta Marble is an Italian marble that is more costly than Carrara Marble. This variety is distinguished by its warm tone and veins that vary in size and thickness. This is what Carrara marble countertops or marble tiles are the ideal choice for any kitchen – modern or a more classical one.

An interesting fact about Carrara marble is that Carrara marble was used by many renaissance sculptors, such as Lorenzo Bernini. You could say this the Carrara marble is a kind of marble that brings the artistic tone to your home.

thassos-marble-countertop What backsplash goes with marble countertops? (Answered)

Statuario Marble – another highly valued Italian marble, this kind is especially popular for use on marble sculptures. It has a characteristic bright white tone with grey veining that is comparable to Calcatta.

Thassos Marble – This Greek marble is recognized for its dazzling and brilliant look. It has been utilized since ancient times and may be found in both kitchens and baths to brighten the ambiance.

White Himalayan Marble – another Greek marble with qualities similar to Carrara marble, but with veins that vary in color, ranging from grey, brown, to purple hues set against a pure, white backdrop.

Oak-Park-Kitchen-Powder-Room-by-TZS-Design What backsplash goes with marble countertops? (Answered)Image source: TZS Design

Mystery White Marble — If you want a more subtle aesthetic and don’t like the dramatic contrasts of other marble kinds, the mystery white marble may be a better match since it has cream-colored veins throughout rather than greys.

Marble Backsplash

Marble-Backsplash What backsplash goes with marble countertops? (Answered)

When white marble is used as a countertop, the first option for a backsplash is the marble backsplash as well. Using white marble as a marble backsplash up to the base of the wall cabinets creates a brilliant and profound look. If you choose marble backsplash, you may end up creating handiwork in your kitchen.

Because of the way the white marble slice offers for the scenario, those grey or gold veins continue from countertop to rear wall. In this manner, your decision is known as a full high backsplash institution. The primary factor to consider is the thickness of the white marble, which is 3cm or 1.25′′.

Last but not least, dark hardwood for the floor is an absolute must-have. The black floor is essential for this white-on-white kitchen design. The remainder of the kitchen is mostly white and white tones, thus the floor should be black or deeper tones to make it stand out.

Black And White Mosaic Tile

Black-And-White-Mosaic-Tile What backsplash goes with marble countertops? (Answered)

You may use the contrast between black and white in your interiors to generate interest in your area with monochromatic design, especially if you want to produce a relaxing and timeless effect. Modern and contemporary interiors tend to have sharper contrasts, such as black and white, with aggressive angles and clean lines dominating.

One of the tried-and-true methods to give your kitchen or bathroom a punch of contrast and express a bright and graphic style is to pair white marble or quartz worktops with our black and white mosaic tile!

Glass Tile

Glass-Tile What backsplash goes with marble countertops? (Answered)

Glass subway tiles are an excellent way to add a different texture to your area without dominating it with another color or strong pattern. This grey glass tile in the photo below is a great example of how to utilize a complementary hue from your marble countertops as a backsplash. It will be giving your kitchen a consistent aesthetic while yet providing visual interest with a unique form and texture.

Experiment with several color tiles before making your final choice. Neutrals give subtle visual appeal, but a strong glass tile color will radically affect the entire appearance and feel of your area.

Geometric Design

Geometric-Design What backsplash goes with marble countertops? (Answered)

If you want to create a non-traditional kitchen design, your backsplash may have a tremendous visual effect and take your kitchen design beyond the usual! This geometric backsplash design composed of tiles below is a striking element that acts as a focal point in this kitchen.

If you want a trendy design element, you may utilize a basic neutral marble countertop but add punch with a geometric patterned backsplash and a modern brass sink fixture.

Hexagonal Tile

Hexagonal-Tile What backsplash goes with marble countertops? (Answered)

Consider a neutral color backsplash in an intriguing form to keep your kitchen decor from becoming monotonous. This hexagonal tile is the ideal vintage complement to this traditional marble countertop. It doesn’t draw attention away from the marble countertops, but rather matches the marble color palette and provides visual interest with a subtle pattern.

Ending thoughts on what backsplash goes with marble countertops

Marble kitchen worktops, like granite, may add value to your property. Even better, marble ages elegantly, its unique veining developing a patina over time. Polished marble has a shiny, reflecting polish, whereas honed marble appears to have a flatter finish.

The harmonization of countertops and backsplash tile is sometimes ignored in the early design phase while pursuing your dream kitchen design.

Choosing these materials together is an important component of building a gorgeous makeover that you’ll appreciate for years to come. Not to mention a spectacular design that will make all your guests jealous!

Kitchen with marble – whether used for marble backsplash/marble tiles or for marble countertops or even both is maybe a bit pricey, but not a wrong choice. We hope you now know what backsplash goes with marble countertops and much more.

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