An extremely smooth and shiny cabinet surface, a high gloss finish reflects light from all directions, making it a popular choice for modern kitchen layouts with flat cabinet fronts, in particular.

You might even have some already existing cabinets you decided to spray paint and give these old exterior surfaces new shine! But, the question is: how to make kitchen cabinets look glossy and remain that way?

Scratches, dirt, and other defects will be more visible and obvious owing to the increased quantity of light reflected off the surface. Especially on dark color tones, even the slightest of markings would be clearly noticeable.

The good news is that refinishing your kitchen cabinets does not need a weekend of washing and painting on your own time.

In this article about how to make kitchen cabinets look glossy, we will teach you some basic strategies for restoring the sheen to your kitchen cabinets without the use of potentially toxic chemicals.

Benefits of High Gloss Finish

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If you’ve ever seen high gloss kitchen cabinets in person, you’re familiar with their stunning appearance and the dramatic effect they can have on a design scheme. Therefore, learning tricks on how to make kitchen cabinets look glossy is something you do want to know.

This is why you want to keep your cabinets clean. That is one benefit, but there are others.

  1. Attractiveness — High-gloss kitchen cabinets captivate the eye regardless of where they are positioned.
  2. A high gloss finish is perfect for tiny and compact kitchens because the reflected light gives a dazzling surface that creates a sense of more open space.
  3. Another advantage of a bright, slick lacquer surface is that it is exceedingly easy to clean. There are no crevices or corners for dirt and filth to collect.
  4. Even if you choose a darker color tone, it will not absorb all of the light in the room; rather, it will reflect it.

Cleaning Surface of High Gloss Finish

Cleaning-Surface-of-High-Gloss-Finish How to make kitchen cabinets look glossy

To keep your cabinets clean, you will first need a non-abrasive microfiber cloth. This cloth may be used to clean high gloss surfaces with little effort. Using a microfiber cloth, you may remove any marks or dust particles that may be present on the surface of the object.

Additionally, a mild dishwashing solution, a non-abrasive sponge, and warm water can be used to remove stubborn stains. After that, carefully wipe the surface with a clean, non-abrasive microfiber cloth before rinsing and drying with the same towel.

Start with Hot Water and Dish Soap

Start-with-Hot-Water-and-Dish-Soap2 How to make kitchen cabinets look glossy

To begin, wipe the kitchen cabinets off with a dry, clean cotton towel to remove any dust. Dust should be removed from the kitchen cabinetry door surface.

However, even though most dish soaps contain degreaser, they are intended to be gentle on the skin. Check the label of your desired product to make sure it is suitable for removing greasy deposits. Then, in two cups of boiling water, dissolve two teaspoons of the mixture.

We want to keep the cabinets clean, but we also want to remain uninjured and safe.

To get into the nooks and crannies, you may use an ordinary washcloth or rag, or a soft-bristle toothbrush to get the job done.

Always clean cabinets surface in a straight line from top to bottom, rather than in a circular manner.

Start-with-Hot-Water-and-Dish-Soap How to make kitchen cabinets look glossy

As you work, properly rinse each area to ensure that any residue is removed, which might result in a lackluster finish. A good technique to ensure that your water is constantly hot is to use an electric water heater.

Finally, dry the kitchen cabinets as soon as possible to avoid staining them or causing water damage to the interior. If this approach does not properly remove the grease, you will need to resort to one of the more intensive procedures.

Try with the Mix of White Vinegar and Dish Soap

Try-with-the-Mix-of-White-Vinegar-and-Dish-Soap How to make kitchen cabinets look glossy

When considering how to make kitchen cabinets look glossy and using natural household cleaning products, white vinegar is unrivaled in its effectiveness. It may be used as a degreaser as well as a disinfectant.

When combined with the strength of dish soap, the two of them are practically unbeatable against the odds.

In a mixing basin, combine two cups of water, one cup of vinegar, and two teaspoons of dish soap. Stir until well combined. Dish soap and water are used in the same manner as they would be for conventional dishwashing.

An absorbent towel or sponge that has been well cleaned should be immersed in the vinegar cleaning solution. Gently clean the outside surfaces to remove dirt, oil, and other buildups that have accumulated.

Create a Baking Soda Scrub

Create-a-Baking-Soda-Scrub How to make kitchen cabinets look glossy

  • Make a thick paste with a modest amount of water and baking soda. Apply it lightly with a clean cloth to any stubborn, lingering greasy places.
  • Baking soda is an abrasive that absorbs grease. If the grease is warm enough, use dry baking soda and it will absorb the grease, making it much easier to remove. Of course, because heat can damage many finishes, this method is only effective immediately following a hot water scrub.
  • As an alternative, a dab of hot water can be used to make a small bit of baking soda into a paste. Rub the paste into the cabinet doors with a cloth or a toothbrush, working with the grain.

Create-a-Baking-Soda-Scrub2 How to make kitchen cabinets look glossy

  • Rinse and dry as you would with dish soap, though you may need to use a clean toothbrush to remove any grit that has accumulated in the grooves.
  • Wipe off all kitchen cabinet surfaces with a clean cloth dipped in clear water.
  • Using a soft, clean cloth, dry your freshly cleaned kitchen cabinets.

Maintain Clean Glossy Kitchen Cabinets

Maintain-Clean-Glossy-Kitchen-Cabinets2 How to make kitchen cabinets look glossy

Maintaining high gloss kitchen cabinets is just as important as washing them. In comparison to vintage kitchen cabinets, gloss cabinets are newer styles of cabinets that require additional maintenance.

If you want your cabinet doors to remain gleaming for years, you must shine them clean on a regular basis. Avoid bringing sharp kitchen implements such as a knife or fork too close to the gloss surface to avoid scratching the door’s surface.

Different varieties of gloss wood cabinets demand varying levels of maintenance. For instance, PVC gloss wood cabinets are simple to clean, whereas acrylic gloss wood cabinets are more difficult to clean and require a little more attention due to their susceptibility to scratches.

Melamine gloss cabinets, on the other hand, are a relatively new material that is easy to clean. Gloss lacquered cabinets are the most glossy of the three and require the most attention and upkeep to maintain their luster for years.

Many people make the mistake of merely wiping down the front of the cabinet, which receives the greatest abuse in a busy kitchen. However, the interior should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent odors and other problems from building up or going unnoticed.

What to Avoid and Pay Extra Attention to

What-to-Avoid-and-Pay-Extra-Attention-to2 How to make kitchen cabinets look glossy

There are a few detergents and products to avoid, as well as behaviors to avoid, in order to preserve the recently cleaned high gloss kitchen cabinets’ hard-won shine:

  • To clean on a daily basis, use a soft microfiber cloth or feather duster.
  • Avoid using steel wool, abrasive cleaners, soap pads, or solvent-based cleaners on the finish, as they might cause damage.
  • If you are unsure about a cleaner, such as liquid bleach, check with the cabinet maker to ensure the active chemicals will not damage the cabinet’s exterior.
  • Wipe fingerprints and marks away with an e-cloth (or a soft microfiber cloth).
  • For a more thorough clean, spray with water and wipe with a soft microfiber cloth or an e-cloth, followed by a dry and soft cloth.
  • Avoid contacting the exterior of the high gloss kitchen cabinet with paper towels, brushes, scrapers, or scourers.
  • Avoid draping damp or wet towels over the exterior of the glossy cabinet façade when drying. Moisture buildup might result in discoloration or warping.
  • Wipe up any liquid spills immediately.
  • Make sure you are in well-ventilated area or at least with the mask on so you do not inhale these strong chemicals.
  • Protect your hands and skin, use protective gloves. Some materials used for cleaning can cause severe damage to your skin.


What-to-Avoid-and-Pay-Extra-Attention-to How to make kitchen cabinets look glossy

Any of these thorough cleaning alternatives will do wonders for the entire kitchen, and they are generally safe for the majority of finishes.

Regardless, it’s always a good idea to read your warranty information or maintenance instructions and to test each combination in an inconspicuous area before going all-out on your cabinets.

The same combinations can be used to clean sticky places in your house such as the stove, refrigerator, kitchen appliances or around the kitchen sink’s difficult-to-clean edges.

You might even need to clean some part of the wall sprayed with old ones while cooking. Without ever using store-bought cleaners, the entire area may gleam.

Extra Advice on how to make kitchen cabinets look glossy


Additionally, it may cause the finish to distort and silicone-based cleaners have the potential to create a greasy layer on the surface that is very impossible to remove.

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