When you are building a home, you will start to see that prices have become bigger and bigger in the last years. This is not only because of the real estate prices is also because the cost of building material is high.

A lot of people choose wood, concrete and bricks as their main construction materials. Getting cheap building materials might be a challenge and we decided to do some research on this.

Building a house from scratch can be really intimidating, even more, when you think about the entire costs. But don’t get discouraged, where there is will there is always a way and finding cheap building materials can be a real solution.

For the interior design part, you can also have a lot of options and in the modern world, there are better and better technologies available. Be aware that some of the most interesting options are available for you and all you have to do is find them.

Get creative with what you are going to use in building your home and why not choose cheap building materials that will help you keep the budget lower.

10 Ways to Get Building Materials Cheap or Free

Finding free building materials might sound like an exaggerated idea for a lot of people. However even today you can really do this and find free materials and here are some ideas for you to try out:

  • Search for free and cheap items on Facebook Marketplace. Because Facebook has such a huge user base you can use it for sure to find different kinds of stuff that can help you in the process of building your home.
  • Try Craigslist, although it is an old website you can still use it even more if you know exactly what you need. Save your searches and jump on new listings whenever they are available.
  • Go through neighborhoods and search for garage sales maybe you will find some great deals that you can take advantage of.
  • Use reclaimed materials, you can find them especially in a demolition site. Be smart and search for demolition listings and then start collecting salvaged materials.
  • Visit the local recycling center that might have what you are looking for.
  • Contact stores and ask if they have any discounts for their overstocked products, they might make you a great deal for cheap building materials
  • Trade, maybe you have some materials that you don’t need anymore but are a perfect fit for somebody else.
  • Search for Freecycle in your search engine and see if this applies to the city you are living in.
  • Sell the items that you don’t want to use anymore, all the money can go then in the budget for building your home.
  • Many stores might offer you big discounts if you sign a contract where you say you will buy on a monthly basis for this amount of money. Just remember that this might not be the case for monthly purchases. So, check if there are discounts available that apply to your particular project.

Cheap Building Materials You Can Use

As you have seen some of the best ways to find cheap building materials might really work. Below you will find other resources that show inexpensive raw materials that you can use and apply them in the interior of your space.

Prefabricated panels

bm7 Cheap building materials you can use and stay within the budget

Probably one of the most modern choices when it comes to architectural creations are the prefabricated house. They are made of simple materials and they get done fast and cheap. You can also choose from a different number of different panel materials too.

A lot of these panels come as part of a system that will let you build your own custom home for a lot less. Even though a prefabricated house can be one of the cheapest houses to build for sure there are other options but we really liked this one.

Concrete sheets

Cement_Board Cheap building materials you can use and stay within the budget

When you need to make a structure fast and easy the best way to go is with concrete sheets. They are easy to work with, cheap to buy and because the industrial styling is so popular you can really get it done with cheap building materials.

Concrete panels are great because they are durable, waterproof and they also isolate sounds. Being prefabricated they also have the general benefits of prefabricated panels. What is cool about them is that they are fireproof and they also help to save money so they might be a real solution if you were searching for the cheapest way to build a house.


bm1 Cheap building materials you can use and stay within the budget

Plywood is a building material that is very used because of its properties. For sure it has to be on your cheap building materials list because it can be customized for different purposes. It’s nothing special though if we consider the technical side but it still looks nice and costs little. So, consider it a good choice when you want to design built-ins and shelving fast and easy.

Stone Cladding

bm2 Cheap building materials you can use and stay within the budget

Homes that use real stones are really not a cheap solution. If you want though to get a similar effect you should consider using stone cladding. Stone cladding is light, beautiful and a lot easier to work with compared to regular stones. This means you get the expensive look for a better price and less work.

Stone cladding proves that cheap materials can also be elegant. What it is basically similar to a veneer that gets applied to the exterior of your home.

Pre-Used Shipping Containers

bm8 Cheap building materials you can use and stay within the budget

Container homes are also a very popular option to use when you want to get creative and go on a modest budget. The containers are typically used to carry products across the ocean and are extremely solid and have become popular for construction projects even more in recent years.

You can use them instead of a concrete brick or other more expensive materials that you might want to use for the structure of a building. They are a real option and very cost-effective when you start to do the math.

Reclaimed Timber

bm4 Cheap building materials you can use and stay within the budget

Old wood can always be used for building a home. They are perfect for structures and reclaimed timber homes have a chic vibe that doesn’t make people that see it feel it is cheap at all.

Using reclaimed timber is not something new but in the last years it has become quite popular and it should be an idea for the cheap building materials that you are after. Having such a material installed in a space will make the place look more authentic and bring nostalgia in because of the way it looks and the history it has.

Corrugated Iron

bm5 Cheap building materials you can use and stay within the budget

Corrugated iron is one of the most used building materials in North America due to its industrial feel and the fact that you can adapt it to different designs.

It is very cheap and it looks trendy in constructions right now. Being lightweight means, it will be easier to transport and you can use it in more creative concepts. What is cool about it is that you can find it from the fanciest houses to the simplest ones. So, give it some chances, it might be one of the cheapest ways to build a house.

Ending thoughts on using cheap building materials

In conclusion, when you are using cheap building materials to make your home you can be amazed by the amount of money that you save. Indeed, prices have gone really big in the last years and we are not really sure what is going to happen next.

The only thing you have to do is to be patient and keep looking till you find the materials you need. We gave you some ideas so for sure you should take advantage of them right now.

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