The counter is the final frontier in terms of design in any kitchen. The prospect of decorating a room that looks to be functional is scary, even after you have updated the walls, windows, and cabinets.

Chopping, holding drippy dishes, and rolling bread are all things that may be done in this extremely utilitarian corner of the house. Items of decor that make their way to the counter are typically considered superfluous. One of my favorite elements is decorative cutting boards.

Grouping objects together, placing items on trays or caddies, and incorporating natural materials such as wood into your kitchen counters may all help to create a stylish space.

In order to warm up a room’s frigid environment, wood is typically used in some fashion. A cutting board, on the other hand, is a plain, natural, simple, and economical approach to incorporating wood elements into the kitchen design.

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Pin-on-Country-Rustic-House How to Display Cutting Boards on a Kitchen Counter

Decorating with a range of different shaped and sized wood cutting boards adds a natural and pleasant warmth to the space while also adding visual interest. When it comes to exhibiting cutting boards on a kitchen counter, take into consideration the following tips on how to display cutting boards on a kitchen counter.

There Are So Many Ways to Use Cutting Boards as Decor

There-Are-So-Many-Ways-to-Use-Cutting-Boards-as-Decor2 How to Display Cutting Boards on a Kitchen Counter

A wood cutting board is one of our favorite cooking items, and we use it all the time. As it serves as a protective barrier for your kitchen surface while you prep and cook, cutting board also looks wonderful when propped up between usage. Using wooden cutting boards in your kitchen can give it a homey, rustic feel.

Using either a new or existing cutting board, you may stage your project. Old-fashioned establishments such as thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, and antique malls are the finest places to hunt for old carving boards. Alternatively, you may look through your grandmother’s possessions and find something useful.

There-Are-So-Many-Ways-to-Use-Cutting-Boards-as-Decor3 How to Display Cutting Boards on a Kitchen Counter

When choosing cutting boards, look for woods such as maple, walnut, cherry, teak, or bamboo that is naturally stain resistant. With regard to lifespan as well as the wonderful patina that will develop over time, these are the best options.

Look for a variety of forms and species if you are displaying cutting boards. The more common and moderately priced rectangular bread cutting board, whilst the more beautiful and functional circular breadboards are not only beautiful to look upon, but also quite handy for pizza gatherings.

So Many Options

So-Many-Options How to Display Cutting Boards on a Kitchen Counter

We’re talking about everything from massive butcher’s chopping blocks to thin and long-handled pizza peels when we say we’re talking about cutting boards. They can be made from cross-grain wood pieces or from a single log of beautifully grained hardwood that has been split in half.

Typically, marble or granite are used to construct cheese boards that are particularly designed for the purpose of showing cheese. Bamboo is both ecologically friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Staging boards made of plastic, stoneware, and glass are typically unpleasant for aesthetic reasons.

When coupled with a simple backsplash, trays, platters, and boards look very gorgeous. When placed in an antique or wire box, they serve as both decoration and storage.

Cutting Board Display in a White Kitchen

Cutting-Board-Display-in-a-White-Kitchen2 How to Display Cutting Boards on a Kitchen Counter

Displaying (and storing) your wood cutting boards on the counter or on a shelf is a great idea. You may use one or a few clustered cutting boards against the wall to make your workspace more efficient. They make a beautiful backdrop for displaying extra objects such as fruit bowls, books, candles, and miniature plants, among other things.

The use of black, white, and wood tones on this counter produces a striking visual contrast with the surrounding space. A few distinctive wood cutting boards or serving planks should be placed against your backsplash, followed by a tray of spices in matching jars and an easy-care indoor plant.

We like the way cutting boards add texture and color to a kitchen, especially one that is predominantly white. Because the backsplash is also white, it adds another layer of contrast and mystery to the area, rather than merely serving as a white backdrop to the rest of the room. Additionally, we like the added convenience of having them close by when I want their assistance.

Use a Cutting Board as a Plate Charger

Use-a-Cutting-Board-as-a-Plate-Charger How to Display Cutting Boards on a Kitchen Counter

Make no apprehensions about mixing and matching your plate chargers from your selection of cutting boards! Some cutting boards are a significant investment; nonetheless, we enjoy the patina and character that develops as the boards get older.

You may also use them all year round because they are both functional (for cutting and serving) and attractive (for decoration).

Use as Riser or Tray

Use-as-Riser-or-Tray2 How to Display Cutting Boards on a Kitchen Counter

Serving trays made from cutting boards are perfect for the kitchen island, coffee bar, or even the middle of the dining table’s centerpiece.

Trays, in particular, are useful for grouping items together and giving them a uniform appearance. Instead of five to ten pieces of minor décor, the eye is directed to a single vignette as a result of this technique.

The wood gives the perfect contrast to the granite and creates a feeling of comfort in the space as well. We usually put a vase of flowers, a candle, and a plate of fruit on the table to beautify it.

Use-as-Riser-or-Tray How to Display Cutting Boards on a Kitchen Counter

Make use of both vertical and horizontal components (such as a stack of books) when decorating a tray to provide height to the arrangement.

Aside from candles and real or fake foliage, vignettes can also contain something unique or personal, such as a pumpkin for the fall season. Keep in mind that many things will serve many functions, such as a tall plant that will provide height as well as a fresh feel, for example.

As a result of this consideration, some vignettes may have only three elements.

Use It to Cover Electrical Outlet

Use-It-to-Cover-Electrical-Outlet How to Display Cutting Boards on a Kitchen Counter

Despite the fact that the round wood cutting board has easy-to-grab handles and stacks nicely behind it, what you can’t see is that this board also conceals a huge power outlet! Despite the fact that the outlet is functional, it is not visually pleasing. These natural wood cutting boards are used for a number of tasks in our kitchen!

Use Boards in a Kitchen Vignette

Use-Boards-in-a-Kitchen-Vignette3 How to Display Cutting Boards on a Kitchen Counter

We appreciate goods that can be used in several ways! For example, placing cooking equipment, dishes, linens, and cutting boards in an old crate on the kitchen counter can act as decorative accents for the space.

Additionally, you may chop it up for a quick meal or just dress it for the season to suit your needs. ‘Utilize what you have and just have what you need!’ I tell my students all the time.

Use-Boards-in-a-Kitchen-Vignette2 How to Display Cutting Boards on a Kitchen Counter

In addition, one of the ways how to display cutting boards on a kitchen counter is you may arrange a few cutting boards on the wall behind the stove or on the kitchen counter to create a layered look.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you don’t need a huge, pricey vintage board to add some flair to your kitchen counter. In this collection of ordinary boards, an aged dresser drawer provides heft to the whole thing. The plant fills the vignette with life and color, bringing it to life.

Oversized Cutting Board

Oversized-Cutting-Board How to Display Cutting Boards on a Kitchen Counter

Larger boards do not necessitate the addition of more embellishment in order to make a statement. These boards have a little history about them, which provides them a welcoming atmosphere to the area.

A few large cutting boards, such as these, will breathe life into a bare space while also providing a natural aesthetic. Regardless of whether your boards are new or old, any amount of ornamentation or unique wood grain will add interest to the display.

It Doesn’t Need to be Wooden

It-Doesnt-Need-to-be-Wooden How to Display Cutting Boards on a Kitchen Counter

When considering how to display cutting boards on a kitchen counter, keep in mind they do not have to be wooden. Even boards with no lineage in wood may be put to use in the style of a kitchen to add a unique touch. They will also give natural and welcoming warmth to the space.

When coupled with a single wood board and nestled in an old box packed with other kitchen goods, this collection of white plastic and marble boards appears neat and orderly.

Ending thoughts on how to display cutting boards on a kitchen counter

Kitchen decorating is a joyful project. There are so many ways to combine many different elements such as floating shelves, fresh flowers, measuring spoons, measuring cups, and different shapes of your favorite boards.

We hope this blog post on how to display cutting boards on a kitchen counter was helpful. Save article like this to help you decorate your own kitchen following today’s favorite trends.

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