A kitchen towel is a must-have item in each kitchen it it is important to decide where to hang kitchen towels. They are used in the kitchen for a variety of tasks such as wiping your hands, cleaning up spills, drying dishes, covering foods, and holding hot plates. They are an excellent technique to reduce the use of paper kitchen towels.

But, where to hang kitchen towels so that they are convenient to reach but not in the way, or so that they are not placed carelessly on the kitchen counter?

Finding a place to hang your dish towel in the kitchen appears to be an easy task. However, you require it to be accessible and dry. On a more superficial level, it’s also wonderful if it looks nice. Let’s have a look at the possibilities for these industrious pieces of cloth, which are modest yet vital to the running of a kitchen.

In this article about where to hang kitchen towels, you will get some additional information to help you make the best decision.

Where to Hang Kitchen Towels?

One question you may have is what to deal with damp dish towels. The solution is straightforward: first, if there are any food residues on the cloth, rinse it under the faucet. Then, wring it out well over the sink and hanging it up to dry, which leads us to the next phase.

Now that we’ve covered some of the applications for kitchen towels, let’s talk about the best places to hang them.

Oven Range Handle

Hanging kitchen towels make your kitchen appear well-used for cooking and meal preparation. It’s also a good place to go if you need to get a towel fast.

The advantage of this option is that it does not necessitate drilling screws into walls or cabinets to attach towel bars. This concept is simple to execute in practically any kitchen.

Sink Edge

kitcht Where to Hang Kitchen Towels So That It Looks Good

Hanging your kitchen towels over the edge of the sink makes a statement — it tells everyone who enters your kitchen that you’re a diligent worker who loves a clean kitchen.

This is cute for picture styling, but unless you have a split sink with the faucet pointing at the other side, it might be inconvenient because the dish towel gets wet every time you turn on the faucet.

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Towel Rack

hold Where to Hang Kitchen Towels So That It Looks Good

Installing a wall-mounted kitchen towel rack is a great option if you don’t have a lot of counter space. This is also a nice way to store and display dish towels that are no longer in use (this one is in a walk-in pantry).

If you wish to use this for damp kitchen towels, make sure the wall has a moisture-proof surface or that there is adequate clearance between the rack and the wall to allow for speedy air drying.

Dishwasher Handle

dish Where to Hang Kitchen Towels So That It Looks Good

The majority of dishwasher knobs include a convenient place to hang a light towel. And, because dishwashers are typically located right next to the sink, this is a no-brainer — at least for those who own a dishwasher and aren’t bothered by kitchen towels falling off when they open it.

When you need to dry your hands or a few dishes, grab a towel quickly. If you don’t want to deal with the installation process, using the handles on your appliances is an excellent option.

As an added plus, this area is especially ideal for drying those bothersome dishes that never seem to dry in the dishwasher.

Over-The-Cabinet Towel Bar

cbb Where to Hang Kitchen Towels So That It Looks Good

Bath towel bars may be an excellent addition to the correct kitchen. Bath towel bars are available in a variety of stylish shapes and finishes to match your kitchen.

This may work nicely if you have a countertop overhang of 4 to 6 inches.

Over the Cabinet Door Towel Holders

over-the-cab Where to Hang Kitchen Towels So That It Looks Good

What if you don’t have any hardware on your doors and don’t have enough space beneath the sink for a towel bar? A kitchen towel holder that fits over the top of a cabinet door is an excellent solution. When space is at a premium, they are ideal, and there is no need for any equipment! They are fashionable, and many are available in a finish that matches your hardware.

Another wonderful advantage of this type is that it is easy to transport if you move or need to use it in a new location for a short period of time.

Rack on The End of a Cabinet

end Where to Hang Kitchen Towels So That It Looks Good

This might be an excellent solution if you have a cabinet or wall that terminates near the sink. Take note of how these pegs do not extend all the way into the tunnel. By positioning the rack in this manner, or in a low-traffic location, you will avoid injuring your hip every time you pass by it.

Kitchen Hand Towel Holder

rrack Where to Hang Kitchen Towels So That It Looks Good

You undoubtedly have a towel by your bathroom sink to dry your hands; use the same reasoning in the kitchen. Install a hand towel holder on the side of an upper cabinet or on a wall near the sink. Some individuals prefer a separate towel for washing their hands, but others use dish towels for any type of drying.

One of the greatest locations for this item is near to your kitchen sink. This facilitates access. You’ll be able to locate kitchen hand towel holders in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. This is one of the more adaptable options. Again, make sure that the finish you chose for the wall or cabinet will withstand moisture from a damp towel.

Over-The-Sink Bar

over-sink Where to Hang Kitchen Towels So That It Looks Good

This, like the last option, keeps your towel nearby for cleaning your hands. A splashback, on the other hand, may absorb moisture.

Magnetic Hooks

magnetic Where to Hang Kitchen Towels So That It Looks Good

These magnetic hooks may be used on a variety of surfaces other than the fridge! They make it possible to hang the towel on any magnetic surface, such as a microwave, stove, or dishwasher. This makes the towel easily accessible while yet allowing it to air dry between usage!

Towel Bar on an Island

cabinnn Where to Hang Kitchen Towels So That It Looks Good

Attaching a towel bar to an island is a simple way to get some towel-drying activity going in a convenient location. Examine your island to see if it’s a good candidate for a towel bar. Don’t forget to account for the space required for the mounting gear.

How Do You Display Kitchen Towels?

Fold the towels in half and roll them up. Place them upright in the holder on the counter or next to a vase or appliance in the kitchen. Hanging the towels on the hooks isn’t really fashionable, but if you are creative, your towels will stand out in the kitchen.

If you Want to Hide Them

hide Where to Hang Kitchen Towels So That It Looks Good

There are alternatives if you can’t tolerate the sight of an exposed hand towel. The simplest option is to attach a towel bar to the back of a cabinet door. The majority of people do this beneath the sink since it is conveniently positioned where you need towels the most.

You may also hang numerous towels using a towel bar pull-out.

Putting a metal rack beneath the sink makes good use of this awkward area while also keeping your dish towels nearby. The majority of people do this beneath the sink since it is conveniently positioned where you need towels the most.

Another option is to replace conventional tea towels with quick-drying dish towels. Quick-drying choices include antimicrobial bar mop dishcloths, microfiber dishcloths, and towels with waffle weaves.

You should replace your kitchen towels at least once a week, ideally every few days, to help avoid the spread of germs. If feasible, use your towels once and then toss them in the washing and purchase a new one for the greatest results.

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