Creating compact homes with shipping containers is nothing new. This, let’s call it, “real estate solution” solves many space problems. Built from containers that already served their purpose, the modular designs they present are perfect when we need portable alternatives. However, it is necessary to perform certain treatments to be habitable. For those who want to avoid this process, today we present a list of shipping container homes for sale that you can purchase from the comfort of a computer.

Some containers are intended to move hazardous materials that hinder their habitability. This type of storage requires arduous engineering work to be habitable. However, if these difficulties are overcome, we will get a module that we can call home.

The functionality of shipping container homes is so great that we can now find a large number of manufacturers and agents that sell these modular homes ready to be used.

Some of these companies acquire used containers and rehabilitate them for residential use, and others buy them new to make a completely modular project from the foundations. After all, they are easy to transport and attach to build complex homes.

You cannot take a house built with traditional methods everywhere. We can transport these metal modules in almost any medium if we want. A room over here, an alcove over there, and we have a small mansion of modular pieces.

On the market, there are 3 renowned manufacturers who have adopted the design with containers. Among these, we have traditional ones, which use real containers for this work, but some have opted for a more economical alternative by building metal frames that are subsequently closed with other materials.

Finally, before starting with this list, we must indicate that we must be demanding with the module we select. Although when it comes to shipping container homes for sale these are prepared to be used as homes (complying with all building codes), installing windows and doors compromises the strength of the material. Unless it is prepared for these modifications, it is not recommended to alter the original manufacturer’s design.

The Talma 200 by Meka – A corporate retirement for $32,500

thelma-200 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

TALMA-200 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

The same name indicates it. The Talma 200 is a container with 200 square feet that includes a room and a bathroom, all with an internal and external style of beach cabin. The overflowing style makes it worthy of being part of a vacation trip to the beach of senior executives. After all, you only need to ride a truck and transport it.

Again, we indicate that at this time we will not find the Talma 200 on the company’s website. In this case, our best alternative is to contact Meka directly to inform us of their availability.

The Yucatan 160 by Logical Homes – Multiple colors for $40,000

yacuta-160 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

Similarly, the name of this lot indicates the number of square feet that this container has. The bet of the Yucatan 160 retains the basic design of the cubicle, where a simple floor with two doors is distributed, one on each side, which enters the room/bedroom. It also includes a small bathroom hidden from the eyes.

The manufacturer offers several predefined color schemes for the kitchen and bathroom, which gives us some freedom to customize our purchase.

The Yucatan 320 by Logical Homes – A large increment of space for $60,000

Yucatan320 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

If the 160 square feet of the previous bet were not enough, we can always opt for double space. Two separate rooms, one bathroom, living room, and a kitchen complete this container that looks like a whole home.

The Kara 320 by Logical Homes – A home finish for $60,000

kara-320 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

Logical Homes has more prefab container homes than the Yucatan line. The Kara series presents a more homely look abroad while giving us everything we need to live in peace. Two bedrooms located at the ends share, a bathroom and a common living room/kitchen, which is complemented by a porch that can be accessed through a large garage roll-up door.

The Alp 320 by Meka – A Scandinavian style for $72,000

ALP320-QUI-02 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

The Scandinavian style is one of the cleanest and minimalist that exist. It seems counterproductive that a small container has so many windows to let in as much light as possible, but beyond the lack of privacy, the room, the bathroom and the 320 square feet it offers will leave us delighted.

The Sol 480 by Meka – More Scandinavian space for $86,300

sol-480 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

160 square feet may seem insignificant, but the amount of space that reaches 480 square feet is cozy. As if it were an exhibition hall, we will enjoy the touch that nature offers us without abandoning functionality and efficiency. This set offers us a room, a bathroom, a large living/dining room, and kitchen.

The Vor 640 by Meka – Terrace included for $121,500

vor-640 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

Space starts to get big. 640 square feet of pure comfort where the company can afford to include a terrace (without leaving out the two bedrooms and the bathroom). Another important aggregate is the storage space that was hardly seen in the previous ones.

The Aegean 640 by Logical Homes – An entire resort for $180,000

AEGEAN_640_FRONT-800w Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

Logical Homes also has shipping container homes for sale of 640 square feet. Although it only has one room, it is very spacious, as is the kitchen, and the living room. The bathroom is of standard dimensions. However, what stands out is the exterior, which has a flying roof with a skylight to give it a modern architectural appearance.

The Liberty 200 by Meka – Let nature in for $43,500

LIB2001 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

If we look for something to stay away a bit of Scandinavian design, but also let nature enter through windows, then the Meka’s Liberty series is what we need. Their designs simulate lost cabins in the mountains, so they will be perfect for outdoor getaways (of course, this presentation is only 200 square feet, with a room and a bathroom).

The Milan by Nova Deko – Taking advantage of every corner for $44,000

milan1 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

milan Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

320 square feet are enough to offer us a double bedroom, a bathroom, a laundry room, a kitchen/dining room, and a small living room. The real estate details in quartz stone, the large sliding windows, and the high-quality drawers will leave you surprised.

The SmartVilla by Nova Deko – Two units for $45,000

smartvilla-external-01 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

floorplan-smartvilla Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

A prefabricated smart construction consisting of 2 individual cores allows us to create a relatively large space of 320 square feet. The installation of the additional structure is easy and fast.

The San Marino by Nova Deko – Get privacy for $58,000

san-marino-container-modular-home1 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

This 440 square foot container includes two rooms that share common areas such as the bathroom and the living room, so its intelligent distribution is ideal for several people to live in it.

The San Paulo by Nova Deko – A high bet for $136,000

san-paulo-double-storey-modular-home Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

If we want something elegant, then we must look for height. This alternative of Nova Deko has two levels, so that on the ground floor there is a bathroom, an alcove and the rest of common areas, while on level one there is a large room with private bathroom.

Honomobo M Studio – A sustainable home for less than $70,000

M-Studio_EXT-1 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

This list of shipping container homes for sale would not be complete without some ecological options. Honomobo is a company that is making a name for itself in this market thanks to its self-sustainable and affordable bets. The M Studio has 288 square feet and has a photovoltaic energy system.

Rhino Cube Nola – Quality regulated for $63,999

nola Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

Complying with all required regulations, the Nola model of Rhino Cubed adapts a 24 feet long container by using insulated walls (R-22), a floor walnut (R-30) and insulated roofs (R-54). The bathroom even has a shower, so we are facing a complete house.

The Zulu Queen – An isolation package for $48,000

Zulu-Queen-Diagonal_ Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

Again, Rhino Cubed offers us an economic alternative that we cannot miss. This portable home does not need to be connected to any external service since it has a 1250-watt solar generator, tanks for storing rainwater and a system that recirculates greywater. Perfect if we go outdoors to spend a quiet holiday.

Alpha Tiny Homes 30 Foot Model – An economical option for only $23,950

If we are interested in purchasing a prefab shipping container for an economical price, then Alpha Tiny Homes’ 30 square foot alternative will not disappoint you. Not only that, but it is among the best prefab Green homes under 50k since it has a solar energy system and rainwater collector.

This option has all its systems ready, as well as a shower, kitchen and removable walls. If it is not enough, we can make small modifications for an additional cost.

Backcountry Containers Single Container Home – Customize your home for $65,000

sin Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

Getting custom container designs is very difficult. That is why there are specialized companies such as Backcountry Containers, who adapt the designs to our land.

The base price they offer is $65,000, but they guarantee a complete insulation and construction package, with an interior and exterior design to suit our tastes.

MODS 40-Foot Tiny Home – Buy it directly at Amazon for $39,600

mods-40 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

It is amazing what one can acquire from Amazon. Have you thought about acquiring your next home from this store? Well, it is now possible with prefabricated container designs. MODS International is the company that manufactures this model that includes everything we need to inhabit it. Each of the rooms (bedroom, shower, bathroom, kitchen and living room) are furnished, and the electrical and plumbing systems are ready to be used.

Custom Container Living Double Duo – A family home for $92,900

40-du0 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online40-duo1 Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

Among shipping container homes for sale, we also find options that suit families. In this case, two 40-foot containers that can be attached build this pleasant home with two spacious bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and storage area.

The difference with the design offered by Custom Container Living is that the roof has been modified to be a gable roof. In terms of services, we get functional plumbing and electricity, as well as a heated design to save energy.

Rustic Retreat XL by Backcountry Containers – The country style for +$40,000

rus Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

The rustic style that is offered by the company Backcountry Containers is perfectly suited to a cozy container of 270 square feet. Its charm is not only in the construction materials used to convert this metal box into a home (an external industrial coating, internal elements in wood, etc.) but in the fact that, for this low price, they also offer us a terrace.

Internally we get all the furniture to start living, such as washing machine, refrigerator, shelves, kitchen, sink, and the corresponding sanitary pieces. We can even pay a little more and buy a more complex version with two rooms.

The Weizhengheng – Make your own home for $6,000

wei Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

With this company, we will start from a base container and we will customize it to our liking. The minimum measure is 19.5 x 15.6 feet, and from here, we will assemble our home with different pieces.

Being a container that we will assemble with our hands, recycling and transport are guaranteed. So much so that externally it has been maintained with the original design of the container, saving unnecessary expenses.

The options offered are mostly aimed at construction companies, although individuals can also contact them. In either case, you will receive full advice from the moment you receive the product until it is fully armed.

Also, we can be sure that we are facing a quality house, since each one has complied with the ISO 9001, BV, CE, CNAS standards, in addition to being built in environmentally friendly materials.

Tiny Home – A complete package for $35,000

tiny Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

The name does not do justice to everything that this container offers. Before moving on with all the equipment it has, let’s talk about construction as such. The unit made by New Generation Builders is 45 feet long by 8 feet wide and 2.9 feet high. In its construction, we get a Cyprus wood tongue and groove ceiling (this external cover has been pressure treated).

Externally it has a storage area and grill area attached directly to the container (protected by an awning). The electrical system is controlled by a 100-amp switch panel and has a set of ducts for a mini-split air conditioner.

As for the sets, we are facing one of the most complete shipping container homes for sale in the group, since it comes with granite tables and chairs; fridge, cooker and sink in stainless steel; a bathroom with a glass bulkhead; and even a room already equipped with a 42” television and sound system.

However, not everything can be perfect, and that is that for this price there is a condition, and that is that the shipment is made free of charge whenever it is within a 100-mile radius of Tampa, FL. Shipping is not included for other states, which will incur an extra cost.

Kubed Living – A modern style for $55,000

kubed_160_exterior_vtzy1e Shipping container homes for sale that you can buy online

The model that we present today (Kubed 160) is 160 square feet and consists of a single container equipped in each of the rooms (an alcove, a bathroom, kitchen/dining room). Among what we can break down are the dishwasher, the microwave, the oven and the fridge, and all the kitchen cabinets.

However, Kubed Living has other alternatives that are worth seeing, as a set that with two different 20-foot containers, assemble a complete and spacious home, or other more complex models where we can install swimming pools or offices.

It may not be a container, but it stores everything we need to know for $3

We can always carry out the construction project on our own, but we need to have the knowledge to do it. If you have the time and materials, manufacturing a container home is not out of reach.

If you do not want to waste months looking for information, we recommend a book where you can find the most complete guide to assemble your habitable container.

Just with the title we already know that we are facing the definitive guide we need. Moreover, we can tell you that, with this information, you can avoid the basic and complex problems that tend to arise with this type of construction.

However, it would be irresponsible to tell you to build blindly only with the information in this guide. It is always good to consult with the experts in the field. But at least you can go prepared to show that you also know what you are talking about.

A new trend of homes

This extensive list of shipping container homes for sale only shows you the direction that the latest trends in homes are taking. Many people do not require so much space to live, but functional and economic houses, or those that we can assemble on our own. That is why shipping containers are becoming so popular.

A curious solution to habitability problems, and one to consider for vacation getaways. However, consult with the experts who have already gone through this type of work so that you can engage properly.

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